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  1. For an instant, they & British looted China's old summer palace, and even put a fire and burned it down. They didn't pay a single cents. All these items are displayed at Lourve & Fontainebleau. But recently, someone stole these item from Fontainebleau and the French cried THIEVES
  2. Based on your theory, the French must also return those stuff that they had looted from other places in the past first before they talk about Madonna's.
  3. Like what @Roland Barthes had stated "but through french law, if she agrees to it, she may never see it again since it is considered french state property".
  4. Why do they have to include that thing (@46.46) in the video?
  5. Lionel Ritchie simply lied about it by saying it's difficult to contact other artists blah blah blah but the fact is Niles said they didn't ask her at all even though they were at the same award show before the recording night.
  6. Fever tapes, Shame Tapes, Whatever Tapes coming soon.
  7. EU - Made In Czech Republic US - Made In Canada (Back cover)
  8. Hmmm... it's available for me now as well. It was "Find in store" a few hours ago but now "Pre-order". Anyway, too bad, USA only.
  9. Am I the only one who doesn't feel excited for this coming Black Friday RSD at all?
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