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  1. Guys is everything okay with the performance? The press reports that she has signed no contract and cannot be allowed on stage without one, even that she wants to put on a performance with her own people making it difficult for the producers of the show itself. Some also said that she was considering removing Like a prayer from the set list. We'll see I guess.
  2. Blue Prince

    It's certainly single material I think, given the standards of today's pop singles. Which doesn't mean it'd be successful or accepted as her single. But her voice and the sound are really today's. I'd love to see some visuals for it. Not just hers, I'd love to see fans do their own thing with it.
  3. Blue Prince

    Already resurrected on the US iTunes. Currently at #101 (+134). Might not last but that seems like a big jump alright.
  4. Blue Prince

    Watching the performance I realised how the first two lines of the song, the rhyming of dream and 17th year, are of the most melodic of her career. What a way to open an album!
  5. Blue Prince

    Wow Medellin just sounds so different from all those songs. It's an entirely different world sonically. And oh, American commercials are really funny
  6. Do you know What it feels like for a Maluma In this Madonna world
  7. Blue Prince

    Oh never watched it, thanks. Seems fun, I'll watch it now.
  8. Blue Prince

    It definitely has some scenes that would make great paintings. The praying lady at the beginning, the equestrians out in the countryside, some of her scenes on the ground facing the horse and its master. Probably also at the wedding when she's on that table with her peculiar friends surrounding her. Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland a bit, don't know why. Maybe you see them when you watch it again. Okay, the bed scenes would make no good painting at all, ever
  9. Blue Prince

    Wish that video was there for me as a kid to convince me to keep my patch on for lazy eye treatment hehe.
  10. Blue Prince

    And right on my birthday! Guess I'll be enjoying it on the beach
  11. Blue Prince

    So is that Killers song not going to be single after all? There has been so mention lately. Also, can we expect the Medellin video Thursday morning in Europe on her YouTube channel?
  12. Blue Prince

    I agree with the second and third. Well her vocals and themes on Medellin match with those on Champagne Rose but I can't believe she was trying to recapture what the latter unimportant song is all about. She just happened to work on both at around the same time. And of course Medellin is better because it makes your mind travel. CR just stays where it starts. And makes an album longer.
  13. Blue Prince

    Just to think that three weeks ago most of us weren't expecting much more than a mere announcement of the new single at the end of this month. And now we're in this rain of news and releases and loving it It's all coming so fast.
  14. Whatever Madonna touches becomes her own. That Becky G song is any song by anyone. The video only has nice colours. Can't wait to watch our equestrian preying on that boy, claiming him back w some real art. Nothing against Becky of course. Shower was actually sweet.
  15. Blue Prince

    What does Swae Lee's voice sound like? I could never find him in a song alone and I don't know which one is which