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  1. Those pictures are not very good and it has nothing to do with body parts and bad edits.
  2. Virgin Tour made me a Madonna fan and I still love it.
  3. This. LAP, Express Yourself, Vogue, are the Madonna Holy Grail Trifecta. The epitome of Pop Masterpiece.
  4. Looks like everybody had a nice time.
  5. New corset is nice and looks better worn with shorts and no wig.
  6. Madonna without makeup looks much better than that ridiculous head mask. Girl makes some really bizarre decisions sometimes.
  7. More pics and vids please. It's all so exciting!
  8. Like A Prayer Which video? Deeper & Deeper or Hung Up
  9. It's hard to believe anyone cares what Sandra Bernhard has to say in 2024 yet here we all are clicking the link. The power of Madonna.
  10. Rupaul talking about Madonna being 65 when he's 63
  11. Well that was just a general response to a few ppl here stating it was her best tour. A 65 year old Madonna is not gonna compare to the 30 year old Madonna so can ppl please stop lol. She still looks fabulous and still has "it," but it's kinda irksome to read, essentially, that she's better now than her prime. It's seems discrediting to what she accomplished back then.
  12. She picked up lots of younger fans during that era. Personally I think BAT will always reign supreme.
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