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  1. So, is this official? And no difference at first impression?
  2. https://twitter.com/Madonna/status/1663896592469086210?t=-0mEeDBxU4e568FrYF2M4g&s=19 Officially announced
  3. Crave makes my heart warmer and softened 🥺
  4. I don't know if this is unpopular or not but crave has one of the best lyrics and melody of her career.
  5. Her worst produced album is like a prayer
  6. Some parts of the girlie show are boring
  7. omg, give me your fan card. twitter_20230516_191658.mp4
  8. Material Gworld like hyperpop song is a good idea, even clever
  9. Maybe a new collection. Madonna 40 is a good name, with a headline, "her major hits" or whateverette. Celebration was 13 years ago, it's time for compilation. I know that a compilation this days could be madness, but it could shake to gp
  10. There are so many ways to re-release the 80s carreer... She's Breathless, It's that GIrl, 1983-1989, 12"+ers, a different verstion of TIC.... <3
  11. I don't like the change between versions, bc I like the album as a whole, it's like a painting. What we have in atmos now it's a version, not the real tic. But it's my impression, I am a little bit bohemian with albums, like untouchable. Maybe it's a problem with the masters, the ones of lucky star or borderline are missing, I don't know. Anyway, this tic 2023 version it's not my cup of tea. Mango kisses 4all
  12. It seems that this is the release of the week... Could someone share it by PM?
  13. I've just give a spin to Hard Candy, And I realise that beat goes on and 4 minutes have the same meaning/message. Strawberry kisses for all of you!
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