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  1. I think that the idea was to promote somehow the virgin tour, but now it's no make sense
  2. Can I open the can of worms?? It could exist a extended dance remix of angel WITHOUT the Madonna! Madonna! Thank yuo.
  3. Emily. You have one job. Where is Burning Up Alternate Version? First notice
  4. The movie's Charlie and the chocolate factory intro and the begining of sticky and sweet tour
  5. I hope an announcement or preorder for a re-release around the concert in Rio
  6. I'll Remember!! A good song but unfairly treated
  7. Oh, thank you! And the real upscale to compare?
  8. could someone post the material girl upscaled cover for the "reissue spotify" campaign? ty
  9. What is the story? I don't know exactly what the story is like
  10. If you pay attention to the vinyl and colour designs, you can see pink label for the European version of nothing fails, and the pink framed cover for love profusion, they match somehow. I mean some designs were made, but plans changed and they reuse that designs for promptness for different singles
  11. My highschool principal is fan and she went to Stockholm... not to taste salmon dishes if you know what I mean. So things have changed definitely
  12. I never heard her name in school... but now I'm the teacher and things have changed mwaahahahahha
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