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  1. MDNA in fight with Rebel Heart for her most boring album ever
  2. DWT Milan CT Rome S&WT 2008 Rome S&ST 2009 Milan MDNAT Florence MDNA special at Olympia Paris RHT Turin MXT (2×) London CelebT (2×) Milan Total: 11 times
  3. It was better than thursday's indeed, you are right! She was brilliant!!
  4. I'm sitting, The PIT area (or Floor A) seems not so packed right now, as Enrico stated before.
  5. The forum is quite packed, just a few empty sits. The vibe seems warmer than thursday's
  6. Stuart has started his set a little bit earlier tonight! Fingers crossed
  7. Well, it's one of her best show ever! It has some highlights and some so and so moments indeed, but you can clearly feel the sense of life, joy, melancholy, love, freedom, liberty, self-affirmation and so on the show has. I never saw her so relaxed, joyful, kind... happy!! The love she feels for her children is charming. I can't wait to see her again on saturday!
  8. Well, let's hope she will be on stage as soon as possible cause the the last train from the forum is stated at 1 am!
  9. So it's half past nine and it's not yet started. Just waiting
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