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  1. dio2005

    Ahhh... well that means I have 2 tix available for LA on 25 Nov, row K available for anyone who didn’t get a ticket. 😊
  2. dio2005

    They will send us an email and we have to tell them whether we accept or reject the tickets. We’ll reject one set of tickets so they can see to someone else.
  3. dio2005

    Despite selecting all night, we both got the same night too!
  4. dio2005

    Tickets for LA have been charged to my credit card as an icon Legacy member. My partner also got charged for Citibank tix to his Citibank card
  5. I just came from The Forum and they were unloading broadcast cameras and equipment.
  6. Hi all,I called Brisbane entertainment centre as I specifically bought my ticket through ticketed outlet so that I was in a certain spot for the show.Through my conversation they realized the chart on the ticketek site was incorrect and it's just been updated on the site.In the original chart section e was much smaller. Now it stretches back the heart section of the stage.It's worth checking your tickets.
  7. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1YqGoMDmoekxv
  8. dio2005

    I think a second show will go on sale nearer the time....once the hype starts up.
  9. dio2005

    I think it was also about 4-5 mins.
  10. dio2005

    I was at Wembley in London for opening night. The wait between justify and everybody was probably 4-5 mins.