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  1. yeah we dont get notified because these aren't new releases, they are just put onto the platforms, as if they had been released on them decades ago lol
  2. what a lovely surprise! hopefully it's just a taste of things to come!
  3. graffiti are illegal, because they can change something, they can be used to spread a powerful message or art, that's what M meant, but i feel like she forgot that the reason they are illegal is because they are used to deface private property with name tags and such, not for art lol
  4. domo

    same lol
  5. i don't think the OP is trying to be negative, just pointing out that it's weird that she would hide her bum for that long
  6. they could have organized it online if they miss is so much lol, but katy posting that piece instead of a pic of herself wearing the whole outfit kinda tells me that there wasnt even a fitting before the pandemic lamayo
  7. domo

    im kinda not feeling any of the ones released, they just slapped the vocal on a mix they already had
  8. domo

    yeah, there is no HQ of the cover, the one uploaded on streaming sites is MQ
  9. both so good, masterpieces
  10. domo

    if it follows a similar pattern to the singles, then yes medellin had offer nissim mixes and then the rest i rise had tracy young, then others crave had mnek > others
  11. domo

    hey don't get me wrong, it's not that i dislike the remix, i just think that a "honey dijon remix" and a 3min "radio edit" would be better than 3 more or less same mixes, it's not like there are any important differences between the remix and club mix
  12. domo

    yeah no, all three sound the same and there wasn't a reason to release all three, plus the radio mix is not even a radio mix at FIVE and a half minutes not to mention the dumb white border which brings the cover from a 10 down to a 6 (barely) and i assume they're not mastered for itunes, sigh another amateur release, i feel like since HC era all singles have been butchered and there is zero quality control regarding mixes and artworks
  13. domo

    the katy perry vinyl is already being sold on discogs, from greece and france, maybe I rise will also be a european release
  14. domo

    the sebastian manuel remix is meh, is that really the honey remix we're getting?