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  1. This is great! But since when is Who's That Girl a "dance/electronic" song? LOL
  2. Are Truth or Dare and MDNA cosmtics still available? And the Hard Candy gyms?
  3. I don't like the word "residency", it reminds me of a residence for senior and elderly care. Season would be more proper, IMO
  4. hi @imakisoda, some of us would like to know what/who "Heart" is
  5. As far as I know, their first work together were the Rescue Me remixes, among which Houseboat Vocal is her best remix ever IMO. I loved it in 1991 and I love it now
  6. Didn't she get into trouble for using this sample?
  7. You're absolutely right. But a more up-tempo of Shame could have been included too
  8. Thanks for this, but she looks unnatural, like an animation. Her eyes are weird
  9. Do you think so? I think she's decked out like a Christmas tree. This is something I've been very aware of lately: the overdressing. She has stuff even in every finger. It's like... too much.
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