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  1. Totally the 90s were the best!
  2. Watched it in full now - Highlights - All of the Fado section, especially loved the Welcome to my Fado Club/La Isla Bonita moment, Future, I Rise I noticed in Extreme Occident it looks like it has been filmed or has been given a different perspective with 2 black bars at the top and bottom of the screen cutting the top of her head off at times and then full screen for the rest of the show?? The parts where she sings with no or minimal autotune shows her voice is still great
  3. It was confirmed in another thread it was a recycled audience shot with a colour filter added. Also she has audience reactions from the S&S tour too as someone spotted themselves and screengrabbed it
  4. I don't mind fast edits I loved them in Confessions but they were on point and done brilliantly - Jonas is a genius in his editing but the clip of American Life from Madame X looks like it is just trying to hide that she is not moving round much and is distracting when her hair changes from shot to shot - the clips is hard to watch as is mixing in the 2003 video. It does not feel like a real concert/performance that you are in the room watching the show
  5. Would love her to work with InnerCity on a dance record -am sure she won't though!
  6. Back That Up is great one of the better tracks - that and Ciao Bella should have been on the main CD
  7. Not seen this clip yet from Madonna's page it looks like- the person filming it never hold the camera still
  8. Because it's the best song in the show lol and probably the best on the album - to me it's like the Love Spent of the MDNA tour. It's the emotional high point of the show I thought and was mesmerising to watch how she staged it was just so engaging but realise not everyone even likes the song. Although it's not a single type song I think it's the best on the album along with I Don't Search I Find
  9. Oh wow thanks for sharing what a fantastic experience - just amazing like a dream!! How lucky and well deserved for a real fan to experience that. Can I ask - how did Extreme Occident look? Was sorry to hear they cut it down was a highlight of the show to me. Did Madonna stay until the end of the night at 4am? So glad the editing is an improvement on the RHT and MDNA
  10. OMG must have been amazing to be that close and looked like she looked right at you on the clip!
  11. Looks like to post the aim is to collect the least flattering photos
  12. Wish the re touching on all social media images was not so overdone - she does not need it
  13. Thos studio versions are fake I think but well done Will be interesting how 'live' the show sounds as think alot of the instrumentation was pre-recorded but might be wrong
  14. No more vocoder / over produced vocals Basically to carry on with the path where Confessions left off would be my hope!! Please no more Diplo/Kayne West/Mike Dean beats More uptempo dance pop with great hooks and bridges that make you feel great to listen to. Love her to work on some 90's house or more current house sound that has timeless classic feel to it not the basic EDM sound she went for with MDNA. Love her to work with Disclosure, Honey Dijon, Stuart Price again and Patrick Leonard too for the brilliant songwriting. She seems to love the InnerCity track Good Life at the moment - love her to work with InnerCity but she won't! I am sure. I wish she takes more care of getting credible made of any new tracks that DJs would champion - they have been generally poor over the last 15 years with only a few exceptions. Wish she will really hunt out the talent again for fine the best undiscovered producers or forgotten about producers than going the producers of what is doing well in the charts and then not getting their best work as she is not their priority project. And no features at all! None of the fans want to hear them! It's always a pointless marketing ploy to try to get interest in the record
  15. Looks so much better than what she wore to the VMAs
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