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  1. I really love this cover of Beautiful Stranger...


    1. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      Thanks for post it! Love this cover of beautiful stranger too!!!!!

  2. For months I've been counting the days. Yesterday I finally got to see Madonna perform at the Ziggo Dome. And I loved every second of it. I met so many cool, fabulous, beautiful people, everyone was just having the time of their lives.The Madonna fanbase is just the best. Prior to attending the show I watched a lot of YouTube videos of the Celebration Tour, but they don't hold a candle to the real deal. Being there and experiencing the sense of community was really special. I was surprised by the quality Madonna was bringing, especially considering what she has been through just a couple of months ago. Personal highlights: Nothing Really Matters, Live to Tell, Like a Prayer, Vogue, and especially Bad Girl. Erotica and Justify My Love I really enjoyed as well, but it felt they were from a whole different show. A bit darker in tone, but that suits my taste just fine. Minor personal points of criticism: The Beast Within, Don't Cry For Me Argentina and the Like a Virgin & Billie Jean mashup were unnecessary, although I understand how important DCFMA has been for Madonna herself. I really missed Frozen and Express Yourself. But hey, with almost 100 single releases to choose from you can't have everything. I'm really glad and thankful I got to see Madonna perform again. She looked great, she sounded just fine and she still knows how to put on a fantastic show.
  3. If Nothing Really Matters is the opening song and it will be performed as a ballad, the most perfect song to follow would be Rescue Me. Nothing really matters Love is all we need Everything I give you All comes back to me. I'm talking, I'm talking I believe in the power of love I'm singing, I'm singing I believe that you can rescue me.
  4. Ray of Light, followed by Music, American Life and Erotica.
  5. Damn, this is hard! But for now: Justify My Love Erotica Open Your Heart Nothing Really Matters Express Yourself
  6. 01 Funana 02 Auto-Tune Baby 03 Hey You 04 Superstar 05 B-Day Song 06 I Fucked Up 07 Best Friend 08 Isaac 09 Like It or Not 10 Batuka Honourable mention: I Don't Give A, Everybody, Love Song, Bitch I'm Loca, Jimmy Jimmy, Love Makes The World Go Round, Shoo-Bee-Doo, Gang Bang, Turn Up The Radio, Joan of Arc, Rebel Heart and Back That Up to the Beat.
  7. Remember when Axl Rose wore a leather jacket with a portrait of Madonna on the back in the November Rain video? Around the 2:20 mark...


  8. As someone dealing with chronic stress and anxiety these last 24 hours have been exhausting. I'm just glad she's home.
  9. Done! Such an impressive singles discography. It was fun and interesting rating the singles in chronological order.
  10. James Ford is an excellent producer! Together with Stuart Price he has produced the new Jessie Ware album, which will be released on april 28th. Her last album, What's Your Pleasure, also produced by Ford, was fantastic. Allegedly Pet Shop Boys are working with James Ford on their new studio album. Madonna working with James Ford would be amazing.
  11. For me it's all about the William Orbit Ultra Violet Mix. That mix is just heavenly!
  12. Remember 2016 when the Blonde Ambition screenplay by Elyse Hollander was the top-ranked script on the so called Black List (a list of highly lauded but unproduced screenplays)? At the time Madonna said: “Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen. Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society.” But a script that tops the Black List must have something good about it, right? I don't know whether Madonna has actually read this script. Supposedly the script paints a picture of Madonna as ruthless and cold. But didn't she have to be ruthless in order to become the queen of pop? Does she want to be in control (writing, producing, directing) to paint herself in a more flattering way? I still would love to see the Elyse Hollander script being filmed. With David Fincher as a director. He is an excellent director and he knows Madonna.
  13. I listened to the songs and really tried to like them, but all I can say is that the songs are unreleased for a reason: they're just not good. So I'll skip this megarate.
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