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  1. As long as she sings Candy Shop or Human Nature I will be happy
  2. I just wish the hung up remix was better Maybe I am just old and have old tastes but would love her or Warners to commission proper club/house mixes for the dance floor by the best DJ producers that would put her back the right side of cool again on the dance floor and clubs rather than these sorts of second rate versions with featured artists butchering her best tracks. The mixes she issued back in the 90s and 00s did that for her - but can't see any of these Frozen, Hung Up and Material Girl projects doing the same but maybe that's not the aim of them anyway.
  3. I wonder if the promoters would back a arena/stadium tour if it was anything other than a GH tour? It's pretty obvious the demand for Madame X Tour was not as strong as Madonna's team expected as many shows took right up the day of the show to sell out but suppose the prices were ridiculously high even for a theatre venue
  4. Candy Shop Human Nature Material Girl Holiday Like a Prayer Vogue La Isla Bonita Like a Virgin The ones she usually includes even on a non greatest hits tour - will probably be included again to help sell tickets to the general public
  5. Expect this will be the version she does if and when she tours again
  6. Is like her inspiration is along the lines of WAP etc. - just crap
  7. Secret remix 2022 featuring Cardi B and Tina J
  8. I can't wait to see the video just out of curiosity I think having seen the clips filmed on people's phones
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