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  1. Makes sense since Madonna was trying to find an alter ego to explain her fantasies, some her own some maybe not. Or pose as an actress for a private show of an album. Wonder if it would have fared better in the US with that title. Truth is a record named Erotica along with a SEX book hit harder in the eyes of a conservative audience. Same as American Life being named Hollywood originally. She opted for the braver choice twice.
  2. I'd say for sure he'd liked Girl Gone Wild and I'm Addicted but maybe wanted more depth to them. And probably hated GMAYL and Superstar. Turn Up The Radio and I Don't Give A I'm not sure. They both had potential and could belong in either category. It's a good album nonetheless. I find myself returning to it more than Rebel Heart and Madame X, even though the latter I believe is the best out of the three. Had she focused only on MDNA then, we'd surely be talking about a delightful 10's Madonna album on par with Music.
  3. If this is actually true, was GMAYL that featured MIA before Nicki Minaj, implying that Nicki lacked global impact? She had blown up the year before with the release of Super Bass, had a spectacular feature on the most acclaimed album of the decade and then went on to become the Queen of Rap. MIA had a huge hit of course with Paper Planes and Bad Girls maybe but she wasn't even the star of GMAYL the way miss Minaj was. EDIT: MIA is only first on the video title. On her website Nicki is mentioned first. Perhaps they changed it after the release of the video and before the album came out.
  4. Watch it become a K-Pop girl band that none of us will know a single song of that's gonna outsell the Spice Girls in a few years.
  5. Words are like weapons they betray When I am afraid, one word of kindness, it can save me
  6. For some reason Vulgar reminds me very much of this old greek hit song, Sex by Elli Kokkinou. Good to have one for this decade to dance to. https://youtu.be/dWTiZuuK5po
  7. I stand in your heart/ just next to your lungs/ you smoke too much/ do you want to chase me away? I'm here/ breathing through your mouth/ seeing with your heart/ loving through your flesh
  8. I Met An Angel is probably the first Christine and the queens song I've ever heard and damn, all my hairs are standing up. Are they usually that good? M sounds beautifully theatrical on that Lick the Light Out song. She's always been good when it came to licking.
  9. OMG the whole song slaps and I want Madonna to scream SAY OUR FUCKING NAMES at me! Sure she'll be in the video in some form, she's a very important part of the song. Like Nicki Minaj was in the BIM video, on the screen which I thought was a very smart idea. If not, I want a drag queen impersonating a furious Madonna. That would be something to watch!
  10. Deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper 🩷🕳️
  11. Yeah I also believe that Madonna's controversial figure will be mentioned everywhere but not really supported musically by the media. So people will be loving Like A Virgin and True Blue, her problem free eras. I do want her to leave behind a Black Star album like David Bowie did though. A record of death and confession with songs like Lament and Drowned World.
  12. Back That Up was out for years. Yes To Heaven by Lana was out for years. So apparently it's how you reintroduce your music to the public. Personally I don't know where to find the whole song yet but it doesn't really matter whether the fans have it when the fans who still care are like two hundred As for the radio idk, I live in a non English speaking country where they don't care as much about the lyrical content. Started off my teens listening to Rihanna's S&M on heavy rotation. I think I will be hearing it this one too here
  13. Sometimes we gotta have faith in the songs. She could release another Hung Up today and we'd all be worried whether it would get streamed enough. Vulgar is exactly the song I'd expect those two to make. It makes an impact and it's of very replayable value. Even if it doesn't make a single wave in the charts, I'm really happy they made it. I trust it will do good though.
  14. Well she could but they were all collaborations where she was the second name and she doesn't really have a say how and when they will be revealed. It's different when it's her own songs, as a lead singer, from her own label
  15. So happy for her return to the chart. But idk, was expecting it to end up kinda higher after all the buzz. Anyway, a longer lifespan on the charts is more important than a big first week firework. Let's hope for the latter. We'll see over time.
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