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  1. subversive

    Also, I read somewhere back in 2019, when we were free, that Madame X was the very best vinyl recording of the year. It sounds the very best for a specialist (Sorry i can't remember more information) and was given a recognition
  2. subversive

    MDNA Sucks. The sounds is awful for this record on vinyl. And in life for general. Period
  3. subversive

    Me too! PLease
  4. subversive

    Ok TY. But why the are fake?. I mean, i can't heard anything strange and i want to learn, and download no more fake files, of course
  5. subversive

    The Cyberraga and Shanti new demos are almost the same as album version, nothing new. But it's good to know the date of "recording". The Music album may be ended months before release, and she started to work so quickly in Music album. TY for the leak. More to come, please!!
  6. Fine, thank you. Just talk about demos or news about "new leaks"
  7. hi, i'm new here. is it allowed RQ links? pm, of course
  8. subversive

    TY!!! Great list!!!