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  1. Madame X was brilliant. Like a Prayer Erotica Ray of Light American Life Confessions On a Dancefloor and Madame X.... are all brilliant.
  2. People's positive opinion of Madonna has exponentially increased over the years. People, overall, respect Madonna and have a nostalgic feeling about her. People were a lot more hateful 10, 20, 30 years ago. I find that she is pretty much revered by the general public. As for getting young people to stream her to number one... it is only natural that they chose there own musical heros. So many artists highlight her still and that has also rubbed off on people. Nobody says anything negative to me anymore. Honestly, I believe that Madonna is relevant to the general public, new hits or not.
  3. That does not translate to me streaming the song or including it in any playlists outside of a Japanese version of the physical cd. There are way too many b-sides and bonus songs missing on her online catalogues.
  4. I agree with one caveat. Do we have to be going through the exact same circumstance to relate to another human? Sometimes the meaning of a song is deeper than lyrics. Sade's Skin is about childhood molestation to me. Most likely, that was not her intent. I did not love my mother at five, but I can still relate to the feeling of loss in Promise to Try, Mother/Father, Oh Father and Inside of Me. Thankfully, the central theme of a song is often left open ended.
  5. Not so crazy for her team.... So many releases as of late released on vinyl only. LOL
  6. The Popular video proves that the MDNA face dildo works. Lol. She looks amazing.
  7. I see two nights of the Queen, starting tomorrow ins Seattle. ....
  8. A-fucking-mazing! She looks gorgeous. I did not realize that she same as much of the song as she does. They sound amazing together.
  9. I think of Madonna's technical dancing too like Flamenco in the WHO's that Girl concert, Waltzes in Evita, or the dancing in A League of Their Own. Madonna putting yoga into her routines. Cartwheels on grandstands. Etc. Etc...
  10. Madonn definitely has danced more styles than Janet over the years. Janet does one kind of dancing really.
  11. Can't believe that I am seeing the Queen on Saturday and Sunday! #seattle #unapologeticbitches
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