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  1. There's just far too many important and interesting things to fit into a film that we know about and probably loads more that she knows about that we don't that could go into the film. There could be an entire film for each era really
  2. I do wonder if the celebration tour was in part done to get the biopic made as a teaser/promo and to convince film studio to back it again that there is enough interest still to make it a profitable movie e.g. 1.5 million people at the Rio show
  3. So disappointing as hoping it would stay shelved - it will take the next few years up of all her time at the expense of new music and is highly likely to be an another awful film she has been connected with plus the critics will all slate it no matter what as it's like a pastime for them to come up with the most damning one liners about Madonna the films she has been involved with
  4. Oh yeah they are even worse I agree lol
  5. William Orbit is fantastic. I think he would have suggested ditching Girl Gone Wild, Give Me All Your Luvin and Turn Up the Radio - unfortunately these were also the singles and her charts positions of singles nosedived. I think if she had stayed with Warners the MDNA album would have been a different and stronger album with some tracks re-worked and some ditched completely and different single choices. The best tracks on the album are the William Orbit ones even if not as good as Ray of Light - plus Beautiful Killer
  6. The remixes were amazing and loved the cover art for the CD single Maybe charted low as everyone had already got the Ray of Light album by then Don't think the Grammy performance really did the song justice - she seemed to oversing it and just didn't seem to work live was a bit flat to me - but absolutely loved how she performed and sang it on the Celebration tour. Think may have done better if it was the third single after Ray of Light. In the UK it was the 5th single after Power of Goodbye and Drowned World
  7. She sounded so much better on the celebration tour than all the tours from S&S to Madame X and the songs sounded better too - love what Stuart Price does with her live arrangements and vocal mixing with tapes ,live vocals with autotune and other effects
  8. That the B side to Human Nature was going to be a cover of Michael Jackson's song called Human Nature
  9. No remixes with. the UK single release for Take A Bow and a boring CD single cover didn't help - think the remixes got released later or just separately on a US import CD
  10. So hard - would have to say Bedtime Stories each of the videos were amazing for the 4 singles
  11. Bedtime Story performance at the Brits was fantastic one of her best live tv show performances and the week after the single was released in the UK and went straight into the top 10 after Take A Bow was kind of ignored in the UK and broke her long run of top 10 hits only reaching number 16.
  12. Think it's a really underrated album - great vocals, songwriting and production too and flows well despite the different songwriters and producers involved and the era was great for starting to re-build public opinion after the Erotica era backlash without compromising her as an artist and a great step towards getting the lead role in Evita. Warners and her PR agent Liz Rosenberg did an amazing job. Remixes and videos for all 4 singles were fantastic - but there were better tracks than Human Nature that could have done better as singles and got more radio play but she had already acheived chart success from the album with Secret and Take A Bow and think she wanted to get a message out about the Erotica era by making Human Nature a single. I wish we didn't keep getting it on almost every tour.
  13. 1: Some Girls 2: Love Spent 3: Beautiful Killer 4: I'm A Sinner 5: Falling Free Basically the better William Orbit tracks plus Beautiful Killer
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