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  1. THANK YOU! It was driving me crazy. But wow, that is a deep cut. All the other costumes on stage are from fairly iconic and famous videos or performances. I’m curious how she landed on this one making the cut - I guess she most have always been fond of it.
  2. Guys, I’m so embarrassed to ask this as I am an obsessive fan. But during BIM when all the dancers are dressed in her iconic outfits… I have no idea who the one is 🫣 The green dress on the left. What’s the original time Madonna wore this?! (Ashamed to be asking, but here we are 😂)
  3. I know! It’s taking so long to load each page, I’m like “omg did it start?! Are we all refreshing at once and overloading it?!” 🤣🤣
  4. We did pretty good on our guesses! Nothing Really Matter is the opener Mother and Father Hold Tight I Want Your Love/Everybody I Will Survive/Don’t Cry For Me Argentina Billie Jean/Like A Virgin Unholy/Act Of Contrition
  5. I’m kinda gutted about Hard Candy! It’s hardly my favorite, but she seems to have gone out of her way to have included something from every album except this one. I'm sure 4 Minutes will be part of the sampled songs that Stuart mentioned will be tied into the show, but we had Give It 2 Me rumors at one point this week, right?
  6. Oh yes, that’s a great observation. I hope you’re right, that’s a much more exciting start than my theory 😂
  7. I just assumed that DM’s daily hints were in a random order… but with rumors that Nothing Really Matters is the opening number (and it’s the first clip in DM’s first video) and that Celebration is the closing number (and we haven’t seen that clip from DM yet, presumably we will tomorrow with the final video), I’m now wondering if we’ve actually been getting the setlist in it’s proper order. If that’s true, it’s a real interesting start to the show. Very ballad heavy, and very few hits for the general audience until Die Another Day and Ray Of Light. Can’t wait to find out!
  8. I Don’t Search I Find is my favorite MX track. I feel like it’d work on a tour like this much better than any of the other singles. I actually thought that when MX first came out, a Stuart Price mix of IDSIF would be so fire. So hopefully this time around it’s more Confessions sounding and less Madame sounding!
  9. My bf is gonna fucking kill me if she does Hung Up On Tokischa and not the original. It’s his favorite song, and I was like “of course she’ll play it!” when I bought tickets 😬 Still hoping with Stuart’s guidance it’s somehow a mash up of the two, or the original just has Tokischa’s verse intertwined or something. Not sure if we are getting Into The Groove or Into The Hollywood Groove, but I’d personally love to hear a verse or two of Hollywood and I adore Missy, so I’m fine with however that plays out. Very surprised by Justify My Love honestly! I love that song, and love Erotica, but they are both fairly similar to me as in they are more or less spoken word, mid-tempo, early 90’s songs about sex. I adore them both, but wouldn’t take up two spots on a tour with both - I’d pick one or the other. But let’s see! Maybe it’s a mash up, or a whole Dita section they are both in. Excited to see!
  10. Guys I just want to say the last few days have been an absolute blast reading through every post with every clue and every theory. Almost as exhilarating as a Madonna show itself! Part of me never wants it to stop 😂 Would be so into hearing I Will Survive or Staying Alive. The mere thought of a Hung Up/Gimme Gimme mashup makes my gay heart flutter. And personally I would love to hear her do Levitating. Adore that song, and the remix with her in it. I think the audience would light up too. Not to mention Stuart Price produced it. Having said that, I’m sure we’ll get Unholy which I’m not really into, but she loves Sam and they recorded Vulgar right after the Grammy drama with Unholy, right? Regardless, can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Just a few more days! 🪩
  11. So the first day DM gave us a post with 6 songs, then one with 5, now 4… if they continue this we’ll have 3 tomorrow, 2 Wednesday, 1 Thursday…who knows what Friday (the rumored new song?! 😂) So if that’s the case, then just 6 more tracks, and still no Holiday, Like A Virgin, Into The Groove, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Music, or Hung Up. Making me think Lucky Star, Material Girl, Papa Don’t Preach, La Isla Bonita, Who’s That Girl, Express Yourself, Justify My Love, Deeper And Deeper, Secret, Take A Bow, Human Nature, Don’t Cry For Me, Frozen, 4 Minutes, and other hits people could be hoping for may not make the cut.
  12. Omg, is this the next hint of songs?! 😍 https://x.com/drownedmadonna/status/1711032504113631348?s=46&t=aLj-pk2OHzBHi0vu6k8A6g
  13. No idea where this is from but love a good rumor! https://x.com/immaculatebrad/status/1709722977325957382?s=46&t=aLj-pk2OHzBHi0vu6k8A6g
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