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  1. Rescue me In this life or Falling free?
  2. Do those Shazam charts and TikTok viral hits result in actual income anyway? M will notice after a while and milk the crap out of it when the hype is dead. Hopefully tiny little viral moments will make her sort of an indie icon for the new generation so a bigger new hit may come one day. As long as they hear M's name let anyone upload this song.
  3. Ciao bella blows everything out of the water and it would have been a huge summer hit in Europe by another artist. Back that up was more enjoyable as part of RH I think. But I would want the Madame X album to benefit from it because it's sadly overlooked.
  4. I prefer American Life but if it's a production battle Music has much more to offer. AL has some of the best songs M has ever made and people tend to forget about because they are less noisy. Nothing Fails, for example, Intervention, Xstatic Process. They would have been huge hits by a band like Green Day back then. No other song feels like filler except I'm So Stupid. Music's lyrics are not particularly brilliant on the other hand, not on Paradise, not on Impressive Instant nor even Don't Tell me. But the album is the pop gem it is with glorious production and confidence.
  5. Don't trust anyone who wants you to smell like their mother. Haven't smelled it but is it still on sale?
  6. I am still fueled by the wonderful music and videos she created just three years ago. It's unfair to say she's been on a steady decline since her divorce. If embarrassments like this video is all it takes to get it out of her system and get back on track for a next album, so be it.
  7. Bitch I'm Madonna was fun and colourful and silly in a good way. BIM is art compared to this.
  8. I am okay with anything she puts out as long as she keeps her studio albums strong and tight. What really bothered me was the huge droughts we used to get between albums with no music release whatsoever. What's so bad about hearing Madonna's voice on any new or semi new track every now and then?
  9. Over 400 million records sold she says? I do hope her numbers get updated because she's always placed at around 300+
  10. I disagree with this timeline preventing her from recording anything. It's not like she doesn't have any time at all. Also the past is often the biggest inspiration. I mean if I were Madonna, though tired after decades of work, I would be dying to create a new diamond equal to the ones covered in my biopic. I know she is capable of that still. Let's rule out this year though. Maybe late 2023 or early 2024.
  11. What a beautiful concept. Did experience some uncanny valley at first but it's so refreshing watching her being fearlessly creative again. Some people may see it as a vanity project or an anatomy lesson they never asked for but what's the point of art if it ain't somewhat unsettling. Truth is many of us have been seeing M as our mother somehow and we have been concerned about the direction our world is headed. But the world- nature- will always go on, with or without us people.
  12. I'd never expect this title and I really like it, because in today's world it's something no one would never say. Finally Enough Love demands gratitude.
  13. While not sure about the motion element in her performances anymore, which used to be dancing, I believe she has managed to maintain her magnetism and the beautiful qualities in her voice that separate her from all female artists out there. I don't know why she refuses to follow her talents and opt for things that only make sense to her. The robotic part of this song for example she turned into a wonderful musical piece that could be sung in movies and theatres. Of course it is hard for her to get back in track every now and then, she is not a frequent performer anymore and every time she wakes up from her slumber to promote something live it's going to become worse and worse. To keep being a powerful performer she would have to work hard for it to gain back her confidence and stamina or find a new style of performance that suits her changing body and audience, even more stable. But sex acts and wobbling on top of sex acts and wobbling isn't a powerful performance. That said, I consider myself luckier than many fans because I believe in the strength of her later discography and it will always be a reason for me to follow her. The performance you were so kind to upload is proof that she is magnetic and she can still sing and write some beautiful thought provoking lyrics. With some greater effort, I'm confident she will reemerge as darling name in live performances. I'm looking forward to the times when we won't be trying to find excuses for her anymore. She got older, fatter, hadn't rehearsed, she was having fun etc. Looking forward to times when we'll be saying that SHE ATE!
  14. That's one sexy aunt to have. ...well two of them actually. Maluma wins in life
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