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  1. This is a fun topic to argue with Chat GPT about bc it pulls data from all these sources and will change its story depending on how your questions will steer it
  2. What if its just a fun demo of Forbidden Love with alternate lyrics
  3. Maya Rudolph did a lovely Madonna tinged intro on SNL
  4. Is the “do you believe that WE can make you feel better” exclusive to this mix or am I just looking for exclusives at this point? Also does Deeper & Deeper sample Love Profusion “and the love” or is it from “falling in love” repeating? low key obsessed with this mix, drove around NY in carshare just to blast it twice this weekend lol
  5. Making you wonder about the tunes is what a brilliant and genuine DJ should do, in my opinion.
  6. How well fed we are. How giving our Queen is. How genius our Stuart Price is creating the most brilliant low bitrate audio file in Madonna history, God knows we have all seen so fucking many weird files over the years. Why the fuck not possibly the GREATEST weird file ever from possibly her greatest producer?
  7. I was browsing Ticketmaster and John Fogerty is about to start his own The Celebration Tour. Isn't that quirky?
  8. Do you mean Blonde Ambition? https://www.discogs.com/release/1762647-Blonde-Ambition-Live-To-Tell-98-The-Dance-Mixes cuz I think thats how we got Thunderpuss to remix Don't Tell Me in the long run which worked out well for her.
  9. I thought this was another Donna Queen post
  10. Can someone share an HD picture of her in the blue blazer? I thought she looked so vibrant and beautiful.
  11. I want her to be happy and healthy and to hang out in NYC so she can join us at Ladyland this summer on Saturday
  12. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/05/arts/music/madonna-free-celebration-concert-rio-brazil.html It was also something of a landmark moment for live concerts globally. At a time of astronomical ticket prices and rising production costs for major shows, a free concert attracting a crowd of this scale is exceedingly rare, especially in the United States. California’s Coachella festival, where a three-day general admission pass starts at about $500, draws up to 125,000 attendees a day. Musikfest, a mostly free music festival in Pennsylvania, welcomed about 1.3 million visitors over 11 days last year. “To have a free show like that in recent years is relatively unheard-of,” Katelyn Yount, the director of festivals at AEG Presents, said of Madonna’s closing show.
  13. So proud of her especially with the changes!
  14. I love this mashup and I think the crowd does too
  15. He was doing gospel style organ music
  16. So weird I don’t have the translator anymore
  17. Get that money Globo! Holy shit Music sounded so good, I think her hair looks fine she’s just letting it all hang out. She has no Diana Ross Diva fan
  18. I’m not crying you’re crying Our little light shines!
  19. omg so beautiful and bright love this look
  20. Justify My Love is so beautiful, the music and the dance it’s just beautiful and the eye
  21. So we will have multiple audio versions it sounds like
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