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  1. The site crashed a lot, but in the end I bought the limited edition (the strictly 100 limited one was sold out).
  2. Same here. One week ago I asked at the end for a refund, but they have to "update me as soon as possible".
  3. Arca was there too!!! I could die if M worked with her
  4. I ordered on fnac. Never and ever again on Madonna UK or Com
  5. So: now it seems it depends on the "complexity" of my order, due to the fact it's a cumulative order with the litho too... they have to send the latter with a separate shipment... and they are waiting for another LP boxset restock too (?!) just chatted with BSI merch again
  6. You are absolutely right. I am sending n mails everyday and chatting on a daily base with BSI merch, not trying to be offensive with them. But enough is enough
  7. I loathe to be not polite or kind, also working in contact with customers (or something like that) but this situation makes me angry. It's beyond any comprehension.
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