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  1. I wouldn't count on any new album before and during the tour or she could never promote it properly during a Greatest hits celebration. I would love a huge banger though like the Celebration song that ranks for me amongst her very best. We need one such song for this decade.
  2. Maybe. Or she just wanted to create controversy out of nothing again. The Black Madonna cover couldn't really justify the rest of the album. I enjoyed the little statements on her last album covers though. Her name sewn across her lips, the wires around her face, her shattered image on the broken mirror. In the 00's she always had kinda strong triumphant and liberated poses. I like that contrast to the 10's. And the albums got deeper.
  3. Do we have to see it to judge? The general public's opinion would have been really negative. Sometimes it's better to keep things simple and playful. Especially when you don't make a serious album.
  4. I remember every straight guy friend of mine would have 4 minutes and celebration on their phones back then. Either from a youtube converter or recorded from their computer. Good old days
  5. I guess it is a good idea to say no to Madonna when it comes to album covers, let's not forget what she wanted to make of the Hard Candy one. I would also have preferred the single cover instead, looks more complete to me. Having said that, this and LAP- though iconic- are her worst covers for me.
  6. Do those Shazam charts and TikTok viral hits result in actual income anyway? M will notice after a while and milk the crap out of it when the hype is dead. Hopefully tiny little viral moments will make her sort of an indie icon for the new generation so a bigger new hit may come one day. As long as they hear M's name let anyone upload this song.
  7. Ciao bella blows everything out of the water and it would have been a huge summer hit in Europe by another artist. Back that up was more enjoyable as part of RH I think. But I would want the Madame X album to benefit from it because it's sadly overlooked.
  8. I prefer American Life but if it's a production battle Music has much more to offer. AL has some of the best songs M has ever made and people tend to forget about because they are less noisy. Nothing Fails, for example, Intervention, Xstatic Process. They would have been huge hits by a band like Green Day back then. No other song feels like filler except I'm So Stupid. Music's lyrics are not particularly brilliant on the other hand, not on Paradise, not on Impressive Instant nor even Don't Tell me. But the album is the pop gem it is with glorious production and confidence.
  9. Don't trust anyone who wants you to smell like their mother. Haven't smelled it but is it still on sale?
  10. I am still fueled by the wonderful music and videos she created just three years ago. It's unfair to say she's been on a steady decline since her divorce. If embarrassments like this video is all it takes to get it out of her system and get back on track for a next album, so be it.
  11. Bitch I'm Madonna was fun and colourful and silly in a good way. BIM is art compared to this.
  12. I am okay with anything she puts out as long as she keeps her studio albums strong and tight. What really bothered me was the huge droughts we used to get between albums with no music release whatsoever. What's so bad about hearing Madonna's voice on any new or semi new track every now and then?
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