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  1. I feel like Express Yourself would work really well too.
  2. Not my favorite album by any means, but I adored this era. While the music isn’t my favorite (though I do love some of it dearly), and the eye patch wasn’t my favorite, and the typewriter wasn’t my favorite, I still found the rollout amazing. Some of the best photoshoots and videos we’ve had in a long time. And she just genuinely seemed so into it, and so inspired for the first time in awhile (compare it to the MDNA era - it’s night and day.) The tour isn’t her best, but I never thought in a million years I’d get to see her up close in a venue like that. She walked right by me, not a foot away, that night and I’ll never forget it. Like an out of body experience 😂 I got a record player in the last year and just bought the vinyl yesterday for the first time - can’t wait to play it when it arrives. Cheers to 5 years!
  3. How does certifying singles actually work? I’m genuinely curious. I know that fans always complain her team hasn’t updated these in years, but what exactly do they have to do? Sorry if that sounds dumb! I just don’t know enough about it.
  4. https://x.com/chartdata/status/1798757908144119917?s=46&t=aLj-pk2OHzBHi0vu6k8A6g
  5. SHE DID IT!! 80’s: Material Girl - 439M 90’s: Vogue - 229M 00’s: Hung Up - 429M 10’s: Bitch I’m Madonna - 100M 20’s: Popular - 796M How fun! I wonder how many other artists have done this, or are close to it. I hope the internet stans discuss it a bit, they’re always talking about everyone else’s streaming accomplishments 😂 5 decades of hits!
  6. While I would love to see this movie, read her script, see Julia crush it… I can’t help but wonder if the biopic trend is not in a good place right now. Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, and Elvis took the world by storm, and then everything that came after has fallen super flat. Respect, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, One Love… that Micheal Jackson movie is starting production too, so they could be coming out close to one another. It just feels like a crowded space. And selfishly I’ve been eating up every crumb or hint at potential new music and am dying to see a new era begin. So it would just be a bit of a bummer if we had to wait for the full movie production and promotion before getting anything else. But I’m ready to see what’s she’s got for us either way!
  7. I had heard that. Could have been such a fun section! But regardless, I would think someone behind the scenes would have said “hmm, we cut the Hard Candy section, should we mash one of the songs into the finale somehow?” I know I would have wanted to if I was helping put together the show.
  8. How I miss coming on here everyday and having a few pages of posts to catch up on 😭 Can not wait for the official release of the show, regardless if it’s the straight up full show or documentary style. I’ve watched the Brazil show a few times now, and really adore it. I especially like watching the intro, outro, and montages of songs/clips in the interludes that I was barely able to take in when I saw it live. They did a great job of mixing in hits that weren’t really touched on otherwise like Lucky Star, Material Girl, Celebration, Living For Love, Papa Don’t Preach, IDSIF, Like A Virgin, Angel, Give Me All Your Luv, Music… in my opinion it made the show feel more complete cause some of them deserved to be there. But question… (and I’m sure this has been discussed before)… is Hard Candy the only album with zero representation? I wonder why? It’d be so easy to slip in the instrumental of 4 Minutes or Give It 2 Me or even Candy Shop somewhere. Feels strange to me that she checked off every other studio album, I’m Breathless, Evita, even Who’s That Girl got a track in there for a lot of shows. Just feels like the only thing truly missing in an otherwise perfectly rounded show.
  9. The twitter-verse insiders are back at the rumor mill again 😂 I’m all about the speculation.
  10. This is so much fun! I didn’t want it to end. What It Feels Like For A Girl was surprisingly my favorite part - and the Music mashup at the end was a blast! 🔥
  11. Not sure if this has been posted yet or not, but how amazing 🤩 The Celebration Tour is Madonna’s sixth trek to gross more than $100 million. The only other acts to achieve this are the Eagles, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and U2, making her the sole woman in this elite group. https://www.billboard.com/music/chart-beat/madonna-the-celebration-tour-225-million-1235674536/
  12. Not trying to fall for any of these online rumors, but the bee emoji would have to imply Beyoncé right?
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