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  1. I was surprised as well, when she got the 1st one… But the tattoos are tasteful and not really huge. Besides that, she has the money to get them removed again, whenever she feels like…
  2. Me too, please! 😉 Did you remaster them same as you have done with all M songs?
  3. This reminds me of how M described the "Music" album, before it got released/leaked early, "just 10 tracks - TIGHT & GOLDEN".
  4. Don’t feel too sorry for Emily, she’s probably hardly working and gets paid well anyway.
  5. Looks like the delivery from the official US store has finally arrived at the UK one and they‘re going to send it out this Friday - took them only 2 weeks since release… 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. @Frank said that Andrew is a mix between Brahim and Malik and I replied that out of these 3, imo Brahim is still the hottest. But if you add Jesus to the mix, I agree with you ;-) On the other hand, if you consider all of M's exes, for me Mr. Ward will always be the sexiest one...
  7. I was thinking so too ;-) Brahim still was the hottest of the 3 imo…
  8. She looked so good! Is this from the Alberto Tolot session?
  9. Steven Klein looks somehow better with the turquoise wig… 🙃
  10. At least 3 of the remixes Victor has done for M between 1998 and 2003, ended on the full version of FEL - "Frozen", his 1st one ever, "Beautiful Stranger" and "Hollywood", his last work for her.
  11. It looks like her UK Store is fully dependent from the main one in the US concerning the Vinyl Box Set. They just didn’t receive any copies yet to send them out in time… What a mess!
  12. A performance on the VMAs would be amazing - either with Beyoncé or with Saucy Santana… or if we are greedy, with both!
  13. I think about half of the included mixes on the 50 tracks edition of FEL, have already been officially available on streaming services before.
  14. Concerning the 4 FEL pre-release tracks, we actually could have guessed, what would be ending on the promo sampler. To see TUTR included, is a little surprise though, but not a bad one…
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