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  1. Those are not STR demos, they are ROL songs. Only I Can't Forget is from STR
  2. She has shot other videos in her home. If her part is just a verse, she could have shot her part in her own home.
  3. The Mariah remix was kept secret and revealed later
  4. I believe the Madonna featuring. Remember how last year when Madonna was taken to hospital the press was saying that when she collapsed she was recording music with Katy Perry? And someone last week said the Katy Perry single was called Woman's world ft Madonna and now it turns out the title is real? Too many coincidences
  5. Nelly Furtado did 12 songs, so let's say Madonna would do the same. Holiday Borderline Like a virgin Live to tell Like a prayer Express yourself Vogue Human nature Frozen Music Ghosttown (can she sing it?) -or- Into the groove Crave
  6. They sounded like all her previous stuff though. People got bored
  7. Most likely this one https://images.app.goo.gl/uoQmkVBi3niWv8So9 They have used it as a visual for the Holiday "Finally Enough Love" YouTube upload
  8. I wish her team would update some of the album artworks on Spotify. The Immaculate Collection and Something To Remember are looking CRUNCHY
  9. It would be more effective if you focused on like 5 songs. One more chance and Bye bye baby are not gonna reach 100millions...
  10. I think someone said before that the RIAA doesn't do it for free, so Madonna's label would need to pay the fee for it to re-calculate all her sales and issue certifications.
  11. Nah, I've never heard about any of this. The reason why she stopped having hits is that she stopped releasing exciting music. She didn't really change her image between albums and it got old fast. Also her style of 2010s pop is not popular anymore.
  12. MDNA shouldn't have existed. She should have released Celebration in 2011 instead and toured in 2012 with the Celebration Tour for the 30th anniversary
  13. Will the rebroadcast on Saturday fix the glitches? And will it have different camera work or will it be exactly the same?
  14. Madonna is not credited, so I doubt they did
  15. Technical problems during Bedtime Story. The front of the box was not working
  16. She looked stunning with the wig, what are you guys talking about it
  17. I still don't understand why she didn't tour south America and Australasia. This could have been her #2 most successful
  18. Madonna after she finally releases the Celebration tour book
  19. It completely depends on what kind of music they are into. Pop fans? Confessions or Rebel heart Classic rock fans? Like a prayer Electronica and ambient fans? Ray of light Jazz and spoken word fans? Erotica or I'm Breathless 90's ballad fans? Bedtime stories Broadway fans? Evita R'N'B fans? Madonna Hip hop fans? Hard Candy... I guess? Taylor Swift fans? True blue or Music (The Immaculate Collection would be better) Disney fans? I'm Breathless
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