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  1. First night in Barcelona started at 21:50 the second night at 22:05
  2. I can‘t with this wig. They dont even care now, how they stripe it on her head 😭😭😭 hate the helmet style, hate the color and the stiff locks. It looks so cheap. The other hairstyles are great though but I cant understand how they let her go on stage like this.
  3. I think the top 5 im referring to is the most popular *at the moment*. Which is crazy because popular isnt even in his top 5 of most streamed songs at the moment.
  4. And crazy because its not even on the top 5 songs of the weeknd right now on his sporify chart.
  5. Do you have examples with timecodes? I think its interesting, just like a look behind the scenes. Even more if Stuart daid everything was live
  6. I have never heard different vocals in DAD on this tour in any city. I just checked milans DAD and I cant hear any mistake. You got a timecode where you hear a missed line? All I hear are perfect loud (autotuned) vocals even though she shakes the mic several times 😁 Anyway just because Ray of light and Vogue seem to have 100% live parts, doenst mean there cant be 100% lipsynched songs. Just like there was Candy Shok and Human Nature on Mdna Tour but also Girl gone wild, Revolver, most of Gang Bang, and Hung up (also heavily autotuned just like DAD)
  7. Off topic but just in: Considering the rehearsal video of "Die Another Day," there was a big difference between her voice while counting the steps and the autotuned playback. Additionally, the vocals remain consistently every night the same (just like in "Girl Gone Wild" live), and finally, this video proves it's playback. Moving the mic doesn't affect the vocals at all – impossible. In conclusion, it's playback, and Stuart was lying when he claimed in an interview somewhere that it's all live with backup here and there… https://youtu.be/sH7KhxseI0A?si=YfXuUNUb5BQpOG8u
  8. I wish she would debue a new wig for this section too. I hate this weird yellow helmet
  9. Not true haha during like a virgin/beat it, you can here „i know i can do it better“.
  10. Hey everyone, I wanted to share something with you today that made my day. I've been a huge Madonna fan since 2005 and have been bothering my family about it for years. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm led to oversaturation, especially with my sister, who almost hates Madonna now. For instance, in the car, I can only play Madonna if I promise not to play any "Madonna crap." Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Madonna's concert in Cologne as a travel companion for a person with a disability. Due to my semester abroad, I passed the chance on to my sister. Her feedback on yesterday's concert was fantastic. Some highlights for her were "Like a Prayer," "Hung Up", "La Isla Bonita," and "Mother and Father „ (surprisingly!). She's currently on the train heading home, listening to the setlist on Spotify. She said she now really gets Madonna thinks she is cool sock 😂
  11. She was the DJ before showtime. It was the weirdest set ever. At some point the music even stopped inbetween the song. Than later que acted as if it was intented 😂
  12. She was shitty at the concert and shes shitty in this video. What did you excpect? Novody around me on both nights was enjoying her set. Next
  13. She was shitty at the concert and shes shitty in this video. What did you excpect? Next
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