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  1. this is incredible ! amazing! you're a genious!
  2. First 7" : Like A Virgin (German Pressing)
  3. Max

    i don't have idea
  4. Max

    they gave it to me at the cinema after the evita promotion
  5. Max

    i have it ! sorry but it's big to be able to take a whole picture
  6. Max

    I start looking at it in 10 minutes !
  7. Max

    i buy the dvd from amazon off course but i don't have idea is not allowed sorry ! i see the strike a pose documentary is allowed i think it was the same thing, btw sorry @Fighter
  8. Max

    please if anyone have on March 12 the digital file can post here?
  9. Max

    oh my God i'm so sorry @Fighter! normally i say thanks and it's appear .. thanks a lot !
  10. Max

    this is strange.. because i don't have any problem about that , i download some file yesterday night without problem... i say thanks and the link appear normally... i think we have two different problem but similar ???
  11. hi everybody I have a problem with the forum from this morning.. when I thank in a topic to be able to download the files can not see the link, can anyone tell me the reason? i don't know why.. and this happens to me even if I open a post from which I downloaded last night thanks in advanced if anyone answer me
  12. before producing videos in 4k it would be better to let out everything that came out on DVD in blue ray, it's the only artist that has only 3 blu ray ...