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  1. After LAP and Vogue you know that a song like Erotica, quite trancy and hipnotic maybe, but not really catchy in a pop sense, in my opinion, was never going to achieve the same level of success. Justify my love was not a catchy pop song but it was very fresh and new at its time, but that was enough of Madonna speaking on her songs and achieving number 1 status.
  2. Yes I don´t like at all that Imagine version she did. My god, the key was wrong or something cause she sounded very flat.
  3. Is she still friend with Stella? Didn´t see with her in a long time too.
  4. Mdna tour was .. depressing..i know thst was the intention.
  5. My bet is that she is returning to eat well for the tour, but from 2018 to 2022 I don´t think so LOL
  6. The power of goodbye is a masterpiece in an album full of them.
  7. Its clearly a model much taller and slim lol but hey I love it.
  8. Totally, I love the era, her looks, the album is good and the tour amazing. But I missed a big ballad a la the power of goodbye or a killer as la vogue. Yet I enjoyed the whole thing. But to me COADF is not such a masterpiece of an album neither HC so worse. I don´t know.
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