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  1. I'm slowly being converted into a swiftie recently. yikes!
  2. She is an awesome singer with the best voice - until Mirwais killed it.
  3. Let's wait another 7 months for the release of the next set of remixes/Digital EP. Her management needs to work very hard and take a lot of consideration and discussion to make that happen. I almost pity them.
  4. 7 months to release Take A Bow; after Beautiful Stranger. Smart move indeed.
  5. The True Blue 2001-remaster was a bad remastering (just increased volume) but I bought it anyway. Anything new 'physically' would be appreciated by me .... but not this 'digital' version. Oh well .... :)
  6. I am OK with any new release at all - even if it is a new version of Act Of Contrition.
  7. I might consider switching to streaming if she/her management were to move her complete catalogues to the streaming platforms. I am, in fact, a subscriber of Spotify which I have been paying for several years although I rarely use it. As of now, as an old-timer, I'd still choose what i have in my own personal library and keep my own personal play counts too. lol.
  8. I believe most of us of a 'certain age' wouldn't stream any of Madonna's tracks online although we may be playing her songs 'almost' all day long every day for decades.
  9. First, Guy Oseary and the entire management team must go!
  10. I wonder if all the released digital EPs so far are remastered? Is the sound quality any different from the original CDs?
  11. Any genre and any producer would do EXCEPT Mirwais with that f**-forbid autotune robotic sound.
  12. I don't search, I'm lost.

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