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  1. Blue Prince

    I'd suggest that she make a new album fast, not too deep like this one, but one a little friendlier that will compliment Madame X and do a big tour with both albums, like Drowned World, after her theatre tour. Ten cute songs would be great, she's given us messages and food for thought to last years after all. I don't care at all about a new album yet, I just want new material from her every year. If she did songs for soundtracks or non album singles, M15 could come in four years again and I wouldn't mind. When people wait too long their expectations grow out of proportion and they act entitled.
  2. Blue Prince

    Too bad, she could casually sing Crave or Crazy, just like she did Borderline a few years ago and sound beautiful without much effort. People respond well to her performances on Jimmy's.
  3. It's a very adventurous record on first listen. Love how the songs don't stay the same from beginning to end. Instantly loved God Control and Looking for Mercy. And after those it was Extreme Occident and Killers, so theatrical. It's like the soundtrack of a musical in general that of course has to change mood a few times according to plot. I was only irritated as I listened by that stupid tin can sound on Come Alive and some long unnecessary outros of certain songs. Oh and those moments where she almost shouts on the chorus of Faz Gostoso are orgasmic. Wouldn't wanna mess with those girls hehe.
  4. Blue Prince

    Animals who are partying would be the perfect title for an old Ke$ha song though back in 2010. Maybe you're a fan
  5. Blue Prince

    The rap is kinda cute. Like Mother and Father's. Now that's a busy sounding song I've been wanting to hear.
  6. Blue Prince

    Definitely a song you want to hear over and over to comprehend. The piano towards the end is so beautiful. And I'm almost certain she recycled the baby's cry from Autotune Baby at the very end of the song You can just barely hear it amongst the bodies collapsing. Epic.
  7. Blue Prince

    Damn, I now need the acoustic version of Future. Sounds so chill on guitar. Really a great song of hers.
  8. Blue Prince

    Who does she have to make music with to not be accused of trend chasing? Dinosaur artists that people don't remember anymore, built upon piano ballads?
  9. Blue Prince

    Times are troubled. This is no year for ROL ambience or another COADF of unimportant lyrics, although a banger single from her is now needed. If Killers sounds like one we shouldn't mind the lyrics much. She might be over the top sometimes but she'll give an album to talk and think about. Also, I never see any reviewers commenting on production issues or bad/distorted vocals or unwelcome collaborators. Feels like only fans pay attention there, many albums now
  10. Blue Prince

    Guys no need to start this now. In less than two weeks we will all be insiders and will know which that damn disco song on the album is finally. And after that let's hope M15 comes fast or it will be a bigger test for us all, when we could barely handle this one.
  11. Blue Prince

    So guys whose reviews do you always check out when an album you're interested in is released? I think Pitchfork may have an idea of what's going on. It will be hard for a Madonna album to be reviewed negatively by most critics. Even MDNA got just average reviews. Well some people even called it her best album since Ray Of Light Of all the tracks released so far only Medellin got actually positive feedback though. I believe we're probably heading for a Rebel Heart kind of reception but it's silly to think about it, given that most of the groundbreaking and exquisite songs she made must be still unheard.
  12. Blue Prince

    I think people have been talking about Madonna's age ever since Erotica. Of course her longevity is one of the reasons we love her. It is sad especially for Miley given that she is just 26 years old but she's been getting success since her teen years so she might have just peaked early in popularity. Back to Madonna, I think it's also about the type of music she was releasing, which has more or less been quite mature (not necessarily serious), with the exception of some of her latest albums. Music that made Taylor Swift and Katy Perry really popular is all care free sunshine pop and of course it can't keep them popular as they age unless they change their sound. Katy is trying to. Miley's growing music I think along with her country roots will keep her at least mildly popular as she ages. Madonna is now serving beautiful songs, very modern sounding, quite mature in lyrical content but she has to face ageism yet again plus her fans and semi fans who don't know what they want from her and who aren't open to anything new. Crave I think needs to be performed but also songs from her that are not destined for the dancefloor and give nothing for people to make fun of don't really get much attention.
  13. Blue Prince

    And Did you do it? would be the death of them Their requiem.
  14. Blue Prince

    Ooh now I feel bad for loving it more than the other three songs. I mean I could use some less Quavo but I find the chorus so powerful and when the trumpets or whatever they are come in, it just turns into a great summer song for me. Definitely heard it a lot more than Crave which I find boring. But none feels like filler to me right now.
  15. Guys is everything okay with the performance? The press reports that she has signed no contract and cannot be allowed on stage without one, even that she wants to put on a performance with her own people making it difficult for the producers of the show itself. Some also said that she was considering removing Like a prayer from the set list. We'll see I guess.