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    Reading, writing poetry, watching TV (big Seinfeld and Golden Girls fan!), almost anything to do with Madonna, listening to music, and politics.
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  1. Like a Virgin Forbidden Love (BS) or Gang Bang?
  2. This is easily one of her worst albums. Even if this was widely accepted as a triumphant album, why is her age such a big deal? She was 49 when it was released - it's not like she was 100 and strapped to an oxygen tank in a nursing home. Now that would've been an achievement. Nevertheless, this album isn't completely void of good stuff - it has some decent songs on it like: Give It 2 Me, She's Not Me, and, my personal favorite, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You.
  3. Dark Ballet Frozen or Beautiful Stranger?
  4. Who gives a fuck? This shit happened nearly two decades ago. Get a fuckin' life, people.
  5. Try not to be an absolute moron. I know it's hard, but try.
  6. All lives matter, not just black lives.
  7. The Power of Goodbye Stay or Wash All Over Me?
  8. I Deserve It I'll Remember or Future Lovers?
  9. I love these selections! Particularly Bruce Springsteen, Donna Summer, Gaga, and Madge!
  10. Tragic Girl Express Yourself or Easy Ride?
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