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  1. I think the problem is not having cosmetic procedures, a thing she has done since very early on her carreer, but how bad and strange she has looked after it sometimes, and how she has changed to the limit of being hardly recognised as the Madonna of always. She has the right to do this to herself totally but as fan who so admired her it breaks my heart, to tell you the truth, as it breaks my heart seeing her singing bad as in Eurovision in front of such a big audience and dancing as she did in the Maluma concert. I think Cher has her face clearly very done, but her surgeries is much better done and she still mantains her essence, same for Dolly, and they are basically the same of always. Madonna has changed a lot since, think of 2005, in all the areas: interviews, image, artistic output, face, speaking, ideas, stage presence..that´s why I think the situation is so controversial. She has became the one who is always with a bottle of alcohol on her hands in each insta picture, while she was always known for being the athletic one who sacrified everything in order to being in her best physical shape to do her things, yoga meditation and all now it´s the opposite. So we can´t really compare those artists.
  2. I now I´m quite pessimistic here, but my gut tells me nothing is coming out lately. I don´t feel she is doing anything but bathroom pictures for instagram...I think she is in stand by and doubting about what to do next. Let´s hope I´m wrong.
  3. Too extremist isn´t it? Saying I´m miserable because of Madonna LOL what a crazy stament. Have a good day and let people say it like they think it is ( that freedom of speech Madonna always talked about).
  4. Madonna always wanted to make noise but at the same she was very concerned about selling records and being popular and being part of the stablishment, so she plays with fire but never get really burned, with the expection of 1992 and 1993, there she crossed the line really and it did affect her carreer and popularity. But she really take cared in order to this not happening anymore. That´s why in 2003 she retired the amazing video of American Life. Sinead had her mental issues and although maybe she has been very right at some points, she never really gave a damn about success or anything, LOL Two totally different kind of persons.
  5. We will see and I´m glad she does some real work at last if this happens, but she should have been training voice and body and dancing and not drinking and eating healthy for a while in order to do this properly in the league of what she has known for doing due to her legendary carreer. Judging from what she has been giving us those last two years: she has been doing plastic procedures, eating what she wants, drinking, not giving a damn about anything, "enjoying her life", and a few months will not be enough, unless she has been secretly giving her all..In that case I would have loved much more a more uplifting video on her instagram account doing vocals warming ups with a coach than those terrible pictures on the bathroom. We´ll see.
  6. All Madonnas pre 2016 had in common a total professionalism and releasing iconic and recording breaking or if not, culture shaking products, Guy Ritchie or not. Not its all half baked cause she does not pay the atention needed and it´s all about pictures on instagram looking not very great and there´s not great new music.
  7. It´s absolutely reductive putting herself in the same artistic league with Britney, in my opinion. But lately M is very reductive towards her past, her legend and her amazing legacy, as trying to not having nothing in common with it.
  8. I think the person who says the problem is that she does not smiles anymore in her pictures is totally right. Before she had a very shining and lovable smile, now she is always like with hard facial expression in all the pictures, add to this the brutal photoshopping and voila, we don´t see her anymore as she was. Why this cold expression all the time?
  9. She spoke in this book about having sex with a teenager without pubic hair. I mean, it might be some fantasy and not real, but for me this is disturbing. Imaging if Michael Jackson would write something like that in a book.
  10. There´s really something strange about her nose on those pictures.
  11. Really those pictures are really disturbing, no wonder it was so controversial at its time and her image was so damaged, between this and the rest.
  12. I agree 100 xr cent, What the Madonna of the past meant to me, I don´t see it anymore in anything she does, sings or says. I miss her persona till 2016 so much...
  13. LOL She is still not answering. I realised when she says this thing about being literal is cause she has no an idea of what to say. Kudos to Dominic for being so brave and say it like it is.
  14. Madonna is the one that started this whole thing about Britney being the next Madonna with the kiss on mtv and all of that, like saying I´m in the league of the blonde pop tarts. So reductive for her legacy and her amazing impact and position, if you ask me. A woman who once did LAP or ROL should have never done a move like that. A terrible step that showed that in september of 2003 she was already struggling and desperate to keep the atention.
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