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  1. Blue Prince

    The first years would be interesting to watch. She will show people how it was then in New York, true artists befriending one another, drawing on each other's clothes, writing lyrics for one another. Then she should show the AIDS years through her eyes. The friends she lost, the shit she got for standing up for them. Truth is I want to see little of the success stories. I want to see the personal moments that scarred her. The climax/ ending has to be Blond Ambition or the film will be too long. Otherwise I'm dying to see her around Erotica struggles. With scenes of her reading headlines that compared her to Satan or writing that letter where she was mentioning Whitney Houston I think and Sharon Stone and how she is better but people only love them. And Tupac leaving her basically because she is white. Hope she can fit all that and probably end with the recognition of Ray of Light and end just before the dawn of the new century. The anticipation of a new time that only we know now if it is better or not Finally, the credits must begin with a big new song, just to sweep some awards. Been some time since the last Globe, time for another one.
  2. Blue Prince

    S.E.X. is weird too.
  3. Maybe she and Guy jump at anyone Jewish as well
  4. Blue Prince

    While I love Miley, it doesn't strike me as a great idea. I feel like Madonna should be played by someone relatively unknown, a new finding. Someone who is not stunning, who has not made a big name for herself, someone you'd probably not even notice on the street. I actually believe that's Madonna. But that someone must have that hidden charm to win over everybody's hearts. She'll be a tramp in one scene and a classy sex symbol in the other. I think Miley is too much of one thing, of her thing, to portray Madonna. I still believe the Madonna and the Breakfast Club girl is a great example although I haven't watched the movie. There's a fire in that girl's eyes.
  5. Why would anybody worry about how Madonna presents her life? Your favourite moment of her that changed your life might only be a couple minutes on screen but in her mind it might have passed in the blink of an eye. If there is one thing this woman knows best is herself and how to present herself. Sure she'll do a great job with it and since she's talking about the importance of details already there's not gonna be a rush. She must hire either Paris Jackson or the one who acted in the Madonna and the Breakfast Club movie to play her. Wonder if she will act as her older self. Does that make it a documentary lol?
  6. When it comes to the US, Dua's biggest songs usually make a very slow climb because she may not have become a household name but she made songs that eventually stood out over time. New Rules and Don't Start Now took months to climb on Billboard. What I'm saying is that a straight top 10 might be out of the question but if the song has replaying quality it could eventually end there. However the visuals are important and I'm afraid there won't be a music video and not just because of Madonna. I don't worry about the charts so much, I just want this to be good so more artists work with Madonna and we get to hear more from her. She is a very versatile artist, she can do so many things.
  7. I think everyone should be excited we're getting new vocals from her so soon. The song is good and danceable unlike most music today and when I listened to it more carefully I really heard the two featured women there, the song fits their voices well. And it is something that will get noticed. I just don't want the remix to change it a lot. I don't like remixes, they make proper dance songs stutter most of the time. Missy with Madonna is now of sentimental value. I can already picture Madonna kissing Dua at the VMAs with a cane on stage and then Missy rapping the bridge haha
  8. Blue Prince

    Truth is I was more excited about a new album track for Lipa's FN but it may still be good. It will gain a lot of press coverage for sure. But memories from the vile Don't Call Me Angel are still very fresh and haunting...
  9. Blue Prince

    Well what I'm saying is that her choices imply some effort to keep a balance between artistic quality and a very commercial album. When she walked into the studio with JT or Nicki Minaj was she intending to make some art to last through the ages? I don't think so, lol. Of course I still enjoy the records she is putting out and I think her writing is much better now with her latest two albums than during Confessions up to MDNA. She knows of course that many won't enjoy her work. I think it will always be her intention to make songs that leave people divided and I believe she enjoys it. It's what gave her a career after all.
  10. Blue Prince

    This is very puzzling for us fans because even with Madame X she tried to create something unique for a few hundred thousand people maybe but still she shoved in some tracks like Future, Crave, Faz Gostoso, Bitch I'm Loca that give quite the commercial impression. And the people she chooses to collaborate with, mostly the singers, aren't really underground and cool. I'm sure even with the next record she'll want it to move mountains and give her success on the charts. I don't believe she will be consistently uncommercial and experimental for a long time due to her kids, her need to dance, her ego and vanity.
  11. Blue Prince

    Agreeing on something that will shine a light on her forgotten songs but probably another theme. After all, when all this is over, I think Katy Perry will want to tour her Smile album with the whole clown and circus theme, so Tears of a clown will probably feel tired by then.
  12. Blue Prince

    First step for this to happen would be to make a lead single that commands to be heard without Madonna's name being necessary. Last time she did that really was with 4 minutes which was a monumental song, at least for the younger generation back then. If you are Taylor Swift or Rihanna you can sneak onto the first positions with stupid songs like Me! and Work but Madonna's prime is well over so she needs something stronger. I feel like she hasn't made a song this past decade with the prospect of it becoming a lead single until the record is almost over and it shows. After that some great promotion of course. But she has been an albums' artist practically forever and apart from Madame X every single album of hers has sold pretty well. We can never be sure how her singles will fare from now on. I mean she might make a strong soundtrack song with an actor and have it playing everywhere or she can have a full dance comeback or she could die in a few decades leaving a heart breaking death ballad behind that will bring everyone to tears. We'll see. What's important is that she keeps making more and more new music with stronger lead single choices.
  13. It is not right to promote such illegal acts and not just because some people might get to do them by imitating you. A most influential pop artist should be a role model at least in their work. It doesn't mean to conform to society's rules all the way of course. But if you want to promote a different way of life, it should be done bearing in mind what is good for people and what brings them together without hurting or traumatizing them. Something better than what society suggests. Now, it might be a fantasy of some white men for example to rape a black man's black wife while he is watching all tied up unable to intervene. Am I supposed, not completely appalled by this fantasy, to share it with my fans and audience amongst other fantasies and call myself a free of shame, forward thinking genius? It might be a not uncommon fantasy to seduce a preadolescent girl whose breasts just started to develop rapidly and who might be your daughter. Am I supposed to make it my art, thinking you are a moron if you don't understand it? No no, Madonna had a good intention but some of those stories and fantasies should never have been made public. Keep it to yourself, girl, and do something creative, legal, and good for other people (and animals). And shame alone is never a bad thing. Shame is only a natural mechanism serving some purpose. Oppression of freedom alone is not a bad thing. Ultimate freedom would be a disaster in a society. It's all about measure and balance. Us people must never promote ideas of disrespecting other people or violating their rights. And again, creating a Dita to do that instead is not an excuse.
  14. From the ones I've lived I'd go back to the beginning of the MDNA era because everything was so perfect in my life then and the era started off huge, like some extraordinary start to a new decade of records. Of course it didn't exactly turn out to be that huge hehe, doesn't matter.
  15. I hope Erotica's I'll teach you how to ... isn't about that boy, even as a fantasy. For a Puerto Rican to barely have any pubic hair he must have been barely 13. I find it insulting for any mature, educated, smart woman, Dita or Madonna to think about these things. Perfectly okay to fantasize about younger men but if you want to become a mother in the coming years, don't think of very young boys that way. I've had some sick thoughts in my head many times but I keep them to myself and my dreams and don't take pride in them. If it's illegal, her taking on a role doesn't excuse her promoting of it. Anyway she's already received hell for it once, she doesn't deserve twice. At least she made a great album to go with it. Free of stupid ideas and of more substance.