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  1. hi , I removed the link I had put above as I didn't want it to be a lack of respect for those who put it online on Instagram " thanks to Tag Police " which I didn't mention in my post as it was done at the beginning of the post,sorry again!
  2. Unfortunately it's a video taken from Instagram, I couldn't do better than this .. but since I doubt it will come out in better quality here it is: 1984.04 Molly Meldrum Interview- NYC Rockefeller Plaza *** Link Removed ***
  3. I think we were talking here about digital material that is being uploaded for the first time in years on her YouTube channel or that is being uploaded to replace the old video that has already been present for years.If on the other hand we talk about physically released material as far as I'm concerned the only collections of her videos to be considered as such are : The Immaculate Collection and The Ultimate Collection 93:99. The celebration DVD is the most horrendous thing Warner has produced, very low quality video taken from I don't know where.. and it's a shame because they could have released something really good.
  4. You're absolutely right, this is not 4K but a simple upscale work done better than others. The only videos I've seen in 4k on YouTube worthy of being called such are by Wham - Dead Or Alive and two Eurythmics videos ( they're perfect as definition of the images and sound ).And above all , before making a video in HD it should first be restored and then brought into HD , this video was simply taken from I don't know which copy ( source ) and transformed into HD, there are some moments where the image is good and others where some details are completely out of focus or distorted. Overall perhaps it 's the video that has come out worse than others that only have the writing of HD, but if this is 4k then i'm a virgin..the real HD and 4k works are light years away from the works done by the Madonna's team.. ( not to mention that YouTube as a platform compresses files significantly).
  5. The video itself isn't as bad as the ones they've put on YouTube over the years, too bad for the poor child who is practically back from a season of Ghost Adventures
  6. Oh my God but it's a Ghost Adventures episode ??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Even VCDs have better quality than the rubbish they publish on YouTube passing it off as wonder!! At this point they could download the Director's Cut that I put in the video section, which is definitely better than their FABULOUS source!
  8. now your friend EMILY will arrive, she will make you shiver with her HD version!
  9. [Hidden Content] MrTonyWard[Preview]
  10. Hi everyone i found in in one of my External HD a Video Prewiew from the " MR Tony Ward 2018 Documentary ", in the preview you can see some outtakes of him together with Madonna for the photo shoot of the Italian magazine MODA " I Buffoni Della Moda " done in Paris during the fashion Week. Here are some still images from the video I have : Have any of you had more news of this documentary? if it was then released on any streaming platform? i have always loved Tony Ward and I have collected all kinds of material about him ( not only for Madonna of course )! From my preview it appears to be from 2018 but then I never heard anything about it again, does any of you have any news or information about that?
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