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  1. It's good to see how people perceive M's records, not for themselves, but for the whole fanbase. Thought it'd be a silly topic at first but couldn't delete it lol. For me Confessions is not the fan favourite because I didn't think about the casual fans who might not know her discography very well. Thank you for your answers people!
  2. Didn't also Fiona Apple mention his name as part of a joke? He had sampled one of her songs without giving her credit and she was asking for her money. It also left some people confused. Seems like music's great aunties love to tease the cute little guy. Too bad humour died some time before they did.
  3. Oh dear, hope she won't turn it into a selfie point like her bathroom, only to give us heart attacks every time.
  4. Damn people must have been so bored back then to make a huge deal out of that performance. Little did they know she was only getting started, poor them. I lowkey need her to do a third shocking performance of the song on an awards show and have moms shut the TV again and fans pulling out their hair.
  5. So I found this meme by an Instagram account while scrolling (@great.missy) and I found it absolutely true. Which M record would you place under each category and how does it apply to other faves of yours? For me the popular is Like A Virgin, the fan favourite Like A Prayer, the experimental one American Life, the cult classic probably I'm Breathless, the best of all time being Ray of Light and the meh one for me is Hard Candy.
  6. I feel like Medellin has been a most devisive song. And the charm of it is that it's such a harmless track. Yet it caused so many meltdowns, mine included. It's such a suitable and mature single though and many fans enjoyed it. Songs like Human Nature and Girl Gone Wild, on the other hand, somehow beg to be hated. They are naughty tracks, horny tracks. Not all fans are that.
  7. Love Miley but after turning a Black Mirror into a Hannah Montana episode, I wouldn't want her working on the biopic. And she has her own reputation as a musician, her image would clash with M's, especially among the young audience who knows Miley more than they do Madonna.
  8. Aren't lawyers supposed to say that to anything before they discuss with the client? Plus I don't even think she hired her own lawyer, she said she wasn't allowed to. I hope they work for her best interest.
  9. Although I'm not completely in love with her hard voice on those Madonna tracks, I think Miley is the closest pop girl to M we can get in terms of being bad ass and magnetic.
  10. Maybe she's just been very busy and stressed over her Pride appearance? She sure isn't the type to stand back and wait for solid facts, we know that. Her research is often a bit on the surface. Maybe she'll post a free Britney story in the next few days. But I still don't think it's necessary. I don't know if raising awareness can help Brit at this point.
  11. You're turning this whole thing into something more serious than it was intended to be, like it was a Coachella performance or something. All I kept of this is that she has taken the first steps towards becoming fully mobile again and that she served some looks. Pride isn't only about having a dick and loving another dick, it's being proud of who you are and who you have become in your life. This was just a little intimate thank you to the community. One that's forever spiteful I guess after all the hatred it's received.
  12. It's the song I avoid returning to but once I do it's kinda rewarding. It is mostly the slow burning first minutes of the song that torture me, after that it gets better. Definitely not the best on the album or from her later career. If I want to revisit her 90's tunes with a modern twist, I'd rather listen to Best Night instead.
  13. Quite a few of last year's songs actually. Lady Gaga's Babylon of course, Only Love by Katy Perry which is the cheesy cute kind that M often does lately. Oh and Telepatía by Kali Uchis would have fit so nicely on Madame X.
  14. That is equally disturbing as David is probably 15 now. Boy would look good on Rocco or Lourdes tho That is something I can ship.
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