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  1. Madonna has never left my heart so I find the concept of "comeback" odd. Her records are intact and her contribution to the industry is undeniable. Nearly every single pop, rap, soul and rock star imitates her to some degree. Just look at how they all dress from Beyonce to Gaga to Dua Lipa to Lizzo to Halsey to to Miley Cirrus to Arrian Grande to Megan Thee Stallion... They all dress like Madonna, use her concert formula, and sometimes outright copy her style. M is with us for the duration of this journey, even if she retired today.
  2. I do think that a lot of people are sometimes misogynistic, agestist and racist on here. They get upset when they are called out and lash out rather than dealing with their own behavior. I do not think that it is wrong to call these things out. Otherwise, the whole forum becomes a breeding ground for bad actors.
  3. Listening to Madonna as she intended, start to finish, really can change one's perspective on a record. American Life, for instance, is amazing, start to finish. It is a very different experience than streaming selected songs from the album. Oblivious, I stream individually as well as I cannot always commit to 60-80 minutes but for many of her albums, start to finish, is magical.
  4. The lunatics are the ones who obsessively bitch and criticize on fan blog sites. What is the point? Move the fuck along and let the rest of us celebration 40 years of magesty and splender.
  5. Finally Enough ❤️ is really effing good. I am in luv all over again with M... She really is phenomenal. Most spoiled fanbase on the planet... What a ride it has been. Long Live the Queen of everything!
  6. I think that we all just want Mama to give us something shiny and new and a remix series repeatedly using the same beats simply did not satiate that desire. Sickick was decent enough... just not new Madonna.
  7. Madame X is a very intelligent pop record. It is not for everybody.
  8. Technically, she does have a new album out, the very next day!
  9. I actually think that it is the best of the three. I like it a lot.
  10. It appears that Ray of Light [Sasha's Ultra Violet Mix Edit] is being added to streaming. It already shows up on Amazon but cannot be played yet. Time of 5:06 for the track.
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