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  1. can we focus on leaks, snippets, audio recordings underneath the toilet stall where madonna is taking a shit while singing VULGAR/Human Nature Remix on fire?!
  2. then you should use the words "I guess" at the beginning. We are all on the edge of our seats to get info
  3. Wrong thread! just some spoken words cuttet into pieces and into several songs. Nothing to see here
  4. Maluma? I think you mistake her visit at his home after his concert in medellin. Swae Lee was seen with her also.
  5. Im trying to create a AI Madonna Voice for future proposes, But I need studio session basically her voice shouldn't have any background singers and effects such as reverb, autotune... Somebody ready to help me out? All links are down when it comes to stems

  6. If it helps: a lot of my friends (none madonna fans) really enjoy hung up on tokischa. They even stream it on their own, not because of me
  7. But nobody talks about her. Here in Germany radio Stations keep reporting about beyonce breaking records and kim petra for winning being german and thats it.
  8. To me it doenst sound any new. Its just a pitched down boring remix. nothing new, nothing fresh about it. Even the build up tor the beatdrop is way too long.
  9. So some fans use AI to create new Ariana Grande Songs...anybody who can do the same with M? :)

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