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  1. The original HBO broadcast of the Girlie Show was an absolute mess which was fixed for the VHS/Laser (and then subsequently screwed up for the DVD). I didn't watch it in 5.1 so I have no idea how bad the broadcast was.
  2. There's a "new" encode on torrents now. Madonna - Celebration Tour - Final Show in Rio (Globo) HDTV H264 1080i DD5.1-ilya2129 - 13.6gb This one is the same creator as the 8 gig one (ilya2129) but has a different length - the 8gb one is 2:17:57 and the 13.6gb one is 2:14:27. The 8gb one has a fake 5.1 and this new 13.6gb one has the 2.0 first and 5.1 second. It is dubbed.
  3. Not OP but the 5 gig would be better. The 8 gig has probably been re-encoded.
  4. I mean...clearly you don't. I just schooled you. You thought a channel and a stem are the same thing when they're not. A channel is made from the stems. And, before you ask, a mix is made up of channels.
  5. If you know a thing or two about production, then you would know that a "stem" is the original audio track for the mix. If you want the CHANNEL (ie, front left, front right, sub, etc) from a 5.1 mix, you'd want a channel. Not a stem.
  6. You don't get "stems" from a broadcast feed. Stems are what is used to create the final mix. The 5.1 aac track is, most likely, what was shown on TV. The mix is done live, in the moment, from all of the mics from the feed as well as placed around the stadium. Like it or not, that's probably what was broadcast and won't be changed unless these files are used to create the theoretical "final" version. However, it also depends on how it's being captured. If it's a straight rip, it's less compressed (both video and audio) which will help, especially with all the strobe and lighting effects that occur during a concert. However, that's much harder to do and I don't trust any lay person to be able to do it.
  7. I pulled the AC3 track apart. It's fake. It's stereo in a 5.1 container. Also, the 5.1 aac in the 13.9gb (while also being real 5.1) is also less compressed than the ac3 from the 8gb. The 13.9 is still the best, even though it's slightly cut and has translation. You'd have to Frankenstein the two cuts together to make it more complete.
  8. Except for when she collaborates with openly homophobic artists...
  9. Columbia Classics boxed set. Only way to get it
  10. It's funny because he puts the onus on the buyer to suggest something like that. It should be his responsibility to do that in the first place. TBH, one could say that he misrepresented the contents with the screenshots that he put up. That's not what you're getting. Even if legit samples are ever provided, I doubt they will get someone at remotely that price. I'd say that 2k might be the top for him - maybe 3 if he gave it to an auction house.
  11. I have a Betacam player. Betacam was the broadcast standard back then so these were used in-house for something. I'm betting that the person who is selling them never even had them transferred because they knew it would be expensive and just decided to sell them. I sold some u-matic tapes to one of these collectors and they immediately put it back up on eBay for 4 times the price of what I sold it for. They're not fans. They're eBay scalpers.
  12. I don't know the seller but I seriously doubt they created fake Betacam tapes. That's a pretty extreme attempt to fabricate something. They're also nuts if they think it will ever sell that high.
  13. I have a Betacam player. i could easily transfer them
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MADONNA-REINVENTION-TOUR-5-MASTER-BACKDROP-BETACAM-VIDEOS-XSTATIC-PROCESS-PROMO/254628119197?_trkparms=pageci%3Adc16fa81-b198-11ea-bff4-fe36c0464145|parentrq%3Ac8e0adf91720a45e3d4ab5e9fff8bdcc|iid%3A1&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236 The price is completely absurd and they're never going to get a buyer. It's unfortunate because I could transfer these without question. Still interesting to know that they're out there.
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