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  1. Everybody - Dub sounds amazing even today in a club Deeper and Deeper - Shep's Fierce Deeper Dub Human Nature - Love Is The Nature Mix Bedtime Story - Luscious Dub Mix (Mark Pichiotti)
  2. It won't be hard to come up with something better than Bitch I'm Madonna
  3. I hope it's good and her vocals are not vocoder and over processed - it's ages since we heard her real voice on new material I hope it's not another second rate remix of one of her old songs with a featured artist
  4. Comfessions and Blond Ambition at the top in either order and Madame X last would said is right
  5. I Want You with Massive Attack is brilliant - loved that she worked with Massive Attack I have imagined her performing I Want You on the MDNA tour instead of the slowed down version of Like a Virgin - I think that could have been amazing
  6. Another boring remix - wish she or warners would commission better remixes like used to be the case before she left Warners
  7. This is so hard have seen all of them live since Blond Ambition
  8. Great article - what a great album. Everyone expected something along the lines of a Celine Dion record after Evita. Mother of all re-inventions and come backs with this album and era and put her the right side of cool again
  9. This is a much better idea than a biopic - to make a really interesting documentary type film about her life again. It's time for another documentary film about a 14 year gap between TOD and IGTYAS Really hope that the tour performance footage is filmed by Jonas and edited by him as he is simply the best at filming and editing concerts. Her last 3 filming of her tours have been spoiled by poor editing by Madonna herself
  10. Agree - even the album version was played on Danny Rampling Love Grove Dance Party Radio Show when the album was released
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