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  1. oh shit, i don't realise this similarity.... Remixed and Revisited? Do you remember those days? A big celebration of 20whatever years in music industry and the celebration was... an EP. Today we are here celebrating a big carreer-spanning with... REMIXES! Can you imagine, after all, we'd get this, a compilation of 50 remixes and a kick in the ass haha!
  2. DRAMA! if fever is going to be part, edit one or murk boys remix edit? Bedtime story orbital edit or juniors single mix? Ray of light sasha or calderone? 😭😭😭😭
  3. That was the first thing that came to my mind.
  4. And maybe they are scripted, I mean, with some plot ideas for the show, that don't forget is a reality - a """reality""". No money and scripted and M says "sure... I'll go to RPDR, right now!". But, in the other hand, promotion is promotion and for make money everything could be possible to promote the re-releases, for example.
  5. If she is recording frozen, could be the possibility that the first reissue is ray of light and the new version a kind of promotion? 🤔
  6. Vogue or Express Yourself, both from Immaculate. Most of the times Vogue.
  7. I think we are going to have this "out of albums" tracks in any way. Time Stood Still is, for example, nowadays out of catalog since the The Next Best Thing OST is out of print (last year I think). With this in mind i think we are going to get a box with demos and those extra tracks or some remixes like both true blue or like a prayer anniversary. Deluxe packs will contain all of them or something like that. We must to know how to works madonna releases. And to be honest I don't think in releases with a bunch of 50 remixes of singles and a remastered album -hypothetically, An extra box with maxisingles, re-releases...- They're going to do in their hands for make lots of money. Of our money hahah
  9. I just realize that the skip let down your guard too (from secret)... maybe for the reedition? Take a bow b-side for give it a push?
  10. When the album works fine is because of the producer. When the album works bad is fault of Madonna.... Hmmmmmm guys
  11. Do you imagine the night of her birthfay, streaming platforms will be updated with the full singles, maxis, and remastered albums? 🥰
  12. We need hesitation, a lot of fuzzy, times, rebel concept... more ideas!
  13. Madonna, if you are reading this, make a song about Emily, and Rhino, if you are reading this, just listen to us.
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