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  1. @DanK please.. when you finish this other masterpiece make it available for download like you did for the Madame X documentary .. please
  2. They practically used a Blond Ambition Tour picture in black and white, as they did for the second edition of Classic Pop special edition for the 40th anniversary of her career:
  3. Finally a dream come true, together they’re wonderful ❤️
  4. 1990 Exclusive Madonna & Andre Leon Talley Negatives :
  5. 1989.10 Oh Father Video Shoot Negatives - Lorraine Day :
  6. 1985 Madonna Pizza-A-Go-Go Mockup Invite - Like A Virgin Tour :
  7. Fan since: The end Of 1984 Favorite Album: Erotica Favorite Single: Vogue Favorite Video: Borderline Favorite Tour: Blond Ambition Favorite Movie: Truth Or Dare
  8. The concert in Milan was wonderful, she was in excellent shape... (nothing like the photos with the new corset), many complained about the delay (as if it were the first time), EVERYTHING is AMAZING!!, it deserves to be to be seen several times (I only went on one date due to work). Madonna was wonderful for two hours and made us dream with her again. The friends who were with me recorded the Audio concert in excellent quality, I promise I will share it soon. For those who were in Milan: " PAZZA PAZZA PAZZA - BACIO BACIO - CACIO E PEPE "
  9. 1982 Peter Cunningham - October Grenwich Village
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