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  1. I'm afraid it's Human Nature since the song has "shiit" and not sorry... fits the "very vulgar" description.
  2. Because she still could chart in top 10 back then, hence she doesn't need GM & MJ.
  3. 1. La Isla Bonita 2. Cherish 3. Nothing Really Matters 4. Love Profusion 5. Dear Jessie 6. Borderline
  4. I remember there's a TAB / TPOG mashed up too!
  5. There's only 2 tracks on that side. Sodade on the outer: Crave of course follow after...
  6. I'm Breathless is better than all LN albums combined.
  7. Well she had created 3 boring-Mer-Girl albums in full aka all-LN-albums.
  8. Mer Girl should've been kept in the vault for good and make way for "Has To Be"
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