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  1. I think a full version of Rescue Me done towards the end of the show similar to the original with the full choir would have torn the roof off - I would have ditched Come Alive and replaced it with a full on version of Rescue Me
  2. The bootleg from Barcelona is amazing for seeing what a great atmosphere and audience from the opening night - wish there was a pro-shot of it. We know the screens footage is recorded from every show she has done since Whot's That Girl - be great if it leaked
  3. 2nd rate song, bad vocals - but great live performance I think Beautiful Killer was stronger when preformed at the Olympia show using the same sort of set up for Revolver
  4. Yes and the shows were much better to watch for it. I think this one is going to be the least live and most removed from what the audience saw of her concert DVDs' to date
  5. I thought Madonna re-worked it with someone from her team as there was an article in the press about how Avicci commented that he did not especially like how it been changed and that they made it worse but maybe he was talking about the other tracks - I know the comments were taken out of context too by the press but think he made some remark that he liked his production better before they changed it - who knows though. I don't think the album credits for Rebel Heart are not 100% accurate as Ryan Tedder did some work on some of them but is not credited yet the final versions of Hold Tight and
  6. MDNA, Rebel Heart and Madame X - they are way behind every album that came before . I think the move away from Warners had alot to do with it. Each of them are still good records but by Madonna's own standards they stand behind her others - they are just not her enough and all miss the magic that you feel on all her previous albums - I don't think she had much involvement in writing any of them and the production on MDNA and Rebel Heart was poor and the style she went for Madame X just made for a collection of good but unmemorable records. Each of them have a small number of good track
  7. I get the feeling this is going to be her most un-live presentation of her live shows so far
  8. It must be costing a fortune in terms of post production
  9. The best moment of the show
  10. I agree Confessions was the point it changed for the worse - the Confessions edit by Jonas I thought was fantastic but think she is trying to achieve the same quality doing it herself - I would be excited if she hired Jonas again for her live shows
  11. When you think back to when her tours were broadcast live and did not need 7 + month of post production to make them ready for viewing. So different now and the last two were worse than a live broadcast as ended up being like watching something that had been through photoshop but for video
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