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  1. I don't search I find

  2. I don't search I find

    1. Like a prayer 2. Into the groove 3. La isla bonita 4. Open your heart 5. Crazy for you
  3. I don't search I find

    1. Erotica 2. Frozen 3. Ray of light 4. Vogue 5. Keep it together
  4. I don't search I find

    1. Hung up 2. Get together 3. Music 4. Nothing fails 5. Revolver
  5. I don't search I find

    Why only for the USA?
  6. I don't search I find

    except that those three songs are pretty much the heart of the album lol together with I rise, Dark ballet and God control. It's what Madame X is all about
  7. I don't search I find

    1. Crazy 2. Extreme occident 3. Come alive 4. God control 5. Medellin 6. I don't search I find 7. Killers who are partying 8. Crave 9. Batuka 10. I rise 11. Faz gostoso 12. Future 13. Dark ballet 14. Bitch I'm loca 15. Looking for mercy green is for fucking amazing, yellow is for great, red is for "at least it's danceable", black is for "should have been an outtake"
  8. I don't search I find

    Mirwais has never produced anything short of amazing though.
  9. I don't search I find

    I think what she needs to worry about now is her image and how her past work is perceived, not any future albums. I have met so many people my age (in their 20s) who don't know any of her songs, not even LAP or Vogue. It's really sad. Here's what I think should happen. Allow a famous director to make a film about her life, heavy on her family history, pro-LGTBQ activisism in her young years and feminst issues (her rape, playboy 85, Erotica etc). At the same time as the Premier, she should release a Greatest hits with her song rearranged and re-recorded with other artists. The first single (maybe something like Into the groove ft Ariana Grande, or Like a prayer ft Lady Gaga) should be promoted like hell (getting a paid deal with radio stations). 3 months after that, embark on a greatest hits tour in stadiums and put on the greatest, crowd-pleasing show she possibly can, starting on time every time. And then, she can focus on new material. But this is never gonna happen because she doesn't care and she despises the idea of "playing to the gallery"
  10. I don't search I find

    Beautiful scars is just a chunkful of clichés. Beautiful killers is a good song in theory, but the execution just sounds flat. It doesn't sound like her heart is in it. Beautiful stranger isn't one of my favourites but it wins this round for at least being good
  11. I don't search I find

    My dream for a crazy 4-disc reissue of LAP. 1) Like a prayer album (original version, remastered) 2) Demos and outtakes (Bray demos, Just a dream, First is a kiss etc) 3) 1989-1990 full interviews in HQ 4) Blond Ambition tour in HD (any date is OK) The booklet of the CD would have lyrics, outtakes and interview transcripts. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, I KNOW 😂
  12. I don't search I find

    I never understood why she was forced to dye her hair. Couldn't she use a wig? She uses them all the time now
  13. I don't search I find

    Take a bow is "one of her biggest hits" only in the USA, but also it isn't a classic. I doubt most people remember that song. I personally find it quite boring
  14. I don't search I find

    I mean, it would make sense. The BAT 30th anniversary is in April. Maybe they changed the release from 2019 to 2020 to tie in together LAP and BAT? If we don't get it in March or April, we will never get it. I mean, it's the 30th anniversary ffs
  15. I don't search I find

    What is the musical influence for Back that up to the beat (album version)? it sounds middle Eastern to me