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  1. It is a tribute to a gay dance craze. It is gender bending. It has all openly gay dancers in the video. Why doesn't it seem like a gay anthem?
  2. Tell me I'm no good and I'll be great Say I have to fight and I can't wait Standing in the wings A butterfly that stings I will rise above cuz it's my fate! Iconic!
  3. Is this Rollingstone cover for July 2021 legit? She looks amazing. Best cover ever, if it is real.
  4. Listening to I Know It this am as it has been inexplicably stuck in my head for two days. Anyway, I have never heard the "come on baby... you can't fool me" at the very end. Every once in a while, I encounter something "shiny and new" inside of Madonna's music. I have heard I Know It a million times but never caught the very end phrase before. Anyone else have experiences like that? Please share. I might encounter something cool.
  5. They bitch about Madonna "being irrelevant" due to lower sales and airplay while they effing steal her shit in mass. Support artists. Stop stealing.
  6. I think that Madonna has earned the right to post as she pleases.
  7. When I compare to other singer's catalogs like Cher, Janet Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Kylie Minogue, Michael Jackson and Prince; there are no bad Madonna albums. All of those singers have produced complete shit albums along side their other work. Madonna does not have an album as bad as Michael Jackson's Invincible for example. Not even close. My least favorite Madonna album is Like a Virgin by far but it was a worldwide smash. It just feels the least Madonna inspired work that she ever produced. I like when a Madonna song/contribution/album feels like it comes from her soul. LAV felt pr
  8. Me too. Way too many people around her and her new look is so outside of Madame X. She looks gorgeous and Madonna is making a tremendous amount of effort. Maybe the new look is for the Greatest Hits package that was teased recently when she was asking us, requesting a package title.
  9. 1. Miles Away - 10 I could listen to "so far away" on infinite repeat 2. Ghosttown - 9.5 that damn mic click imperfection is my only complaint. 3. American Pie -9 that silky smooth voice. Xoxox 4. Don’t Tell Me - 10 best M song since Secret 5. Come Alive - 8 with a little less autotune, a 10. 6. Burning Up - 9.5 especially the live versions 7. Medellin - 9 so frigging sexy. La Isla Bonita 8. Crazy For You - 11 out of 10 what can I say 9. Jimmy Jimmy - versus 7, chorus and bridge 10 so an 8.5 10. Gang Bang - this one is hard. Live was a 10 but
  10. Not necessarily true. Small groups of vaccinated people can be maskless when they are together.
  11. Saw MDNA twice in Boston and saw Confessions 1 time.
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