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  1. Lol. Are you being condescending? You're view is as relativist as it's simplistic, soaked in a predictible left-wing ideologization, which sometimes can be really fascist. I could go on for days with this, bringing philosophers and art historians to the table, but it's pointless. My source of knowledge is academic, not from "online videos", and denying the existence of the illluminati would be like denying the existence of the masonry. Sales and quality are not always bedfellows. Crap sells easily. And Beyonce has the zero charisma. The media made us believe she has it. She's no better singer than Grande or Sia. It's so easy to reach superstardom when the whole system conspire to help you get it, when you are a militant for political correctness. I know about Madonna covers. Been a fan from 1985 onwards, so I know she was on countless covers before 1989. The difference is that she 7 times out of ten she got bad press, even in cover stories. Beyonce is so safe to the point of boredom, never a word out of place. Madonna shaked the system and prevailed against all odds. When you talk about racism in those countries, you are talking about the hideous policies of their governments, but I'm talking about something deeper, an idiosyncratic behaviour. Do you understand? Maybe your view derives are from personal experience and I touched a nerve. If so, I apologize. PS Plato thought the earth was flat, by the way lol
  2. No, no @Sonny. I meant that she's demonic. And hadn't she had the illuminati support she would't not come this far.
  3. You are right. I hate it when they say "a come back" referring to someone that never left. To them, to be back means to be back on the charts. Sales.
  4. thanks @Bel and @discohub. I totally agree with @Sonny. I think Beyoncé is the product of a huge, huge, huge marketing campaing, like she was somehow IMPOSED on us. Everywhere you look, there is Beyoncé: any magazine cover, TV, humanitarian causes, awards, gets named in films for no reason, gets flourishing reviews in ROCK magazines, you name it. She received a COUNTRY MUSIC award once! This I remember very well. She's everywhere at the same time. Her public image is more powerful than her music which is played nowhere as far as I know. It's odd: she never gets bad press, she's sooooo good, sooooo talented. Don't you find it strange? What I think, and again I don't want to offend anyone, is that there's a enormous power machine pushing her, imposing her, installing the idea in the media and in the public minds that she's the best thing ever. And that Power Machine is engineered by, of course, the illuminati sect she belongs to, which in turn serves sionism. She and her husbands are the leaders. West and Rihanna are below them. It's a sinister satanist hierchachy that rules the music industry today, and whatever or whoever is against them... they're over. Everybody is so fucking scared of them. They suck new artists into the sect and their change is notorious. The before and after is so obvious. After watching her new video, I can see Ariana Grande is their new member. What about Katty Perry's Grammys black mass? And the "Stairway to hell" horn hats at another Grammy ceremony? I can go on forever. Madonna was clever enough to sign to Tidal because she knows where the power is, and she was always tactful when mentioning Beyoncé. But I don't think she's with them at all. In order to survive in the business she must do some capitulations, so she flirts with this dark imagery to a certain extent. She's too clever. If you know a little about semiology, history and art, and, well, the occult, you will find countless references to satanism or luciferianism for that matter, in her videos, photoshoots, etc. It's so creepy. I'm so close to God, or "Light" that whenever I watch a video from these people I get sick, I have a physical reaction to them. It's too bad teens ignore all this and they're constantly dragged into this obscurity. You can laugh if you want but this is what I see. Awareness is all we have. And if you doubt, look into Beyonce's eyes. You'll see real evil. @Discohub, I respect you point. But you have to go beyond the racial, gender and sex issues (which, believe me, exist in the US only because in Europe those differences are unthinkable, unimaginable). And therein lies the great paradox: A destructive message hides behind all these political correctness, like in a Trojan horse. Were Beyoncé and her husband WASP, or gay or whatever, I would still think the same. This is NOT about gender, race or sexual identity.
  5. Yes, you're right. She's a studio artist. She gets stage fright and her voice suffers accordingly. I love the woman
  6. You have it against me right from the start. Maybe you like me LOL. I love you Fighter, calm down
  7. De quién hablás? Si es de mí estás meando fuera del tarro
  8. LOL Who is "hating" her? There's no hate towards her, not from me at least. She leaves me totally indifferent just like all these female pop singers who have the same voice, timber, melisma, etc. All I know about her is that she's into donnut-licking and that she's hot (Oh, maybe I should apoplogize for complimenting her looks intead of her intelligence... LOL) Madonna is no virtuoso singer but she's able to deliver emotions and being credible. Besides she has SUBSTANCE and concept, and that's what being an artist is all about.
  9. And she likes licking donnuts in coffee shops and not paying for them
  10. Madonna is like Warhol. 50% mainstream and 50% indie. Like Bowie. And Umberto Eco. But being as huge as she is, all her indie ventures turn out going mainstream. I like that about her, that being so famous she's still aiming for artistry and trying out new things and walking different paths.