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  1. Mine has arrived but one corner creased. I am going to return to amazon for another one. But it's look SO gorgeous
  2. Obviously with another point of view, new stage, technique, and so on. I don't know if any other has done that before, but it could be interesting and catchy for gp and mass media.
  3. is the tour a remember of her best performance? maybe the pics are a clue of that... I am wondering, I want to watch like a virgin, so... NO SPOILERS PLS.
  4. This two colorred editiones, the confirmed true blue and the not-yet confirmed ROL, make sense with the rumour of a user that said here that the landmark album would be going to see the light in colored vinyls in a year or something like that. I don't remember well, if someone recalled it pls
  5. Cyberraga was included in us maxi, they are following these releases so maybe we are lucky
  6. the adoptions, the extra bussinesses, her surgeries, acting like a teenager, her eccentricities
  7. I like coloured vinyl, but it has no much sense for me reissue them -apparently- without not plenty of stuff with the only difference of colour when years ago we have another color vjnyl
  8. Well thabk you guys. I don't find any sense reissue an album with.... colour format... give me something. If I want a colour, I would buy a marker. If I want music, i buy a record
  9. My god!!! Well, i was aware about the different fomats and colours. But what i mean to say is if it's common to reissue e.g. erotica in white vinyl (2018), and then in blue for example, 3 years later. And so on all album...
  10. I don't follow any other artist as I follow madonna. I don't have any other references I mean. So it's a regular thing ins musix industry? I only have clues about prince, bowie, michael...
  11. What about the past coloured vinyl reissues? The white erotica, blue music, blue-gold immaculate? It doesn't so much sense another coloured ones, it's a little bit.... enough
  12. And the edit of bt drowned world's, emily. Pls, I never ask for anything
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