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    someone posted two clips from the supposed new albbum...a new fake?

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    2. astoroth


      Fake tracklist happened before...i saw a couple of them.

    3. Liam


      2 hours ago, astoroth said:

      Fake tracklist happened before...i saw a couple of them.

      I'm sure, but the fake track lists started as soon as there was mention of her working on a new album by fans. They are usually quite obvious that they are fake since they keep posting old rumored track names that never existed as well as the countless listings that include 'Candy Shop' again. LOL

    4. ChoirBoyHotel


      Hope the albums is released for her 60th next week, or at least something!

  2. astoroth

    Take alook if you have still not seen the registry...They have different BMI work number...Please check it before to say it cannot be MADONNA...
  4. astoroth

    Registry is with Madonna... Coulld it be like in "EL paraiso rico" or "Hai pang du chang",versions from other artists but registered by Madonna...World of music seems weird sometimes...
  5. astoroth

    On BMI,different from ASCAP registration.
  6. astoroth

    Hey,does anybody heard anytime of LOVE HATE WAR?it's registered with J.Stone & Diablo...
  7. Kylie M. has just leaked...

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    2. Andymad


      I really like Kylie. I haven’t heard anything yet but I can’t wait to hear this new sound.

    3. Steffmad


      I really like Kylie...some are great some are medicore.

      Not a bad one at all

    4. Liam


      Keep in mind, I have nothing against Kylie. I was a fan of her when she first emerged in the late 80's.  I enjoyed some of her more recent stuff in the past 20 years, but the songs I've heard from this new one just isn't cutting it with me. That voice is just too helium for me.

  8. astoroth

    Thank you groovy guy!!!