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  1. I've been trying to find Janet Jackson's "Start Anew" in FLAC or WAV for a good while. I would really like to update the crappy quality I have now. If anyone can share that would be soooooo awesome! Thanks.
  2. @blondeboyThe rehearsals are from her janet. World Tour from 1993. It was in support for her janet. album. That came out earlier that same year. Here is the wiki from the tour https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janet_World_Tour
  3. I will try to update and add songs every so often. Demo's, B-sides and other songs [Hidden Content] Janet. tour rehearsals [Hidden Content]
  4. I will re-upload again along with some other stuff.
  5. It's basically the same. The differences are it's longer and it has a concert crowd noises at the end to make it sound like it was live. That's about it.
  6. You are friggin AMAZING!!! Thank you a trillion times. I agree, The History era is very hard to find. Thanks for being so awesome! @BItch I'm Madonna
  7. I loved the original version by Sylvia . I would love to hear Janet's take on it. I think her voice would suit the song just fine. I wish she would have released it a few days ago since it was the 25th anniversary of Janet and it was recorded at that time. Missed opportunity for sure. Hopefully it will leak some day!
  8. Hello everyone! If anyone should have this in flac or wav please upload it as I been looking for this for what seems to be ages. I'm mostly looking for the classic club edit to be honest. But if you have the whole thing that is great too. Thanks so much I really appreciate it. Here is the track listing 1 You Are Not Alone (R. Kelly Remix Edit) 2 You Are Not Alone (Classic Club Edit) 3 You Are Not Alone (Jon B. Remix Edit) 4 You Are Not Alone (R. Kelly Remix - With Live Concert Outro) 5 You Are Not Alone (Jon B. Remix) 6 Rock With You (Frankie's Favorite Club Mix)
  9. Amazing! Thanks so much for your hard work! Much appreciated.