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  1. karlafalves

    So nice of her to give us an official video from a VIP presentation <3
  2. karlafalves

    So it is finally coming. The first single from Sophie Ellis-Bextor's orchestral greatest songs, "The Song Diaries", is out now: http://smarturl.it/SEBloveisyou From her post, "(...) the song is a cover of the disco track sampled on Groovejet", sung by Carol Williams.
  3. http://steveyb.co.uk/artwork/all/Cher
  4. karlafalves

    I loved it (minus "Three Four" and "Don't Look Over Your Shoulder"). Every time I listen to "Glorious" I get up my chair and start a parade with those beats! "Ladies, you ready? / Glooooooooorious / We will always be victooooooooooorious"
  5. karlafalves

    New music from Janet Well, as far as I read until now, the new album (or song) is planned to be released by the end of the year only.
  6. karlafalves

    Well, that's so many options, I'll give you some, based on my personal opinions Live songs The Girlie Show: "Rain" and "Everybody" both got new lines taken from other artists' songs. I really like how joyful and upbeat the latter was turned into in this tour, but my favorite song from this concert is the version of "Vogue". Re-Invention Tour: "Deeper and Deeper" is a must-one to your collection, cause it's a dance song that was revamped to a jazz version, exactly as you wish. I like "Into the Groove" too, in which she changed some verses, put some Scottish influences and invited Missy Eliiot to join this new version. Confessions Tour: well, the best Madonna's tour IMO. "Music Inferno", just watch this performance and I won't need to convince you of anything. "Erotica" was incredible too, totally remade for this tour, lyrically and musically speaking, based on its demo version "You Thrill Me". And the performance of "Lucky Star / Hung Up" is memorable. Sticky & Sweet Tour: "Human Nature" with Britney Spears and "La Isla Bonita" with Kolpakov Trio are my suggestion. Also, the "Get Stupid" interlude. MDNA Tour: the intro with "Girl Gone Wild" is capable to give you the shivers. The performance of "Express Yourself" with the shade over Lady Gaga became famous too. The version of "Open Your Heart" with Kalakan trio was amazing, tied with the ones of "Vogue" and "Celebration" in greatness. Rebel Heart Tour: again, the intro with "Iconic", perhaps the best intro of all her tours IMO. "Holy Water" got a very good version too, with more lines from "Vogue" sung than the album version. You may like the acoustic versions of "True Blue" and "Who's That Girl", from what you described you're looking for. "Deeper and Deeper" and "Like a Virgin" were amazing too. Non-albums tracks (b-sides and outtakes worth listening) Erotica: "Shame" and "You're the One". Bedtime Stories: "Love Won't Wait" and "Your Honesty" (the latter was included in her "Remixed & Revisited" EP) Ray of Light: "Gone Gone Gone", "Like a Flower", "Revenge" and "Has To Be" (the latter was a b-side to "Ray of Light" single) Music: "Run", "Liquid Love", "Arioso" and "Cyberraga" (the latter was a b-side to "Music" single) Confessions on a Dance Floor: "Keep the Trance", "Superpop", "Triggering" and "History" (the latter was a b-side to "Jump" single) Hard Candy: "Across the Sky", "Animal" and "Pala Tute" Celebration: "Broken" Rebel Heart: "Freedom", "God Is Love", "Nothing Lasts Forever", "Queen" and "Wash All Over Me (Avicii's demo)" (the latter is a completely different version from the one that made the cut).
  7. Found it! They're (adapted from) Ezekiel 25:17 "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."
  8. Are Madonna's words a quote?
  9. After her post mentioning Madonna in Instagram, I watched the video expecting Our Majesty to be pictured as God or doing a feat, but I liked the way she contributed to the video, doing God's voice (I presume). Hail Holy Queen.
  10. karlafalves

    She steals the spotlight everywhere she goes ❤️ And people insists on saying she's over... 😗
  11. karlafalves

    The video is now on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJZ3QmVF5eM
  12. karlafalves

    I didn't quite liked the songs, I only enjoyed Liberation (the opening), Maria and Sick of Sittin'. But, despite this, from my point of view, it seems that Liberation (the album) as a whole has a very different sound from any previous album of hers, and that's what I really admire in this new work, her daring to change.
  13. Don't know why, but here it is another link http://www.mediafire.com/file/wd96e5gq7h5xd5s/GH-RLS.rar/file
  14. Today, Ryan Louder put on his Youtube three Geri Halliwell's unreleased songs he worked on with her. His message on his Facebook page, with the link to the videos in bold: Spice Girls Fans! Geri has given me go ahead to put up the 3 songs we did! This is all we did so please no more messages comments on every social media post making my life a spicy hell. The story is. I am a left of field song writer music producer that does not really play by the music industry rule book. Most people in the industry treat me like an unusual koala bear that they like to look at from afar because they're scared if they cuddle me I will bite them on their a&r noses. This kind of koala bear can be good to work with successful artists who usually only get rule book producer song writers through the door who will do the same thing as the next guy. I worked with Geri for a few weeks and she was excited that we were doing something new. Warners though decided to go with a ballad about George Michael for a single, which I had nothing to do with. To my furry ears what we were doing was kinda cool and had a bit of edge. But it is almost never about the music when it comes to major label decisions. So what'ya gonna do? I snap at Warners fingers annoyed that I had wasted a few weeks and I run up my tree and chew on my eucalyptus leaves. Here are the 3 songs youtu.be/-bNw7RS9lQ4 #spicegirls #spicegirlsnews #gerihalliwell
  15. karlafalves

    I just want all of this to help her to become fluent in Portuguese so we can have a real conversation next time she visits my country. Beijos.