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  1. I disagree with this timeline preventing her from recording anything. It's not like she doesn't have any time at all. Also the past is often the biggest inspiration. I mean if I were Madonna, though tired after decades of work, I would be dying to create a new diamond equal to the ones covered in my biopic. I know she is capable of that still. Let's rule out this year though. Maybe late 2023 or early 2024.
  2. What a beautiful concept. Did experience some uncanny valley at first but it's so refreshing watching her being fearlessly creative again. Some people may see it as a vanity project or an anatomy lesson they never asked for but what's the point of art if it ain't somewhat unsettling. Truth is many of us have been seeing M as our mother somehow and we have been concerned about the direction our world is headed. But the world- nature- will always go on, with or without us people.
  3. I'd never expect this title and I really like it, because in today's world it's something no one would never say. Finally Enough Love demands gratitude.
  4. While not sure about the motion element in her performances anymore, which used to be dancing, I believe she has managed to maintain her magnetism and the beautiful qualities in her voice that separate her from all female artists out there. I don't know why she refuses to follow her talents and opt for things that only make sense to her. The robotic part of this song for example she turned into a wonderful musical piece that could be sung in movies and theatres. Of course it is hard for her to get back in track every now and then, she is not a frequent performer anymore and every time she wakes up from her slumber to promote something live it's going to become worse and worse. To keep being a powerful performer she would have to work hard for it to gain back her confidence and stamina or find a new style of performance that suits her changing body and audience, even more stable. But sex acts and wobbling on top of sex acts and wobbling isn't a powerful performance. That said, I consider myself luckier than many fans because I believe in the strength of her later discography and it will always be a reason for me to follow her. The performance you were so kind to upload is proof that she is magnetic and she can still sing and write some beautiful thought provoking lyrics. With some greater effort, I'm confident she will reemerge as darling name in live performances. I'm looking forward to the times when we won't be trying to find excuses for her anymore. She got older, fatter, hadn't rehearsed, she was having fun etc. Looking forward to times when we'll be saying that SHE ATE!
  5. That's one sexy aunt to have. ...well two of them actually. Maluma wins in life
  6. It's like she's been woken up after a long time and asked to perform out of nowhere. There's still amazing things she could do even at that age but she'll reduce them to glorifying a culture that only teenagers could appreciate. We cannot always congratulate her for trying. Cause this ain't trying much.
  7. These photos make me particularly happy because we rarely see her in orange. She has said somewhere that it was her least favourite colour which disappointed me because I love it. This cardigan looks great on her. And those legs... damn. She would have looked much much better without the hideous sunglasses.
  8. At this point I would simply love a one off single with anybody. Something chill for the hotter weather like Crave. Pretty sure it's about Frozen though. Let's hope it thaws out in May at last. She can make it big on TikTok with a new song if it's catchy enough, now that's a challenge.
  9. It is but back then greek pop music was flourishing with much much better songs that this for a night out Sometimes I hear a Madonna record and I'm pretty satisfied even with the most underrated tracks and then I listen to what other people were doing and yeah I wish she had replaced those few ones on the record. The human need to compare I guess.
  10. Manifesting this energy for every damn lead single or soundtrack she ever does in the future.
  11. I might not be objective at all here but damn it does she look regal even at her most unflattering
  12. Of course we can't trust Madonna to still stand by certain things we've thought about her. It's been said here that she's now beyond any chart and statistic and I'm pretty sure she has implied it herself. Now here she is posting new stories every day of Frozen's new peaks on the charts.
  13. So is she holding a premiere for the audio tomorrow or will it casually drop on Spotify at midnight? Anybody know?
  14. I can understand how someone can feel that Madonna's quality of work has deteriorated over the past decade. But I always saw her current work in the time it was released. It's a fact that pop music in general has deteriorated and has in many ways separated itself from art. I feel like nowadays the acclaim goes to hip hop girls, to some overrated pop sweethearts that would never get that praise in the 00's and sometimes to women who have that one or two masterpieces in them before they disappear. Madonna has created like three or four of those already. Fans who mostly complain now have no interest in current popular music and have that unfair expectation of Madonna to save music for them and work with old minds, whether they themselves have the creativity any more or not. I believe that some of Madonna's most recent albums pale in comparison to her previous century classics but they stand out in today's musical landscape so it's a lie that she's lost interest. She's just changed with the times. And let's not pretend that she was actually making art with records like Music or Like A Virgin or Bedtime Stories. Many fans would love to crush those albums had they not been successful. But they are and fans enjoyed the music of the time better because it was actually better. And Madame X rocks. It's still a masterpiece hidden behind all the autotune and the 'teenagers' she collaborated with. Sometimes it's just new seasonings so that no record of hers sounds the same as the previous ones. Who could you say that about after 14 albums?
  15. I'd like to add to this topic with something a little different, from the real life this time. Don't tell me that the first ever pics of Rihanna being pregnant didn't ring a bell to you? Life imitates art, right?
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