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  1. Both covers are Iconic, but I would pick the VMA 1984 cover.
  2. I respect your point of view, but I don't think it was intentional as only those 2 photos I posted have the blurry effect. The others are bad too, but in another levels. For a long time, since she joined the social media, she's working with a very bad team. No PR, bad photos heavily facetuned, Aldo Diaz and Ricardo Gomes are just some examples of that. I think she should hire another social media team after the end of The Celebration Tour. Madonna is a very visual artist and her videos and photoshoots were stunning until RH era. Back to the topic, although Ricardo is the photographer of this new magazine photoshoot, I enjoyed the cover. Hope the photos inside are not heavily airbrushed.
  3. No, I'm talking about V photoshoot by Steven Klein. As if we can call that thing as a proper photoshoot.
  4. Well, Ricardo is the worst ever photographer she woked in her career (Steven Klein is the second worst), but at least, she looks like a human on the cover and I really liked the cover. Hope the portfolio inside she looks like a person too and not a wax doll. I still have nightmares with V magazine photoshoot.
  5. Do you think Rhino will release a kind of box containing vinyl, cd + dvd? I decided to purchase all her studio album vinyls, but I'm afraid to start now and then they could be release in a special box of each album. All her re-released vinyls are very expensive now.
  6. The best part of that deal is: Madonna won't edit the Rio footage, so we'll watch this without filters. So, if the eventual official release would be edited like the last 3 tours, at least, with the Celebration Tour, we'll watch and listen the true thing (and also no black & white segments).
  7. Probally a new photoshoot filtered like hell. Jesus, I hate this guy.
  8. Angel, Causing a Commotion and Spotlight should be in the FEL tracklist instead Everybody, Physical Attraction and (urghhh) Me Against the Music.
  9. She hated to work with him, but one of her best 80's photoshoots was photographed by him (Rolling Stone 1986) and he also directed one of her best and beautiful videos (The Power of Goodbye). I wish she hates Ricardo with the same passion one day, the most mediocre 'photographer' and 'director' she worked with in her 40-year career.
  10. Finally! When I was a kid, I never accepted the fact Crazy for you and Gambler were not in the Like a Virgin tracklisting (in my region, Into the Groove was in). I only got the Vision Quest soundtrack few years later. I always wanted an official release with all the tracks + Crazy for you + Gambler + Into the Groove.
  11. You're right. I use Youtube a lot because you can find anything there, but not on Spotify. I really hope the expanded albuns have some unreleased songs and they get to streams. I don't know if other singers add their unreleased stuff to streams. I have many favorites unreleased songs I listen a lot like You'll Stay, Beat is so Crazy, Across the Sky, Each Time You Break My Heart, Revenge, Angels with Dirty Faces, Ain't no big deal and many more.
  12. She looks very nice and it's clear she's working out again! Those legs
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