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  1. IMO Paul is just playing with the fans (again ), besides Zedd once said they never finished the songs they were working on, so there is no Act II to be released.
  2. The Express Yourself / Born This Way / She's Not Me mashup from the MDNA Tour and the shade to Lady Gaga.
  3. I personally use MakeMKV (https://www.makemkv.com/) to extract DVD / Blu-Ray discs to lossless mkv, then convert them to any file extension with ffmpeg (https://www.videohelp.com/software/ffmpeg), this is the best option I've come across so far because it has tons of options, multiple language tracks, subtitles, chapters, etc., the thing is that it doesn't have an user interface so you'll have to use command line to make the magic happen, options with user interface I suggest are: Handbrake (https://handbrake.fr/) and MKVtoMP4 (https://www.videohelp.com/software/MkvToMp4), both with great quality too, multiple audio tracks, subtitles, etc., but not as good as ffmpeg in my opinion (maybe I'm too demanding ).
  4. Some confirmed & possible tracks are: Onion Girl Tinnitus Red Flame PARTYNAUSEOUS TEA Ratchet Sire Brooklyn Nights Princess Die Maren Temple In Like With You Cake Like Lady Gaga I've been always waiting for it and I think I'll keep doing it until it's released / leaked .
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