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  1. finally!!!! It's since I saw the video at the end of 1984 that I wanted to see the photos (I don't know how many times I paused the video recorder to be able to understand and see these photos),the same thing for the (fake) Italian newspaper GLOSS with her on the cover that can be seen on the newsstand.. This is PURE HEAVEN!
  2. Finally a photo shoot worthy of being considered as such (and not those scandalous photos taken by Gomes where she looks like a picasso in reverse), they could also have used the VF cover photo for the promotional poster of the tour and not that misshapen scandal.. beyond the photo shoot and the interview there are other pages and articles dedicated to her.. @Jackie the pics with clowns
  3. Of course, I had recorded some European dates of some concerts ( Blond Ambition Tour ,The Girlie Show, The Drowned World Tour )with other friends (which would also be of remarkable quality but considering the screams above ).Then, with the birth of the internet, more bootleg recordings started to spread we stopped (without taking into account all the Bootleg CDs that were bought back in the day when there was no internet yet). The last concert we recorded was the Rebel Heart tour.
  4. I had seen your works before I knew who made them, they are wonderful.. THIS IS WHAT ALL FANS WANT, not those antics published by Warner or those useless reprints. Everything is perfect in every detail, her team and her alleged record company should check out these masterpieces. these jobs can only be defined with one word : PERFECTION!
  5. And since we are talking about this wonderful period (not today) for those interested : 1985 Radio City Music Hall And Iso Restaurant New York City By Andy Warhol [Hidden Content] 1983 Amy Arbus - On The Street NY : [Hidden Content]
  6. Probably if Funko Pop hasn't done anything about Madonna yet it's because she or her team haven't granted the rights (usually when an image is used for any product the rights are granted). I remember that in the period of Music the Mattel wanted to make the Official Barbie dedicated to Madonna who portrayed her in the Music video, but they didn't give consent, and as always we ended up with beautiful fans made for both dolls and funko pops. This is an example :
  7. This is the clear example of how something really beautiful should be created, in an accurate and peculiar way, this is what can truly be defined as a documentary, nothing to do with those documentaries that have come out over the years with the usual images, with the usual over-watched videos released a thousand times just to make money..As usual, it's the fans who make noteworthy things and not her team, her team should see this documentary and also the series " bitch she's Madonna " to understand what it means to work perfectly and not by posting meaningless antics. There's not a single thing done wrong , everything is perfect!I never download anything from You Tube I wouldn't know what to do with it, the only thing I download and keep is your series that traces her career from year to year and this documentary. @Blue Jean As always you did an AMAZING impeccable job! Stephan Mreczko's narration is also truly noteworthy. Thanks Ryan! And seeing it again in your documentary I remembered that I also have this Book which I had completely forgotten:
  8. A strange thing happened to me for the first time, if I listen the Qobuz Hi-Res files that have never given me any problems listening to them with VLC the files jump in some points.If instead I use Quicktime (which I hardly ever use) the files work perfectly.Considering I have all the Digital Qobuz EPs it's definitely a matter of how the file was Ripped or how it was remastered. To me the sound doesn't seem distorted but I listened to it with the Imac and without any headphones.It's not that I despair too much I've had all the physical editions of Gambler for a lifetime and honestly the digital EPs i listen to once i download them when they come out and that's it , the sure thing is they NEVER put anything decent out not even digital releases.
  9. Her legacy has always been treated because of her and her management like toilet paper, this is one of the many prizes that have been sold through auction, and not only other various objects that belonged to her.Disinterest always starts from the main source, if you also think about the melissa stuff.. the storage unit used to belong to her , according to the owner of the storage facility fell behind on her monthly payments and therefore forfeited her rights to the property,all that material was also bought at a ridiculous price and partly ended up on ebay and various auctions : And this is just one of many examples.
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