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  1. The TV screen showing the "Vogue" video in Deeper And Deeper could be considered an easter egg?
  2. In ICON shortly after the album's release, they mentioned that, after playing the album, the record label thought Frozen was the best choice as the lead single. I think M wanted RoL as the lead but listened to the label.
  3. Maybe it's just been available in Europe, but this has definitely been on Spotify for years, the weird purple colour and incorrect fonts always bothered me. Plus, as you can see the BB Dub has quite a few listens.
  4. An 'Odd & Ends' compilation/playlist would be the best way to get all the missing tracks together rather than messing with existing EPs. I see that being further down the line though, they will want to get the main singles online before delving into the rarities.
  5. Last Madonna cover artwork done by the amazing Jeri Heiden.
  6. Do we think eventually all of her singles will be on streaming with the original artwork ie like Material Girl? Even if the tracks are already available digitally, ie we would get Like A Virgin with the album version, Extended Remix, Stay, etc? My only wish is that they hadn't gone down the anniversary route, it's really stifled the roll out. Other acts have just released them all at once or on a weekly basis.
  7. I'm Going To Tell You A Secret IMO is her best live album both in terms of sound quality and editing and would make a great release on vinyl (but with a complete redesign of the artwork!)
  8. Erotica closely followed by Bedtime Stories (better quality videos) I think the 90's were the best era for music videos for any artist, so much time and money was put into the from the late 80's onwards.
  9. It’s a previously unreleased version so can be considered new/unreleased.
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