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  1. I'd just like to point out that the decrepit part of her fan base is the one that supported her for 40 years from the Beginning , when today's fan base didn't even know who she was.
  2. I appreciate the edited remix version but there's absolutely " nothing " fantastic about this video , the usual images taken from the video repeated with a change of colors .. it's truly shameful that her team doesn't have or doesn't not want to offer something decent to a fan base that has lasted for 40 years ..no outtake, no B Roll, they didn't even include the deeper and deeper outtake which is included in one of the Music megamixes..they just have to be ashamed .. but not from today but for years.
  3. this is god control version, it lasts 06:19 minutes, it should be the album version ( I don't remember how long the album version lasted as i heard madame x the album twice .. )
  4. I've read some comments and some personal attacks on people who think differently, and this is ridiculous because no one has expressed an opinion on a family member, but insulting users who express their opinion which is completely respectable is shameful. There are people who liked the performance and who didn't and where's the problem? but from there to insult those who did not praise her last night is really absurd! It seems to me that what is evident is denied, no one attacks Madonna for her age, or for her weight, but it's also absurd to say that she's not fat, it seems clear to me that going on in time you cannot have the body that you have at 20 or 30 years, her butt makes her clumsy and her movements awkward, but it is clear that it's humanly impossible for her to dance like 40 years ago .. the clothes did not help her absolutely and the same thing make up and hair. As far as I am concerned, associating the name of Madonna with this performance is shameful, also because She's Madonna! as for whoever manages her instagram profile, he should only be ashamed..the face and the body is not what it really is, and it's a story that doesn't hold up because we have all seen the video of the performance, if they really had no problems with the aesthetic side photos like this should not have been published : if what I wrote (and I rarely participate in discussions) makes me a coward, a boor and a shit fan then OK .
  5. if being a fan TODAY is having blinders like horses then OK we have been following her since the eighties but we are NOT fans.We are probably objective people.
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