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  1. Fontainebleau

    In a Confessions mood...
  2. Fontainebleau

    Why on earth should she say sorry?
  3. Fontainebleau

    The interview with Madonna was absolutely lovely. She was friendly, funny and playful. And she looked damn fierce. Do people who so easily dismiss Madonna's performance think it's easy to do what Madonna does? She always goes for the best, pushing herself. She never takes the easy road. True, the singing could have been better. But how awesome were the costumes? How beautiful was the staging? And how fucking amazing is it she was actually willing to perform at Eurovision? She could easily have said no, but she was there and giving it her best shot. So for that I'm really happy. It was just awesome seeing her perform live on television.
  4. Fontainebleau

    I hope you all have lots of fun watching Eurovision! Madonna is going to slay it!
  5. Fontainebleau

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  7. Fontainebleau

    Can we at least agree the video for Crave is a wonderful addition to Madonna's videography? If we really are going to fight over rating Madonna's videos we will end up lost in endless discussions about quality, zeitgeist, personal preferences, etc... I think the video for Crave fits the song perfectly. It's lush and elegant, just like the song.
  8. Fontainebleau

    Oh, and Iceland, I loved that song!
  9. Fontainebleau

    Slovenia AND Poland were my favourites from the first semi!
  10. Fontainebleau

    I would love it if Madonna were to perform Ray of Light! Bring it!
  11. Fontainebleau

    Everyone just vote for the Netherlands!!
  12. Fontainebleau

  13. Fontainebleau

  14. Fontainebleau

    Perhaps the best novel about mental illness. The protagonist describes her life as being suffocated by a bell jar. "The trouble was, I had been inadequate all along, I simply hadn't thought about it."