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  1. I am OK with any new release at all - even if it is a new version of Act Of Contrition.
  2. 1. Good girl gone bad 2. Loud There is no #3 as all others only contain several good songs; except Anti. I can't play Anti more than twice and that also ended my interest in her. I don't mind playing some of her sold songs once in awhile though.
  3. I might consider switching to streaming if she/her management were to move her complete catalogues to the streaming platforms. I am, in fact, a subscriber of Spotify which I have been paying for several years although I rarely use it. As of now, as an old-timer, I'd still choose what i have in my own personal library and keep my own personal play counts too. lol.
  4. I believe most of us of a 'certain age' wouldn't stream any of Madonna's tracks online although we may be playing her songs 'almost' all day long every day for decades.
  5. I don't know but I find it very difficult to listen to his songs since I watched the Leaving Neverland documentary. It's such a shame.
  6. First, Guy Oseary and the entire management team must go!
  7. 1. The pleasure principle 2. Let's wait awhile 3. Black cat 4. Every time 5. Again 6. Escapade 7. Love will never do 8. When I think of you 9. State of the world 10. Come back to me 11. What have you done for me lately 12. Miss you much 13. Control 14. Nasty 15. Living in a world they didn't make 16. That's the way love goes 17. Runaway 18. Alright 19. If 20. You can be mine ALL songs since Damita Jo are completely unknown to me as they all sound like janet part 4, 5, 6, etc.
  8. 1. Mariah Carey 2. Music Box 3. Emotions I actually dislike all her albums starting from Butterfly (except the Mimi album) as she started to get confused between whispering and singing.
  9. I hardly listen to any new releases for many years now as my music taste is still very much stuck with the 80s. 2 great albums released this year: 1. Taylor Swift - Folklore 2. Kylie - DISCO (could have been MUCH better if she didn't sniff helium while recording 12 out of 16 songs in there) I think i played Lady Gaga's Chromatica and Katy's Smile several times but I totally forgot the tunes of all the songs in the there - so not my favorite.
  10. I wonder if all the released digital EPs so far are remastered? Is the sound quality any different from the original CDs?
  11. Madonna - Like A Virgin If it wasn't this song, I wouldn't be so mad about Madonna as an 11yo boy. Not sure who or where I'd be today if it wasn't Madonna then.
  12. 1. Rhythm Nation 1814 2. Control 3. janet. Actually I only love these 3 albums - the albums after janet. are like 'janet. part 2', 'janet. part 3', 'janet. part 4', etc.
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