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  1. She will probably drop a whole new album suddenly at the same time the rio concert happen? A then she will announce all her discography on lp and especial editions full of rarities and unreleased stuff.
  2. I think your message is fantastic too, and obviously I love it a lot.
  3. I Think she Needs a concept or an inspiration or a Great new producer and shell do new music!
  4. She looks on amazing on this tour, and most of all, she looks like herself, yes fuller lips but anyway, much better than those past years. Yes, they go crazy with the insta shots, but hey, in the candid pictures of tour, amazing.
  5. His first work with Madonna till COADF was so relevant for me through these years. I had bid expectations for Madame x, but then I didn´t liked it so much, well, I might revisit it 5 years later, in order to see if it has grown on me better.
  6. It was a difficult album to sell anyway, she always tries to win but trying something different, so she can think of herself as the big camaleon of pop, the one who takes the biggest risk and succeeds anyway. She has always done that, cause she does not have two similar albums. People loved her so much in ROL, but she changed a lot again for Music, and even though it was a big risk she succeded one more time, even for people like me who wanted another ROL. But, not this time. I loved American Life but it was too much for people. She was already 45, and even though at the top of her game, vocally, physically and everything, people didn´t liked the music in US at least, and the album flopped not matter what she did. And after that, she has not been so daring anymore, maybe with Madame x, but cause she knew she wasn´t going to sell well anyway. The same can be said, when after LPA VOGUE era she tried to change again with Erotica. Big risk, and she didn´t succeed as she wanted, but nobody can deny she risked a lot when she could have done another true ble or LAP or Vogue. On the song, yes, I agree, it´s probably about Rocco when he was a baby, but you can understand it more universally as a love song towards somebody you want to take care, acknowledging the troubles in living.
  7. I wonder if they are really really worthy. I mean, ROL is a total masterpiece and they were totally doing that perfect match on those sessions and even when they did the subsequent songs from movies, but by the time Music was being done, it was clear that the new stuff wasn´t that magical anymore, and well, I like his songs on MDNA a lot, but nothing compared with Frozen, ROL and all those 1998 songs. So, I think the best things of ROL have been already released. And the already leaked demos are not that good in my opinion, so I really coulldn´t care less, even if ROL is one of my favourite albums ever, and one the albums that changed my life, literally. And I still feel the magic when I listen to it, remembering those glorious times.
  8. amazing too. Although the second part of frozen is a pretty boring for me but very iconic nevertheless.
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