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  1. To me it doenst sound any new. Its just a pitched down boring remix. nothing new, nothing fresh about it. Even the build up tor the beatdrop is way too long.
  2. So some fans use AI to create new Ariana Grande Songs...anybody who can do the same with M? :)

  3. Into the Groove looking for mercy or i love new york
  4. Or maybe just talking about a shaved dick? Wasnt beeing hairy a think back than?
  5. Well i guess we will get some nice journey from darkness to light again…
  6. the source doesnt even know how to spell colombia
  7. Ariana loves her. I bet she would be down for a collab. I dont get why Madonna chooses over other Artist, as it is obvious that shes more into getting new generations listen to her and get a hit rather than being creative with other artists,
  8. Past year or two? Where habe you been during the secret project?
  9. I just hope there is more than two new lines in this possible new remix. 5 stars if its longer than 2min
  10. Didnt she sing with grills on MX already?
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