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  1. The clip was compared to singer Boy George's music video for his 1987 single, "To Be Reborn", released less than five years before "This Used to Be My Playground". In George's video, he also appears on pages of a photo album, performing the song. George himself stated in his autobiography that he was "furious" after watching Madonna's clip and renamed it "This Used to Be My Video". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Used_to_Be_My_Playground#Music_video
  2. This used to be my video This used to be my MTV
  3. Got the reissue copy from a local record store (49 euro) and finally solve the "made in USA ? Netherlands?" mystery. Apparently it has both "Manufactured & distributed in USA" and "Made in Netherland" printed on the back of the sleeve. But the disc itself had the "Made in Netherland" printed. Conclusion: Sleeve - USA Disc - Netherlands
  4. Geisha is referring to female performing artist in Japan. It's not a Chinese Culture thingy and they dun provide massage service.
  5. I believe she owns the master for all 3 LN era flop albums, and co-owned the master for anything post 1992 in WB.
  6. EU black vinyl comes with the creased design whereas the US black vinyl doesn't (cos I've just checked my B&N black vinyl version and able to confirm). As for the rest of the colored vinyl, it's hard to find any info since most of the bitches keep their copy sealed PS: my EU red vinyl doesn't come with creased sleeve
  7. I hope she would revisit English Roses since it's 20th Anniversary and give us expanded boxset with "Hey You" remix EP. I hope someone would design a concept artwork of ER like they way they design for TIC & ROL
  8. I absolutely despise this cunt. He has no respect for ppl with disability.
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