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  1. I pre-ordered it from Amazon, and the arrival date is October 25th. I had wanted it for years and years, I remember when it was withdrawn in 1992, at the various record fairs they asked me at the time really too much money and I bought the bootleg..I can finally say that something really beautiful and interesting comes out about her, after centuries.
  2. I'm not doing the virtual witch hunt because it's quite painful even in real life, let alone in the virtual one..the comments on the video are strictly personal like those of all users and it seems normal to me, everyone is able to express themselves about it as I did, but read this thing about trans people especially from a Madonna fan? IT DOESN'T EXIST , (I don't even want to create unnecessary controversy or drama, they are not part of my person) But i don't have words.
  3. It's clear that people's personal taste is very respectable, they can like it or not, but since they talked about 1992 I can only say that having lived it , that her management ( which at the time was serious ) would NEVER have allowed such a antics. 1992 had serious music, an AMAZING project like SEX, a photographer like Meisel. It's totally impossible to compare glorious years with this nonsensical crap.
  4. Comparing this shameful video to the work of David La Chapelle or to Erotica / Sex is like swearing in church on Christmas day. It's NOT possible to compare REAL art and REAL music with garbage sorry.
  5. Finally two AMAZING release !! Danceteria ( I hope that they are Demos' ) and the Official Erotica Picture disc ! i cannot wait for this !
  6. it's probably because I was listening physical attraction in the 80’s when the first album came out .. but I swear if I still hear it mentioned once in this post I throw myself off the balcony !!
  7. the 45rpm version is Vogue single Version as long as my very young memory does not remember badly, but I don't think so! if someone gives me the confirmation that I remember well !
  8. Don't talk to me about how long the 45 rpm version lasts because I didn't even know it when I bought it at the time of the stone I just remember that I was struck by the intro that was different from what you heard in the video that was broadcast on TV, this is what I remember . Sorry but millennia have passed
  9. And not to forget the first version of Vogue was that of the 45 rpm " Vogue Single Version " the only version with the beginning / intro different from the I'm breathless Album.
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