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  1. I really think that the Re-Invention Tour's success, audience's reactions to so much uptempo feel god music and working with Stuart inspired her to make Confession on a Dancefloor within a year of the tour ending rather than continue the serious and sparse sounds of American Life and slower paced/darker Drowned World Tour. Hoping this tour will inspire her again to come up with something as brilliant and what many fans would love to hear
  2. Show looks amazing but just from clips for my personal taste I think would Change Into the Groove to the original lyrics Replace Burning up with another 80s track like Physical Attraction Change Justify My Love to original mix Replace Beast Within interlude with Skin Replace Die Another Day with Rescue Me Bedtime Story use the remix and staging used for the Brits or something similar Rain - Do the song in full with no edits or replace with Power of Goodbye, Secret or Frozen Bitch' Im Madonna - I just hate this song so would change it for one of her signature classics like Who's That Girl
  3. And Dallas Austin and Babyface
  4. The whole Britney kiss thing was a load of crap not shocking at all by 2003 or even interesting - got to hand it to Madonna though she knew all the tabloids would write endlessly about it and be a great PR stunt from that point of view it got her loads of publicity after American Life took a dip in terms of success
  5. Arguably the best 3 producers she has worked with. William Orbit must have felt great to see the opening of the show with such an amazing performance and live arrangement of Nothing Really Matters
  6. Really hoping she does a house/dance/pop type album as a follow up to Confessions - it's time to make the music she is best at
  7. I don't care if she mimes Rescue Me - I just want to see her perform it in her show at least once lol
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