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  1. https://americansongwriter.com/the-weeknd-recruits-madonna-and-playboi-carti-for-new-song-popular/
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12152511/The-Weeknd-teams-MADONNA-raunchy-single-Idol.html
  3. They are killing Carti on Twitter rn but they love the song, I didn’t know we were serving roast tonight but I’m here for it
  4. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one this time. That Playboy Carti…
  5. I went to listen on Spotify and, just like with Material Gworll I went to the censored version and was like wait a sex. Then I kept trying to play the dirty version and it wouldn’t work. So I went to YouTube. I love it, she sounds beautiful. I hope this song is a big success.
  6. She sounds really good in it. It's like a Sam & Madonna commercial for themselves/vulgar stuff. Empowering stuff that will make for great videos.
  7. I was so close bitches I said 1:59 those last 30 seconds is where there should have been singing/wailing/harmonizing/orgasms but whatev. It’s cute, it’ll go nice with her other new stuff. Tracy will win another Grammy for her remix of this one.
  8. Wouldn’t it be funny if the song was like 1:59 and we were all hyped over 20 seconds of it?
  9. I’m turning over 5000 soon, ladies 

    🎊 🍾 

  10. My favorite is I’m Going Bananas idk what she was going for but to me it’s Lucille Ball shenanigans and I love it 😎 guilty pleasure
  11. Idk in Gang Bang is it talking or singing tho, it’s kinda the Champagne Rose voice like that taunting/bratty vibe, unserious. Versus IDSIF has a kinda lusty, inviting tone, Ciao Bella the spoken part she sounds different to me, maybe more just herself/happy (?).
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3G5IXn0K7A
  13. The... people on Twitter seem very... enthusiastic about this.
  14. Pretty VULGAR release date when ya think abt it
  15. It has that kind of campy ballroom sound to it, RuPaul definitely uses that sound. I thought the same of 10 Out Of 10 I was like come on now. The kids do love their cartoon TV show.
  16. I feel like that one is either already recorded or discussed. It feels inevitable and the waiting is kinda fun. Lil Nas X is one of my faves because his music can be serious or silly or both like Madonna’s can be.
  17. That music video should be “a lesson in Sexology” something was awakened and I started to understand why everyone was so upset about Justify My Love. Then Lil Nas X came along a few decades later with his crazy locker room video.
  18. I miss Big Ang. Diamonds. I love our girl’s voice, she always goes for it even if it may not work out so well in the end and I respect that.
  19. The quest for perceived relevance is hilarious. I just hope one of these songs is really good
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