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  1. I dont see wig changes but leg tapes appearing and disappearing. And i also guess by the looks that the reshoots are recorded with way better cameras then those used at the concert. But still looks great.
  2. Where is that mtv info coming from ? - And is it supposed to be a stream as well? Does mtv have a streaming paige in europe? Thx!
  3. Funny cuz i think thats one of her worst looking pics. Different people different taste 😄
  4. And talking of the pride thing - the german media is reporting surprisingly positiv about it!
  5. There is a adult section called stars on disney plus
  6. Im from germany so no, and even if i wanted to, it wouldnt work here.
  7. Wtf is paramount + is she kidding us? So 20% of her fans will habe access to see madame x and the others will have to wait like one extra year for a physical release?
  8. Maybe because of getting our expectations high for nothing. “You are not ready for this“ “god is coming“…
  9. Lmfao, who knew we really were not ready for what was coming. total Shit.
  10. Maybe its a documentary series with several episodes and in each episode she performs one song of the MX Tour. 🥵
  11. My guess is that she is going to sit on that chair and sing some songs. No big choreo or anything just her and that chair that shes going to sell for charity like she did in tears of a Clown. So basically its tears of madame x. I hope rocco got his shit together,thinking of him not being at the family reunion at her fathers 😄
  12. thats too good to be true. You should put a trigger warning at the beginning of that text, so people dont get their hopes up too high 😁
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