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  1. We don‘t know unfortunately if they still talk to each other, but I would definitely like her to work with Pat again, even though her current musical tastes are far away from everything I could see him being involved in…
  2. Kylie also has been to some of M‘s tours. I remember her being a VIP guest on the MDNA Tour in London, so there actually should be more pictures of them together, we don‘t know of or just haven‘t seen (yet)…
  3. That‘s possible… or in case she didn’t know about it ahead and found out later, at least she didn‘t mind… or she doesn‘t know about it at all 😁
  4. M‘s favorite ones or at least the ones she thought would be best for FEL. I think they wanted to represent a wide spectrum of DJs. It’s probably impossible to say, which remix version of each song was the most successful one. As far as I know, most DJs only reported when but not which remix they played each time.
  5. Pat was not officially allowed either, but still he leaked the 3 demos, after a tape including them was offered for auction for an incredible price…
  6. I was thinking so as well earlier, they could have easily done them from the extended dance remixes…
  7. It was the ass of her sexiest EX ever, Mr. Tony Ward. So she was already familiar with it, while shooting with him for the SEX book…
  8. Maybe we will have to wait 3 more hours until the office of her US store probably starts working…
  9. „Madonna should shoot videos about the best moments of these parties so that her fans also enjoy those moments as if they were there too." She actually did so all the years in her insta posts and stories.
  10. I‘m still enjoying "The Queens Remix" daily and think it‘s amazing that it sold 36000 downloads in 1 week and helped BMS to have its best week in pure sales in the US so far!
  11. 🤍 Ingrid! She is 58 meanwhile, looks amazing and in good shape.
  12. Sandor appeared on Ricardo‘s insta several times during the last months. He‘s either a good friend of him or even his BF.
  13. This is what probably many of us are wishing for and something that would have happened definitely in the past. Hopefully M & B will surprise us!
  14. No, as I said earlier, it was a more detailed one concerning the development of the 12“ Version during the last days in comparison to its usual streams. It didn‘t say anything about Vogue‘s main version.
  15. I‘m not specialized in Spotify numbers, but there was a detailed post on twitter the other day that at least the 12“ Version gained way more streams in the last days in comparison to its usual figures.
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