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  1. don't mind waiting and don't have high expectations - have a feeling will be more of the same Madame X/Rebel Heart sound etc I hope her next album has fantastic music on it and we get to hear her sing not through a vocoder I think it was reported recently she was going to do an R&B album with Kayne West next Think she should go back to her pop and dance roots as she does it better than anyone else
  2. Yes 100% - The extended mixes of LAC and Material Girl sound so dated - Into The Groove would be a much stronger addition and forget it was on originally on the first pressings. @Karama I agree Gambler and especially Crazy For You are part of the Virgin era and would make the album even stronger again. In never really realised that LAV has the sound of Chic all through it because Nile Rogers produced it
  3. Love the album very 80s - at the time she was probably the hottest new pop star in the world. The album and her music from this album were everywhere. Love Into The Groove, Dress You Up, Angel , Over and Over & Like a Virgin Never really liked Material Girl and think Angel is the forgotten gem from this album - such a great 80s song and another fan favourite she has never performed well since the Virgin Tour and most never saw it as was cut from the released filming of the tour The other album tracks are great too
  4. I think the latter is what most people will assume it's about at least from the way the press are reporting it https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/18540092/madonna-graphic-nft-3d-vagina-scan/
  5. Good idea and they have made pretty good choices in picking some of the best mixes seen if I would have picked different ones personally for some tracks, but they can't please everyone. A bit disappointed they are using edited/cut down versions as the edits are basically radio edits and rarely the versions DJs would play in a credible dance club. Edits of club mixes can take away part their brilliance in how they build and expand the track to make it sound and work iin a club the way a 4 minute radio edit could never do. The full mixes in all their glory would have been better I can't see many DJ's wanting to buy a collection of radio edits and people seriously into their dance music preferring the edits to the full versions as the remixer intended
  6. Agree with those who sat she should have just done one song Medellin - she did not look like she enjoyed it compared to how say you could see the joy in her performing on many other live performances - if she smiled once it was not when the cameras were on her. At the end of Medellin she did not look too happy with the performance as had just messed up the timing for the end moves - before Maluma held her hand
  7. I wish she would stop these one off performances on live TV they usually go wrong in some way as maybe not enough time to reherse, bad luck or technical problems. I think the last 2 that went well were the Billboard awards which used a pre recorded rehearsal and Ghostown with Taylor Swift
  8. She was a great dancer up until more recently but suppose what you define as great dancer I mean for Who's That Girl she was incredible how she moved and same for Blond Ambition. Even in the MDNA tour she had moments where she danced great like for Celebration. It's not realistic now for her to be a 'great' dancer at 63 but more a performer
  9. I thought he was a make up artist but was seen alot with another cosmetic doctor from new york who helped her promote MDNA skin who am guessing is responsible for her procedures since the other one died
  10. I really think the biggest mistake she has made in recent years is the butt implants or whatever she has had done - it looks so unbalanced with her frame and so unnatural it's distracting to the eye even if we try not to notice it and am sure that has made her less able to dance as well and look so heavy moving and suspect it contributed to her hip/knee injuries - she must know it does not look good as much of the time she wears outfits to try to hide it like on this concert and in the Madame X tour. I really hope it is something she can get reversed and realises how bad it looks and decides to - its just so distracting watching her perform live as she has an athletic type frame and looks so false and out of place on her. Her team around her are terrible at the moment to let her do this without more rehearsals and the styling she looked like Honey G from the X factor when Music started. At least it was not as bad as the Drake performance or Eurovision but think she is capable to so much more with more preparation and better advice.
  11. This looks like the biggest live audience she has played to since - well when she last played in a stadium 2012?
  12. She should do Candy Shop one of her signature classics
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