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  1. I agree that Die another day was a hit, yes, but I agree at the moment it felt that the reception was colder than expected, after the success of Amerian pie, Beautiful stranger, ROL, Music and Drowned world. But it also must be said that although the video and the song itself are amazing, it´s not an easy song for the mainstream.
  2. Yeah, isn´t it amazing? I think she is beautiful. I love it too.
  3. She probably will not sing any song that´s been absent from her post 2000 tours. She will do celebration, lap, vogue, la isla bonita again and maybe american life, for sure holiday but no cherish, take a bow, used to be my playground or The power of goodbye.
  4. That vynil seems so nice and beautiful. I think I´m gonna love this a lot.
  5. Those pictures are gorgeous, she is amazing, I love her, and she starting to resemble Madonna again, OMG!!
  6. Oh, she cares about awards A LOT but she knows she will not get most of them. If she had won an oscar for acting, she would have died there in the place.
  7. It won´t happen, she is not that kind of performer and I dont see it happening in the future.
  8. On those latest pictures, she looks just amazing, those are very beautiful pictures, I love them. Madonna is amazing.
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