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  1. Winn

    I need this era to start now. It's killing me.
  2. Winn

    Gosh it's all looking like it's coming together.. I can't wait to see it. Its getting so exciting now.
  3. I'm surprsied MUSIC is her least voted album cover. I know something's gotta be last but what's wrong with it?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. professormouse


      Many classic albums on vinyl had no txt on them.
      CD's the image shrunk.
      Streaming = What's a 'Cover' ?

    3. DickTracy


      I think a Music-era theme might be fun for infinity :)  hay bales and cowboy hats for everyone

    4. professormouse


      I went to a club once where they gave you 'cloakroom ticket' once you paid.
      Not for your jacket/bag but another you were supposed to pin somewhere obvious.
      2 door-whore types manned a board downstairs where [next to loos !] was a board where you could check your number to see if you'd a message.
      It's the one time I saw someone look good in a cowboy hat. :bothered2:

  4. Winn

    I said I prefer She's Not Me over CHERISH, not the LAP album, which imo is far superior to Hard Candy. I've never liked Cherish or the video. Too cheesy.
  5. Winn

    Let's do it for videos now... Express Yourself vs Give It 2 Me GO
  6. Winn

    I don't like Chrish or She's Not Me, however I love Offer Nissim remix of She's Not Me so I guess like that better. Oooooohh, There's a point for Hard Candy.
  7. Winn

    Oh I like White Heat too, esp live on Who's That Girl, but it's no Vogue. Perhaps I should've said Jimmy Jimmy cuz everyone hates that, right? Right???
  8. Winn

    What's next, Vogue vs White Heat? I'll save you the trouble and answer now: VOGUE.
  9. It's perfect the way it is though i woulnt mind switching out physucal attraction for gambler.
  10. Winn

    Didnt vote pre 00 cuz they were all forgettable. Give It 2 Me post 00.
  11. Winn

    I think she looked best around American Pie, Next Best Thing time period. Early Guy Ritchie marriage, I guess. She just looked healthy, tanned, sleek, hydrated...
  12. Winn

    Holddddd on I just wanna make one thing clear. I do love Hard Candy but Like A Prayer is better. Let's not get ridiculous.
  13. Winn

    That black and white outtake is pretty bad imo; the color one is gorgeous though. I do like the one of her from this session where she's sitting on the concrete bench in the cemetery. That would've been a great album cover.
  14. It's funny how LAV is an iconic album cover but it's rarely a fan favorite.

    1. Fighter


      I love it but it's just not the best