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  1. Madonna sounds amazing on that remix! I really like it!
  2. Hi - Hola - Nos conocemos? 

    1. Gambler


      jajajajaja Claro que sí!!!!!

    2. Juan Schmidl

      Juan Schmidl

      De la cara.... jajaja yo tengo foto real de mi rostro- 
      Vos no.  No me imagino quien podes ser

    3. Gambler


      Con tu mismo comentario te respondí en ATM


  3. Gambler

    so difficult: Human Nature
  4. Gambler

    Well I say: "Nobody's Perfect"
  5. Gambler

    what a mess!! lol Have a good weekend!!!
  6. Gambler

    She couldn't be more gorgeous!!! Love you Queen!!!!
  7. Wow this amazing!!! I will use some of these for my own students! Thanks
  8. Gambler

    A love all of these
  9. I was shocked! I missed my chance when I was 14 then I had to wait a lot. I still remember when all the lights went off and suddenly the music started. I was out of my way, a lot of anxiety and also plenty of happiness for seeing her. I more than thankful for it. =)