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  1. You must be playing Cher or Janet's three last albums because FEL is fantastic.
  2. Madonna has nothing to prove to anyone older or younger than 30 years of age. Every single stream and sale adds to her history making career. She is a Queen.
  3. Madame X was terrific too and a lot of beautiful songs. Try not to be too critical of Madonna having a bit of fun. She deserves it after 40 years.
  4. She has disturbed the peace for 40+ (a rebel heart pre-fame) years and I am here for all of it.
  5. I love the laugh at the end.... I love a happy Madonna! She has made me happy so many times, she deserves every drop of happiness.
  6. I love the new Hung Up Remix. All of these remixes and visuals actually seem purposeful. Maybe Madonna is auditioning the next era.
  7. I have no words about the video. I really do not. Not a single word.
  8. I remember critics hating on the Hung Up leotard because they had to admit that it looked fantastic on her. Lol. I actually read critiques that said exactly that, even after the Gorillaz live version.
  9. Have you seen Madonna's tours? They are dominated with new material. The classics are sprinkled in.
  10. Madonna is spending a great deal of time promoting remixes as of late. I am betting that she has been secretly recording in the the studio. The videos.... The multiple mixes... She has the fever to create.
  11. I just cannot relate to this opinion. Both albums are masterpieces, beginning to end.
  12. Sooner or Later was a tough omission for me. I Know It is gritty and brilliant in that sense. Hollywood is pure pop magic. It is among the best of all Preach-Donna's songs because it stays so fun.
  13. Love Prince... but comparing M to Prince as a writer is unfair. LOL Although... her stuff carries a more dynamic range of styles. He was a one trick pony in some regard. Every Prince song sounds like every Prince song. Prince was never about reinvention. Still love him though and M did too.
  14. What are you talking about? I believe that she holds writing credits on most of her catalogue tbh.
  15. I actually love BIM but the Diplo production mutes "Madonna" a bit for me. 4 minutes is another example. The Timbaland production takes over but I still love it. It just feels like a remix of a Madonna song instead of a Madonna song. I certainly loved all live versions of BIM and Madonna seems to love it too.
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