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  1. How insecure must she be about the entertainment value of her tours and about her face these days to edit everything to the max?
  2. I think it's Get Together for me. For those nights you get dressed to not come back home alone
  3. For me it was an instant crush and I remember quite a few of my teen friends enjoying it. As I have said before, it's the type of song that has an identity already by the third second and I approve of the somewhat dated sound as it had to be reflective of her past. Why necessarily have a fresh sounding song on a GH album? It would make the others sound older. Also, if there is one video that must go HD next, it's definitely Celebration.
  4. Still wondering who made it Dance/Club number 1. Then again Britney made a similar song Ooh La La the year after, so I'm guessing there was a general crisis. I've even defended BDay Song as it reminds me a lot of the Beatles and the whole LSD hallucinatory culture.
  5. Not yet. She achieved the same thing with a few more thousand likes last May. With an old photo where her breasts were showing again. She can't fail with that bod
  6. I'd like her career to end almost simultaneously with her life, with a last album like Blackstar by David Bowie. I can't imagine her existing without being Madonna the artist. She has such a young voice, suitable for so many genres. She could be making some exquisite last projects without having to tour or keep up with anybody else.
  7. Now I just find Timothee Chalamet too twinky for her. Bet she broke that boy when they dated
  8. So I watched Juno the other day. Apart from the story arc being somewhat nice (good movie all in all), I didn't find most of the dialogues to be Oscar worthy much. 'It all started with a chair', 'she smells like soup', 'he is the cheese to my macaroni'. I'm not sure if her leaving or staying is a good thing anymore, since the story arc is now already written in pop music history books with golden letters and the dialogues gotta be more clever than Juno's.
  9. Vogue is about real people. Do I need to name them? Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich.... Also the forgotten Graffiti Heart about her friend Basquiat.
  10. When there's women in music like Lizzo or Nicki or Megan that post so many photos like those and get praise for it, I think it's funny that the first thing we'd think about M is the backlash from some people. That way of thinking is part of the problem. We should be thinking about how we want to bury our faces between those tits instead.
  11. As long as people who actually attended the tour don't watch the show now on screen, wondering whether it's the same they attended lol. I mean we were all let down when we found out that the actual BBMA performance didn't include any holograms. If she thought her tour was good enough, then she shouldn't enhance it a lot by trickery. Only what's necessary. Otherwise she should have used that technology for the actual tour.
  12. I don't think any artist out there has that many great songs that can also be so vastly different. Pet Shop Boys were mentioned and yeah someone could say they have done songs like Love etc. as well as songs like Rent but the vocals and style remain always the same, you know straight from the start that any PSB song out of any decade, is a PSB song. Elvis too, adult MJ etc. But someone can hear Ray of light, Rescue me, Masterpiece, Bitch I'm Madonna, Material Girl and never believe it's the same person. I think about 5 years is the longest Madonna rested with the same style of music. After th
  13. Wintertime and exam period means a lot of Frozen and a lot of Nothing Fails
  14. I'm only going to answer to the last bit to end your confusion. I counted Miley into the same generation as Demi, Ariana and Selena because they started off from TV shows and almost at the same time. Taylor Swift also started around 2006 although not from a TV show so I considered her too into the same generation. They were all teenagers then. I don't think I mentioned Gaga at all. I think she belongs to a different generation because she was a young adult when she started. And Beyonce and P!nk are older than all of them, they are mothers, having started in the early 2000's. So I am
  15. The cover she did for Faz Gostoso is not basic. She took a basic song and turned it into a straight up banger, gave her vocals some intense highs and lows and added some hot jungle beats towards the end. IMO it's as good as a cover can get. You might mean that she didn't change the song instrumentation a lot or the genre but she shouldn't have. She made the original one sound flat now and no basic cover could do that. I believe she did a much better job with it than Fever.
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