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  1. I went by myself to see the DWT, but ever since then, I always go with friends. Nobody is willing to pay for decent seats, so I always have to buy two tickets for each show I want to attend. It sucks, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
  2. The only mixes of DTM that were any good were the Thunderpuss Hands in the Air mixes, so if they are there, along with the Radio Edit, all will be good.
  3. I’m assuming just the U.S. CDM tracklisting, but who knows with them.
  4. Probably just like the 2001 remasters we got of the first 3 albums. Remastered by Mike Dean with 2-3 bonus remixes all in digipacks.
  5. Yea, I posted that a couple days ago. It would be too good so it won’t happen.
  6. I’m sorry. That would annoy the fuck outta me.
  7. Beautiful Stranger Don’t Tell Me or La Isla Bonita
  8. This will be the first M tour that I haven’t bought at least 1 item! My wallet thanks M’s team, but such a huge wasted opportunity to not have an amazing 40 year commemorative tour book.
  9. Oh, yes. Huge 80’s fan here! I definitely remember them all over the radio, just not this song.
  10. Here in the U.S. it was a big ‘ol flop. Only peaking at #37. Madonna’s song peaked at #10 here, her last top 10 to date. I think far more people remember Madonna’s song from the Super Bowl over a barely top 40 hit from ZZ Top. ‘Legs’ this is not.
  11. lol that’s so funny! I know who ZZ Top is and remember their hits, but I had never heard of this song, I don’t think many had, until Madonna’s song came out (it peaked at #37, while Madonna’s peaked at #10)
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