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  1. Beautiful Killer I Don't Give A or I Don't Search I Find?
  2. This is a Madonna album that I needed to warm up to; after time, I realized "Hey! This is a great album!" I agree that Love Tried to Welcome Me should've been a single - it's definitely a highlight on the album. Personally, I think it's one of her albums with the best music videos as well. The last few songs on the album flowed so easily into her next studio album, ROL.
  3. Give It 2 Me Like a Prayer or Deeper and Deeper?
  4. "Sigmund Freud, analyze this, analyze this, analyze th-th-th-th-this."
  5. Human Nature I'm Going Bananas or Candy Shop?
  6. Great post! Here are my top three: The Beatles The Moody Blues The Rolling Stones
  7. I like almost everything about the MDNA tour, but there are a few things I would change about it: Finish Papa Don't Preach Eliminate the Erotic Candy Shop thingy Replace the last few songs Have Madge show up on time!
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