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  1. So glad to do another ranking, but this may have been the hardest one yet! I changed my order 5 times over and each time it looked completely different than the last. I love them all so much for different reasons. Can’t wait to see the results!
  2. I wonder if they thought “let’s release a few different versions around the same time as the bio-pic!” and the movie has been delayed and delayed and delayed. I love Funkos though, and would absolutely buy Madonna versions! So many possibilities. Like A Virgin, Blonde Ambition, Erotica, Frozen, Music, Hung Up, Super Bowl. I would love them!
  3. Do we know how well or poorly Santa Baby does compared to other holiday songs each December? And Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄
  4. Voted! That was a hard one! I ADORE her 80’s work, but found myself giving those tracks the lowest ratings (and the least amount of listens when I have the album on) cause most of them are just the regular track, or close to it. But as the traditional “remix concept” picks up over the years I can’t get enough of those later songs. Excited to see the results, thanks Curtians!
  5. Did we see Taylor Swift’s tour announcement this morning, The Eras Tour: “a journey through the musical eras of my career (past & present!)” Damnit, I really would love something like this from M! Hopefully that’s we are getting this time around… she always keeps us guessing though 😂
  6. I know this would neeeeever happen today, but I always dreamed of a 2012ish-Madonna doing the “Mix Tape Tour”: 2 nights in every city. Night 1 is “A Side” with a classic Greatest Hits, and night 2 is “B Side” with small hits, non-singles, and lesser known songs. MIXTAPE TOUR A-Side 01) Hung Up 02) Express Yourself 03) Material Girl 04) Ray Of Light 05) Erotica Interlude 06) Vogue 07) Secret 08) Borderline 09) Crazy For You 10) Music 11) Into The Groove 12) 4 Minutes Interlude (Britney singing Justin’s lines) 13) Live A Virgin 14) Don’t Tell Me 15) Frozen 16) Papa Don’t Preach 17) Take A Bow 18) Open Your Heart Interlude 19) Holiday 20) Like A Prayer B-Side 01) Thief Of Hearts 02) Devil Pray 03) Physical Attraction 04) Love Profusion 05) Another Suitcase Interlude 06) Nothing Really Matters 07) Till Death Do Us Part 08) Love Spent 09) Gone 10) Sooner Or Later 11) Masterpiece Interlude 12) Nobody Knows Me 13) Skin 14) Bedtime Story 15) Like It Or Not 16) Waiting 17) Impressive Instant 18) Give It 2 Me Interlude 19) I Don’t Search I Find 20) Everybody Or something along those lines, my line up changes every minute I think about it. Le sigh, my gay ass can dream…
  7. Voted! Just like all her post-WB records, I find this to be very mixed. I don’t love it or hate it as much as some fans. Some tracks I adore, and others I really don’t like. But I appreciate how experimental, and anti-radio she took this album. You can tell it’s the music she wanted to make and I love that about it even if it isn’t my fav. Can’t wait for the results!
  8. OMG THIS SHOCKS ME! 😭 I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I thought SOME did! It’s the only song that charted at all, it’s got a great video, had a bit of online success, and the only song in the last decade that my straight male friends are aware of. Aww, I love, bummed to see it so low…
  9. Omg I loooove this. Madonna is my fav, but Beyoncé is a close second. My heart skipped when I saw this. It sounds so good, and the new B lyrics are incredible! Would love to see either of them perform this live, let alone together 😍
  10. Voted! This could have been a great 10 track album, but there is a LOT of filler on here.
  11. Voted! Man, this album seems so paint-by-numbers, but I do love a chunk of the songs, and the tour was top tier! I do hate that this is the first album to start the trend of extended versions. I feel like everything moving forward has “too much” and isn’t as fully formed as a project.
  12. Voted! Just as many people on this form seem to cherish this album as they do loath it, so I’m super curious of the results!
  13. Voted! Ah, this is one of my favorite eras! The looks, the sounds, the tour, Coachella, KOKO Club, Cloud Campos, horseback riding with Letterman, my first time going to gay clubs and meeting other gay people, hell, didn’t she even do a promotional thing on MySpace or something where she released little audio confessions about herself 😂 I ate it all up! Can’t wait for the results 🪩✨
  14. This is a fun idea! Your list looks great, personally I’d want Everybody from the Koko Club in London… love that version! And Give Me All Your Luvin from the MDNA Tour rather than Super Bowl. And definitely the Jimmy Fallon version of Bitch I’m Madonna. Still so sad we’ve never gotten Love Profusion live 😭😭😭
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