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  1. Sultrysully

    The video is actually stunning and a good time.
  2. Sultrysully

    I miss my Friday Madonna releases..... I Crave for a Future release.
  3. Sultrysully

  4. Sultrysully

    I am wondering the same thing since I have already preordered the UK 2CD which ended up being far cheaper than the US site.
  5. Sultrysully

    Amazon US has it listed for 99.99.
  6. Sultrysully

    I have been thinking the exact same thing. It makes no sense as an extra unless it is different that the version that is included in the exact same set.
  7. Sultrysully

    Damn.... I am gonna blow up.... I am so excited. These reports are on par with what the first fours songs have demonstrated.... Traditional geniusness mixed with innovative freshness. Bring it Madame X.... My Queen never disappoints.
  8. Sultrysully

    Hard Candy did not flop. Good sales. Tremendous concert and a top ten hit well into her career.
  9. Sultrysully

    It is to me. All brand new songs and only three in a film.
  10. Sultrysully

    I always have to go in and "purchase" the song. It doesn't charge you 2x or anything. If you try to buy something twice, it warns you first. You don't have to wait for the email that sometimes never comes.
  11. Sultrysully

    To me, the live version sounds just like the album version. In fact, I was watching carefully to see if the horns were even actually playing. Overall, I felt that seeing Quavo's sleepy performance was worse than just hearing it on the album and I am not an anti-M collaborator proponent. Love Swae Lee, Maluma, Nicki Minaj, MIA, Justin T, Pharrell, Britney, Missy Elliot, Prince, Chance the Rapper, Nas and even Mike Tyson are all great collaborations but Quavo just doesn't work for me because he lacks the chemistry. I still like Future but I try to ignore Quavo's contribution. It was more difficult to ignore with him standing there.
  12. Sultrysully

    On June 14, there will be a lot of new. I think that it will be great to have a couple of tracks that feel familiar but I am glad that the releases are spaced out on the tracklist. It would be kess ideal to have a five song section (or 9 in a row like in Rebel Hearts case) that had been previously heard. I like the release strategy for Madame X.
  13. Madame X has thick skin. She always has. I stopped caring what people said about her when she was merciously attacked for adopting orphaned children. That was the final straw for me. Now, her critics get my both middle fingers up, eff you response. To me, Madonna is life and "those who cannot do", will not change that truth.
  14. I have watched the performance again. It was actually pretty cool. My biggest problem with it was actually Quavo. He seemed to have zero chemistry with M. Swae Lee and Maluma both seem to bring something to the table that Quavo is just missing. This was evident even during his pre-performance interview. He acted like he didn't even know who she was, just some artist that he mom listened too. Clearly, he is not even aware of her discography. He had to really think about his favorite M song before settling on "Champagne Rose". He was lifeless on stage and it never was apparent why he was even there. M did a good job but, for me, it was just lacking something. Quavo made me miss every single other M collaborator.
  15. Sultrysully

    Tonight, I purchased Future, the Medellin Remixes and Soltera. Madame X is turning out to be fantastic. I want the album so bad.... My cravings get dangerous.