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  1. I read that the 12“ Version of "Vogue" gained lots of streams after the release of the BMS remix…
  2. Still addicted to "The Queens Remix", the best that happened in a while…
  3. Me too. I loved it back then and still love it now, it‘s fun and tongue-in-cheek. Personally I would have preferred Britney‘s 1st new song in 6 years to be a solo one or at least a collab with another female icon.
  4. Helping her out, that’s ridiculous… Britney’s first new song in 6 years would be huge anyway! Actually he is the one who will benefit from the collaboration, the same way he did with Dua Lipa. He just can‘t live without dissing M…
  5. Edit One on streaming would be definitely appreciated 😉
  6. Thanx for the hint, a fan-made version including it, works too 😉
  7. I just checked @bertrand's remixology list and besides Peter‘s full club mix and the 3 dubs he has done, the only official edit I see is the "Universal Radio Mixshow Mix" (5:34) released now on FEL that doesn‘t have the "wingy wingy" part unfortunately…
  8. Official or fan-made!? I always thought the one now released on FEL was the only official edit of Peter‘s remixes…
  9. I miss Peter too… He has done some of my favorite remixes for M. 🤍
  10. Indeed... I also like the Justin Cognito Extended Mix and Edit and the unreleased Benassi Remix.
  11. For me definitely the 3 CD edition with all 50 number ones. The 16 track version is rather a teaser...
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