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  1. Yes, that´s true, but you know what? I just don´t like them except for I rise, which I really love. Really I rise is the one I love from the whole cd, or maybe Ciao Bella too. It´s so strange cause I always have adored her more low key, intimate songs that were hidden between the uptempo numbers: gone, ghostown, falling free...always among my favourites. But Looking for mercy? No, I just don´t like the vocals or the melody, same for extreme occident, something is really off, for the first time. The melodies are not very good, neither her voice..Actually she needs both: uptempo catchy songs and phenomenal ballads and with a passionate voice, and voila, here she is the queen again. But I don´t if that is possible again, I hope so.
  2. Is true in AL she wrote some more experienced lyrics about having lived, about aging I think it´s too much for her psyque, but she recently wrote about her popularity decline: queen, Wash all over me. But yes, from a time to here, she wants to life in a fantasy that she is eternally a teenager. I don´t see her changing again to tell you the truth to a more mature point of view about things. She seems really blocked with this subject recently.
  3. She is achieving something new before: That I might never play Frozen original version for a long time..when i was always my favourite song of her ever.
  4. I really have two Madonna albums that mainly I don´t connect with and are too long and without warm or soul for me: they are Erotica and Madame x. Of course not everything is bad about them but in the case of Madame x, it´s true it´s a never ending era, and not a very beutiful one. I desesperately need Madonna to move forward.
  5. I agree. If she is going to record new music, she need more than anything great melodies, vocal expressiviness and passional singing, no autotune or robotic voice, no grillzs, and also catchy chorus. If she is not going to go that route cause that´s what we want so she wont do it, I´d prefer her to be retired from records too.
  6. Excuse but what´s experimental on Madame x?
  7. I´m so tired of open my social media and see all over again and again her virtual vagina., my God. I think that was the main idea of this whole thing.
  8. She could release videos having sex!! The culmination of all that was hinted through her carreer. She is 63 and not a porn star, but, times are changing, all that was private now is public, and hey, maybe it´s the way to achieve being more popular and streamed, and known by the latest generations! And it´s her freedom LOL
  9. Yes, I mean, she has always been quite quite beautiful and interesting without artificial changes, to start with..
  10. All of them had great promotion but after the two first singles its seems everything dissapeared...
  11. Yes. I think by 2009 she was better and it showed.
  12. Yes lol I expect hard bashing for this, but on the other hand, I was shocked by this and why not discuss it here, as Madonna has always been very supported by her image and it´s a very visual artist, with a lot of atention payed to her own spectacular body and physical shape. So I thought I would discuss it as it´s my freedom of speech. I don´t think I´m being disrespectful towards her in any way. I´m just saying to me she looks healthier and prettier not so extremely thin.
  13. Interestingly in 2008 I did not think she was too think but now revisiting the Hard Candy era, my god, was she skinny, too much I would say. Later she has looked so much nicer, and healthier. I would say in general she looks the best somewhere in the middle, for example, rebel heart era before gaining a bit of weight at some point, or American Life promo there she looked very good. After falling from her horse 2005, again she was very very skinny, and maybe in ROL too? By the way, I ´ve been replaying Hard Candy and how lovely that album was, many great pop songs there, I loved every minute of it.
  14. I saw a promo video and wow, at least something at the level of the monumental legacy of this increible woman! Where have we been all those past recent years OH MY GOD!
  15. Ah yes I was terrified by that ray of light vocals at the time. They played them on the radio, my sister could not believe it. I think that case was much more serious than the medellin performance, and that´s her supposedly at her peak.
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