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  1. What is there to be disappointed in? Was yesterday better without these mixes on streaming....? Nope.
  2. I was in Boston and the fans requested Cherish. She said "Oh hell no" and took another request. Ended up with American Life.
  3. Madame X was Urbandonna? MDNA was Urbanadonna? Rebel Heart was Urbandonna? I am confused.
  4. Madonna needs to release a missing streaming single/demo every week from now through the tour. Let's make this truly a Celebration!
  5. I have suspected for a long time that Madonna was recording an album. Could be wrong but she has been spotted in studios here and there over a duration of time and I do not think that it was all for Frozen remixes.Maybe, she is further along than we think. Fits her usual time frame too.
  6. When will Warner fix these counts? I am so curious to know the updated totals. Madonna stated on TV (Fallon) that her count is over 400 million.
  7. I was "surprised" that they released it a day early. Does that count?
  8. I always thought that Like a Virgin was the biggest seller, although it is my least favorite of all of her albums from Madonna through Madame X. I still love LAV but it is number 15 out of 15 for me. (And yes.... I'm Breatless will always count as a studio album for me). Haha. True Blue was my first M album and it is platinum gold.
  9. I am so in love with the Burning Up/Physical Attraction release and neither were ever on my favorites list. When the magic of Madonna hits you, it just does. This lady! 40 years of inspiration.
  10. Physical Attraction is giving me Candy Shop vibes. I want PA on this tour now with Candy Shop mixed in. Hate me but that is what I want now. Haha
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