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  1. Could you re-up?

    13 June 1991

    27 June 1991

    18 February 1993



  2. Hi. Could you please download this interview with Kylie Minogue?


    Alternatively, he could advise how to download from the BBC?


    1. sydneysean


      Hi There,

      I sure can, Will do it tomorrow and send!

      I'm in Australia and have a VPN and the software I use, Wondershare Video Convertor, downloads it, FYI. 

      Happy to do whatever you want though.

    2. sydneysean


      + let me know if you want her bit or the whole show, or a split of both.

  3. Well done you, and thanks for sharing your story. I was worried some songs may be cut but I guess it was to be expected and they seem to have left the best in. It was definitely only those 3 missing? Let's all hope it was a tv edit and maybe the release will have them back in.
  4. Cool. All covered. It's available on their site as well for the next month so I'll do a video capture as well and compare.
  5. Thanks for the info! I've set to record this although I have a HDD recorder and I don't believe it will capture it in true HD. It's just the way it's set up and works.
  6. Is ANYONE here working on an upload of the show?

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