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  1. Maybe Madonna is shooting all of this stuff for promotion and art for the expanded editions, etc.???? Maybe. It does seem like a lot of effort and resource for funsies.
  2. It has been almost four months since the last single add. What is up with that. Madonna has like 80 or 90 singles? And most of them are not officially streaming.
  3. As opposed to what other 63 year olds' appearance? She looks amazing.
  4. To me, it just looks like a bit of weight gain pushed around by the wardrobe. The spank-nets and panties are altering her appearance. As well, the corset and bra are altering her boobs. She looks a bit thick for Madonna standards but still a hottie. I am not worried a bit. She looked much less healthy during the oversculpted, American Life era. This is really just weight gain and costume. Glad to see her out and about.
  5. I rather like the True Blue 35th Anniversary but hopefully we get moving on the surprises soon. Haha
  6. Every song on the Evita Soundtrack was used in the movie. Only three on I'm Breathless were in the film. It is hardly the same thing. Breathless is a studio album.
  7. I added Erotic to the end. 1. Erotica 2. Fever 3. Bye Bye Baby 4. Deeper and Deeper 5. Justify My Love 6. Where Life Begins 7. Bad Girl 8. Waiting 9. Their of Hearts 10. Words 11. Rescue Me 12. Rain 13. Why's It So Hard 14. In This Life 15. Did You Do It? 16. Goodbye to Innocence 17. Secret Garden 18. Erotic
  8. I am gonna try this out. I am intrigued.
  9. Why a New York scene for a Lisbon show?
  10. Ray of Light and Music surr had a ton of extra songs. So did Confessions. I bet there is an extensive vault.
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