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  1. Well most 90's Madonna is underrated. Through the next decades she's been underrated too but most fans seem to agree that her music was still excellent in the 90's. The reason I never got into I'll remember is because the video gave me that Rain look and vibe but the song itself doesn't have that majestic flow that Rain has. There is a beating instrument that's sort of chopping the sound to my ears and the main melody isn't very strong. I think that as a song ironically you won't remember it unless you have memories associated with it. The lyrics are cute though and it gives me some jungle vibes (that beating thing again) unusual for a Madonna tune. Maybe I get confused with it because I don't think the song has decided if it wants to be a Rain or an Africa lol. Both are much better in my opinion.
  2. I think the entire Born This Way album is Gaga's Like A Prayer in a sense. Full of religious themes and with a rock sound. I can't be objective here because Born This Way song went on to become the lgbt anthem of my generation when I barely even knew Madonna. Now the two songs do sound quite similar, Express Yourself has better lyrics (Madonna has better lyrics, I think Gaga's weakest aspect of her entire career is the stupid lyrics she writes with her team) and well yeah EY video's so elegant, so on top of its game. But Born This Way has a sound more welcome to my ears whilst Express Yourself has always sounded rusty to me. Which is weird because Open Your Heart didn't and I have always thought it is a much better song than Express Yourself As for your sickly comment, it's probably Gaga's aesthetic to look robotic and artificial and unhuman sometimes in her videos, Madonna prefers to do the same with her voice. And we have to accept that.
  3. Blue Prince

    The Leo is really pouring out of the first bunch. But I'm sure whoever was following her eyebrow trends cringes everytime they see their photos now
  4. Blue Prince

    I'll say it again here, I loved the reaction of this guy to Madame X. Call it exaggerated, call him a homo but it's refreshing to see a person who apparently loves to dance and has active sexuality live those moments and have his heart jumping at all the production tricks and surprises wrapped in this record.
  5. If she does make a full dance record with Price again, dancing shouldn't be a big problem as fans have been worried about. Dua Lipa's stage presence is one tenth of Madonna's at best and no one will complain with a simple fun dance record like her latest one. Madonna only needs to keep the performances dazzling and imaginative on tour after making another great colorful record and that would be just great. She indeed has been looking back a lot during lockdown and maybe after her knee treatment, which of course must require some sort of immobility, she will be missing making dance music to shake her ass to a lot. By the way, I think that era had some of her weakest vocals ever. At some points she sounds like she's choking. I'm sure she sounds better now. Cloud and the shaved head guy are just
  6. Blue Prince

    Oh God, isn't Erotica long enough already?
  7. Blue Prince

    Yes it is. I wasn't listing all songs, mostly those where she is expecting her lover to connect with her. Where she sounds passive, unlike some songs where the circumstances may not have allowed the connection. Because she doesn't strike me as the passive person much. Oh and I always forget about Crave's existence A song supposedly about longing and desire where she could the same way be reciting her supermarket list. Crazy is about overcoming that passive nature I mentioned and has those raw vocals (my God look at me now) that convince me better than Crave.
  8. Mmmm looks like her young affair has taken some years off Madonna's back
  9. Blue Prince

    Oh and if anyone knows this guy, tell him I loved him Some of his initial reactions should have been standard amongst fans with this album imo.
  10. Blue Prince

    Those Martians look very human That one video with kids reacting to Madonna for the first time was particularly interesting, but as it turned out even they knew a couple songs from her
  11. Blue Prince

    Yeah I think she must have been in this type of situations mostly in the nineties, like when she was calling for Dennis Rodman to get her pregnant overnight because she was ovulating I can only imagine how hard it would be finding a daddy before the mobile phone era. Or any man at all at night. After that it probably became a theme she just enjoyed revisiting and that was inspired by her cowriters as well.
  12. Blue Prince

    Idk I was just listening to Crazy the other day and wondered whether she truly spent all night waiting up on him It never sounded like the Madonna thing to do, she is so damn busy all the time. And I wanted to see how fans felt about her lyrics of waiting, because we come across them very often in her discography.
  13. We all know that Madonna's second favourite theme after marrying sex with religion is the passage of time. Many of her songs about time have to do with her waiting on a lover, from Love Song to Justify my Love to Waiting and Did You Do It to Hung Up and most recently Crazy. Does she give you the impression, being the busy woman she is, that she has waited so much in her life? That she has spent nights over a phone waiting for her lover to give her a call? It never sounded very genuine to me, and I'm sure she'd be the more aggressive one than many of the guys she's dated, making more first moves. So how do you feel about such lyrics from her?
  14. Blue Prince

    Beautiful Stranger. Get Together or Sorry?
  15. Blue Prince

    Turns out she did take up smoking after all Wonder how her mom feels about it