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  1. I have a couple of doubts - Are you going to send the link before for who has payed? Like confessions crowdfounding - The leaks is gonna happend if the quantity is reached, so I can't afford the quantity, but less yes, like 15-10$
  2. Is there a deadline to donate? 'm thinking of it
  3. Thank you to talk about the fake buttocks because was a topic a want to address and I don't know how to start it. So.... what's the tea of THAT? I was thinking that the buttocks appereance were due to some kind of "rehab diaper", because of the surgery... but it seems NO
  4. subversive

    I was listening Madame X while doing the house chores and when i was vacuuming it was Bitch i'm loca, i felt any difference. That was i learnt today
  5. subversive

    And what about
  6. subversive

    Revenge or Jimmy Jimmy
  7. It's not Madonna herself, only related, BUT...
  8. subversive

    No lo descubrió?!?!?! :(
  9. subversive

    I don't think madonna's team or madonna herself don't know wherever she did, so everything is listed, located and storaged. I think is lazyness and/or burocracy, and to move on that material, unique material somehow, cost money.
  10. subversive

    Maybe with Warner aldo era is ended
  11. subversive

    Bedtime Story Remixes are near (I hope so pls!!!!! )
  12. subversive

    I want more curiosities like this in this topic, could be nice!
  13. a "the not fogotten ballads" like the holiday collection it would have been nice then
  14. Uops Yes, Spain. I don't know it was available only outside US
  15. It's So Cool is available in spotify. Lo que siente la mujer , where?