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  1. Just checked and it is not even shipped to the country i live in. This is too sad.
  2. Thank you so much for sharing, @bertrand This is really a good stuff. I feel bad for only contributing my wages for one yoga class.
  3. I don't have a paypal account and I am not sure if I would like to create one too. I am from South East Asia. Is there any other way I can pay you? I send you ETH maybe? I won't download anything yet until I make some contributions.
  4. You just spoke the words out of my heart. <3
  5. It would only happen if you take over the current management team. They should all be prosecuted.
  6. If it took the management like 1.5 years just to compile 17 of her old remixes in individual Digital EPs, I can imagine making a compilation of new remixes would take them forever plus a day.
  7. Madame X .... by very far. After being a big fan buying every Madonna stuff I could find for 36 years, this album just "<no-word-to-describe>" it. Her recent 2 'new' remixes of Frozen just confirmed my decision.
  8. The second release in 2022 so far. It took one whole year to release 7 of these compilations in 2021. Must be a real hard work!
  9. I wonder if there are demos of MX tracks before the vocals got robotized by shitty mirwais.
  10. I faced a similar issue. When I tried to re-confirm my phone number the 2nd time, I got an sms saying that I have got an existing account already.
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