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  1. Actually Christina Aguilera is having a bunch of tracks in diffrent styles... You'll find pop, dance, latin, soul, jazzy, blues, electropop, electronica, hiphop, teenpop, ballads,...
  2. MX was released just 1,5 year ago! Calm down, she's working on diffrent things. You should start to worry if in mid-2022 will not be any official news about her making a record. Give her that year
  3. God Control This Used To Be My Playground or Live To Tell?
  4. She's in her 60s. Leave her alone. Probably it's her last decade on stage. Maybe another 2 albums. She can do that at her 70s, but it's not gonna be the same. I think that she's gonna focus more on directing movies after this biopic.
  5. I was about her career, but for fun, representing her :D S.E.X. Bitch I'm Madonna Holy Water
  6. Impossible to do, but let's go. 1.Like A Prayer - sure. 2.Express Yourself - sure. 3.Ray Of Light. Surely songs that deserved to be here as well: Like A Virgin, Papa Don't Preach, Justify My Love, Frozen, Holiday, Vouge and Hung Up. I don't know why you guys mentioning Music (as a song, music video or album) anywhere. It was a hit, but what it changed in the game?
  7. Madonna in probably 90% has older audience/fans so i think that the physical release it's a must anyway.
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