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  1. I use these high grade sleeves from Discrepancy Records in Australia https://www.discrepancy-records.com.au/discrepancy-records-high-grade-plastic-outer-sleev?sid=DIS02222 They also do these ones for box sets https://www.discrepancy-records.com.au/10-discrepancy-records-high-grade-plastic-sleeve~195992
  2. In Australia the clear vinyl has been delayed by a week. I got an email saying that "whilst our shipment of stock is currently in transit to our Distribution Centre unfortunately, there has been some delays incurred as a result of current overseas shipping restrictions. At this stage, the current estimated time of arrival to our warehouse is August 26th, 2022"
  3. I remember reading that there was trouble on set. Apparently there was a leak online reporting the bad behaviour on set and called 'The Lourdes Diaries' supposedly written from a child point of view. I've never read it, but would love to be able to. Anybody here have them? I know that John Schlesingers production notes are now held in the British Film Institute archives in London. I hope one day to go and be able to read them and understand what really happened with the movie.
  4. I’m worried about her. This is NOT the Madonna we know. That was a painful and very uncomfortable performance to watch.
  5. Just back from the show (Saturday 23rd). she started at 11 or just after and finished at 1.30. quick notes... She was in great voice and in a great mood. Her beer buddy was Diplo and she had fun with him. She said she was making mistakes during the raid section but Diplo said he didn’t notice. She said Diplo warned her not to do a theatre tour as she wouldn’t make any money, and said that he was right. One of the crew filmed the chat with a mobile phone, so no doubt it will be uploaded to Instagram soon. Guy O was there watching the show too and she commented that he made her cut it down cos it was too long. he wasn’t smiling very much and looked quite serious throughout. The polaroid went to Jason (she thought he said Jesus so kept calling him that. She said she liked that name better) from Seattle Washington for $3300. She tried to get more money from one of the celebrities ( I didn’t know his name). He offered her $10k but didn’t have it on him. So many highlights but Frozen, Come alive, Like a Prayer and I Rise are amazing! She walked right by me during I Rise and I managed to touch her arm ?
  6. @cjfinleyJust received the LA tickets via email ??
  7. I haven’t had the email yet either.
  8. Yes they said we would get an email by the 22nd, but I haven't received anything yet for the LA show.
  9. Ahhh... well that means I have 2 tix available for LA on 25 Nov, row K available for anyone who didn’t get a ticket. ?
  10. They will send us an email and we have to tell them whether we accept or reject the tickets. We’ll reject one set of tickets so they can see to someone else.
  11. Despite selecting all night, we both got the same night too!
  12. Tickets for LA have been charged to my credit card as an icon Legacy member. My partner also got charged for Citibank tix to his Citibank card
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