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  1. I use these high grade sleeves from Discrepancy Records in Australia https://www.discrepancy-records.com.au/discrepancy-records-high-grade-plastic-outer-sleev?sid=DIS02222 They also do these ones for box sets https://www.discrepancy-records.com.au/10-discrepancy-records-high-grade-plastic-sleeve~195992
  2. In Australia the clear vinyl has been delayed by a week. I got an email saying that "whilst our shipment of stock is currently in transit to our Distribution Centre unfortunately, there has been some delays incurred as a result of current overseas shipping restrictions. At this stage, the current estimated time of arrival to our warehouse is August 26th, 2022"
  3. I remember reading that there was trouble on set. Apparently there was a leak online reporting the bad behaviour on set and called 'The Lourdes Diaries' supposedly written from a child point of view. I've never read it, but would love to be able to. Anybody here have them? I know that John Schlesingers production notes are now held in the British Film Institute archives in London. I hope one day to go and be able to read them and understand what really happened with the movie.
  4. I’m worried about her. This is NOT the Madonna we know. That was a painful and very uncomfortable performance to watch.
  5. I just came from The Forum and they were unloading broadcast cameras and equipment.
  6. Hi all,I called Brisbane entertainment centre as I specifically bought my ticket through ticketed outlet so that I was in a certain spot for the show.Through my conversation they realized the chart on the ticketek site was incorrect and it's just been updated on the site.In the original chart section e was much smaller. Now it stretches back the heart section of the stage.It's worth checking your tickets.
  7. I think a second show will go on sale nearer the time....once the hype starts up.
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