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  1. you did a good job! it is really beautiful!
  2. i saw your preview work on the Immaculate Collection and i can only say one word : AMAZING!
  3. I start looking at it in 10 minutes !
  4. i buy the dvd from amazon off course but i don't have idea is not allowed sorry ! i see the strike a pose documentary is allowed i think it was the same thing, btw sorry @Fighter
  5. please if anyone have on March 12 the digital file can post here?
  6. oh my God i'm so sorry @Fighter! normally i say thanks and it's appear .. thanks a lot !
  7. this is strange.. because i don't have any problem about that , i download some file yesterday night without problem... i say thanks and the link appear normally... i think we have two different problem but similar ???
  8. hi everybody I have a problem with the forum from this morning.. when I thank in a topic to be able to download the files can not see the link, can anyone tell me the reason? i don't know why.. and this happens to me even if I open a post from which I downloaded last night thanks in advanced if anyone answer me
  9. and during like a virgin in the beginning
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