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  1. Exactly... her wording was a simple call to the dancefloor.
  2. Why does she look so fucking amazing over the last year? These new studio shots are fire. It makes we wanna dance with my baby.... and every one else's baby too.
  3. I agree and disagree with you. The profit from an individual expanded release is questionable but when you consider the increased interest in her catalog.... Wow! To many people, Madonna's work after the Music album is "shiny and new". Madonna's legacy and complete catalog will be promoted with each release. Madonna is no ordinary star. This could be an exponential expansion of her brand. People really do like her, even the fans not obsessed with her. A little nostalgic reminder of her work coul a really pay off.
  4. Madonna needs to include the top five U.S. dance hits and we would get ten more songs. Queen of the Dancefloor! 1. Everybody (3) 2. Burning Up (3) 3. Borderline (4) 4. Dress You Up (3) 5. Papa Don’t Preach (4) 6. Human Nature (2) 7. Buenos Aires (3) 7. Miles Away (2) 8. GHV2 Mega Mix (5) 9. Nobody Know Me (4) 10. Revolver (4) Top tens would also include... 1. True Blue (6) 2. Rescue Me (6) 3. Mother and Father (9) 63 top ten dance hits! Impressive as hell!
  5. Madame X was brilliant and unique. I still love it and hope that the UK bonuses start streaming soon as they end the album terrifically. It is a work that elicits thinking and today's people let social media and network news do all of that for them. People do not put in the effort in. Hence the shit music being promoted.
  6. GHV2 was actually great! I would have loved two new tracks but it was great.
  7. I do not see this on her Instagram but I want to believe. For some reason, I always see her posts late.
  8. Come on.... Human Nature is her favorite (which also is not there).
  9. It was the highest grossing (male or female) at the time.... Newsflash.... records are broken, especially when artists perform 2 or 3x the number of shows that Madonna did for that show. My earlier statement may not be 2022 accurate but the Sticky and Sweet show broke long held records and still remaons very high on the all time tour grossings list. As for your critique of the show, you may have drank bad beer at your concert as you couldn't be more wrong about the show or Madonna's guitar playing. She is actually decent on the guitar and has steadily improved for years. She is not Prince or Slash and has never claimed to be. I love Rockdonna and I am proud that she continually expands her skillset. The vocals were spot on too considering the intense physicalness of the show. You must Love Me is just one outstanding example. She brought it. I loved both the tour and the visuals. Foe me, the tour was spot on and people seemed to really enjoy the show. Finally, the GI2M finale was the best ending of a Madonna tour ever. Such energy. I was amazed by Madonna's stamina, over the two hour spectacle. I think that many fans had a hard time letting go of the Confessions era. Sticky and Sweet was not Confessions part deux but it was amazing. Don't rewrite history out of love for another era.
  10. I can see that. I go through my HC periods too. Hard Candy is fantastic as a begining to end listening experience. It flows brilliantly and is produced well. It is not a "selections" album to me though. I prefer it and American Life as whole album listens. Hard Candy 🍬 is a fun album and The Sticky and Sweet Tour was incredible. Long Live Mdolla!
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