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  1. End of June, what a way to close out Pride 🏳️‍🌈 I’ll be doing my part, always liked the song! Curious if it being the closer of the Celebration Tour helped boost it at all these last few months.
  2. Curious how long it will take for Bitch I’m Madonna to hit 100M. It’s so close, and if I’m not mistaken, when that happens she’ll have at least one song from 5 different decades over 100M.
  3. Just waking up, reading the last few pages with the biggest smile 😃 Be still my gay beating heart. I’m so damn happy. Got to see both the Celebration Tour and the Vegas Residency earlier this year, and could never have dreamed that they’d share a moment like this. Not to mention Kylie’s shirt! Was Jonas Åkerlund there?! I hope they were filming 😂
  4. Hi! Forgive the stupid question, but are Ring My Bell and It’s So Cool on streaming? I have all the other songs that you mentioned, but this is the first I’m hearing of those two. I searched Spotify and don’t see anything. Are they only up in certain regions (I’m in the US) or am I being dumb and searching incorrectly 😂 Hoping it’s the latter haha
  5. Just more internet rumors, though this account has been right a lot before. And if so, than “just a prelude for what’s coming 👀” and “now wait for our real announcement 🫣” are pretty exciting!
  6. DAMN! I heard a video was coming to Fortnite, so I assumed it would be animated and brushed it off. I am GAGGED! This video looks incredible and she looks fucking amazing! Really hope it lands I YouTube eventually. Such ashame it didn’t drop when the song was on fire, I feel like it could have helped!
  7. Do we know who the Pittsburgh Vogue guest was last night?
  8. Saw the show for the first time in Philly last night and WOW. It was so incredible. I’ve been reading along here with you guys, but haven’t watched any videos cause I wanted some surprises. I truly loved this show 🥹 Bob took the stage at 10pm on the dot, she did Express Yourself and Rain. Kevin Jz Prodigy was the guest and David did a verse in Mother & Father. I thought the energy seemed high, though a few times she was doing that “come on, is that all you got?!” kinda thing, so I wonder if it felt a little low compared to MSG hahaha. She genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself. Lots of interactions with the crowd and smiling and overall euphoria. I particularly loved Open Your Heart, Bad Girl, Hung Up, Ray Of Light.. the transition from Human Nature to Crazy For You is so jarring, almost felt like a mistake haha. I know everyone says the ending is abrupt, but I guess it didn’t bother me because I had scene all the complaints- felt like a proper finale to me! Overall I genuinely loved it, am still on such a high, and now can’t wait for the recording of this show!
  9. Have there been rumors about her filming the MSG shows? I’ve been wondering when they are going to film and was hoping it was going to be NYC!
  10. Does anyone know if she kept Express Yourself in tonight or if she went back to I Will Survive?
  11. THANK YOU! It was driving me crazy. But wow, that is a deep cut. All the other costumes on stage are from fairly iconic and famous videos or performances. I’m curious how she landed on this one making the cut - I guess she most have always been fond of it.
  12. Guys, I’m so embarrassed to ask this as I am an obsessive fan. But during BIM when all the dancers are dressed in her iconic outfits… I have no idea who the one is 🫣 The green dress on the left. What’s the original time Madonna wore this?! (Ashamed to be asking, but here we are 😂)
  13. Did the male dancers get all sexy on him like they did with Lola and FKA?
  14. I know! It’s taking so long to load each page, I’m like “omg did it start?! Are we all refreshing at once and overloading it?!” 🤣🤣
  15. We did pretty good on our guesses! Nothing Really Matter is the opener Mother and Father Hold Tight I Want Your Love/Everybody I Will Survive/Don’t Cry For Me Argentina Billie Jean/Like A Virgin Unholy/Act Of Contrition
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