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  1. Sultrysully

    Madonna has two "Freedoms" too. And an "Addicted" and "I'm Addicted". There are probably more if I really think about it.
  2. Ghosttown Batuka Sky Fits Heaven
  3. Sultrysully

    Lord.... Madonna is only thirteen years older than me. She may outlive me. Haha
  4. Madonna did not even have a Grammy in 1987. No Blond Ambition. No Evita. No Ray of Light. No Music. Madonna was a powerhouse artistically and commercially long after 1987. M had not peaked in 1987.
  5. Dark hair! Probably a quarantine do but I always get excited when the Queen goes dark.
  6. Madonna"s face dildo was everywhere M was and now it seems to have vanished.
  7. I am sure that any company would offer a four album deal to a living legend that still sells as well as her contemporaries. Madonna's record sales are still great for current industry standards. No one would doubt Bruce Springsteen getting an album deal.
  8. Sultrysully

    Me too.
  9. Sultrysully

    My household is absolute proof of that truth.
  10. Sultrysully

    That was weird but kinda cool. We got a Masterpiece demo out of it.
  11. Sultrysully

    No... she is smarter and more on control.
  12. Sultrysully

    She is a goddess. Simply a goddess. I do hope that she heals because being active is 100% ofvwhat Madonna is all about.
  13. Sultrysully

    Back in the 90's, I heard a rumor that Madonna and George Michael were releasing an album together... some solos and some collabs.
  14. Sultrysully

    Angel Keep It Together Rescue Me Love Tried to Welcome Me Nothing Fails Nobody Knows Me Gang Bang Iconic Future
  15. Sultrysully

    Madame X and American Life are both stand out records when you compare them to almost anything else, produced by anyone else in recent time. I do not find anything on American Life or Madame X to be "wishy washy". Some of the deepest music in all of Madonna's catalog can be found within those efforts. Between the two works, the 29 songs are mostly brilliant , rebellious and yes revolutionary. Considering her "Queen of Pop" status, Madonna releasing songs with deep socio-political messages is quite revolutionary. For example, using historical instruments fashioned from slave shackles, brings a whole new level to pop art. Even the American Life rap is spectacular when it is viewed as a commentary on social media. The rap literally could be pulled from random, inane tweets. My point is that the deepness of the two records is not merely lyrical but a combination of lyrics, instrumentation, stylistic effects and hidden secrets. Much like a spy, there are coded messages that you must research. Madame X and American Life both elevate her message of social discourse and educate and prep a new class of rebel hearts in a world where most would rather talk about her but implants or grills. Madonna has turned her focus from herself to much more and both albums inspire me and make want to "trip the station". I love these two records and I could not disagree with your assessment more. I would take these two records over nearly any record in the 21st century.