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  1. Cone-shaped bra and ponytails - the madonna real story miniseries. That's my title. If I wouldn't have this, I won't see it.
  2. Which tour hbo special? Just for gossiping, I have no idea about that
  3. "Why no official Madonna Funko Pops?" and thanks God!
  4. Well, it's something. I feel rewarding once again on friday hahshsha
  5. I feel unfullfilled, incomplete... no release this friday :( When will be the next release?
  6. I have noticed, seems stoned in some way. We critize cover nowadays, but back catalog sometimes is.... well ... "different". There's a cover of dress you up, very blurry, that if they had realised on times of twitter, they would have got loads of haterism.
  7. WTF is LOC tape and has it leaked? Thank you. Amazing summary, Thank you
  8. And what chance is there to get a good reissue if this material is around here and there, who really have theese masters unmastered?
  9. I don't know how to take that people who own that kind of material, decide one day to sell them in times of forthcoming reissues (and likely appreciation in value of this material). Maybe they know something? I know the likelyness it's only in madonna's/warner/rhino team™ hands, but maybe the thing fishy going on.
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