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  1. MDNA22

    True ref the leak of the original version of Rebel Heart produced by Avicci - must have totally threw her and the decisions that followed to change the mixes took the album and era off course
  2. MDNA22

    How strange
  3. MDNA22

    They got released online for some Blackberry promotion at the time I think to Blackberry users and think were officially released - but maybe what you mention is because they were formatted to play on a mobile phone? I think both videos if you look closely you can see they use footage from 2 different nights and different camera angles to the lisbon complete leak from one of the nights they filmed As someone said the whole edited show from Lisbon is probably sitting on a hard drive somewhere in storage as it never made it to being pressed for release - would love to get a properly edited version of the show but am grateful the more raw pro filming from one of the Lisbon nights leaked an to be honest I prefer that lack of finish and editing to the overdone Rebel Heart and MDNA edits for the official releases as you totally feel like you are watching a real concert and is much more engaging to watch (to me anyway lol )
  4. MDNA22

  5. Never heard this one before - but sounds like one of his mixes??. Anyone know if it is really done by Junior? Maybe it pre-dates his mixes for Secret and Bedtime Story? Do you think the backing vocals for the chorus Niki Harris and Donna Delory or Madonna's but heavily processed ?
  6. MDNA22

    It think it's a really good pop album - better than MDNA, Rebel Heart and Madame X. It's not as good as Confessions, Music or Ray of Light - but it's still pretty good. 4 minutes was so radio friendly and sounded great on the radio - but for some reason did not work as well as a live track Give It 2 Me, Miles Away, Beat Goes On, Devil Wouldn't Recognize you, Voices plus the outtakes Across the Sky, Beat Is So Crazy, Ring My Bell, Animal, Latte, Infinity are good too Think Spanish Lesson and Incredible could have been replaced by 2 of the tracks that did not make it onto the album Was a shame Miles Away did not get released quicker with a better video and promotion and think Beat Goes On could have been a good 2nd single choice. Definitely the right track was picked for the lead single - was all over the radio at the time and very catchy I think at the time it sounded a bit trend following and late in the day and was quite a shift in sound after Confessions - but think it has aged quite well especially since the Pharrell sound has come back a few times since then. I think it would have been much better received if it was released a few years earlier like 2002/3
  7. I remember her saying that as much as she likes a song like Take A Bow she much prefers You'll See as is a more empowering inspiring song and Take a Bow is more like she is a victim in what she is singing about. I can't believe she does not like Sorry. I can't think she likes Material Girl at all the only good serious and good live performance was on the Re-Invention Tour all other performances she hasn't to treated it seriously. I don't think she is that keen on American Pie as she said she regretted letting Warners twist her arm to include it on the Music album as it did not belong there - she has never performed it live and left it off Celebration
  8. MDNA22

    Yeah like when she lost it with the fans at the MDNA rehearsals for smoking
  9. MDNA22

    Some interesting points - Yes I think that has something to do with why she has less general public appeal and less of a connection to her fans than she had previous to the last 10 years. It's like she such a different person/artist to the Madonna of 10 years ago, The MDNA skincare commercials and endorsements were another turn off.
  10. MDNA22

    Nothing was live at all at the Super Bowl - they don't have time to sound check what they set up so would be a massive risk to try anything live
  11. MDNA22

    Drake 'performance' at Cochella, Bum implants, 2019 Graham Norton interview, Like A Prayer performance at Eurovision, MDNA Skin Care commercials, Bday song, many of the official remixes from recent albums Her best work which to be fair is almost all of it is fantastic and love it but these points I can't help but cringe at
  12. MDNA22

    The production, engineering and mixing standard on Ray of Light, Music and Confessions is better on than on the recent albums. Erotica and Bedtime Stories also great from a recording and mixing point of view What do you think is her best produced/mixed/engineered album?
  13. MDNA22

    Loved how she used the MAW remix with a live band and all the staging of that performance especially the intro and her entrance just iconic - but overall love the Confessions version even more as was like a whole new song one of her best live arrangements of any song of hers again the lighting and staging was great and overall feeling and more electronic sound - Stuart Price is a genius for coming up with that arrangement
  14. MDNA22

    Loads of interesting comments kind of agree with all of them. Yeah I would guess too that Mike Dean worked on mixing of all the tracks, it is her best engineered album since Confessions and some really great production the baselines are so strong and which I guess is a sign Mike Dean had his hand on much of it and was really noticeable on the live show as the Madame X tracks literally made the room vibrate through their baselines. It's so much better than Rebel Heart production wise you can tell alot more care and attention to detail has been put into the mixing but am also a bit ored with the songs centred around beats and baselines leaning it towards a more hip hop type sound but is much more sophisticated production and better recorded and mixed than Rebel Heart and agree the vocoder effect I know she said she likes to sound robotic on purpose but it does make her vocals sound shaky and too shrill in parts. I don't think she has sounded as lush and wam sounding vocally since the work she recorded for the Music sessions with William Orbit - perhaps the recoding and mixing techniques used were different plus the style of music was different. Am not sure we need another album with the Mike Dean sound would be interesting how Madame X would have sounded if Mirwais has been the executive producer and how he envisaged the final version of the songs sounding
  15. MDNA22

    I can't imagine many people don't know Vogue even if they think they don't but when they hear will be like I know that song but maybe I am just old lol