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  1. Long version (I love all that is long...) Angel (Extended Dance Mix) or Into The Groove (Album Version) ?
  2. POG video Material Girl (Jellybean Dance Remix) or Pretender (Album Version) ?
  3. Drowned World Tour Lucky Star (U.S. Remix) or I Know It (Album Version) ?
  4. Beat Goes On Burning Up (Alternate Version) or Burning Up (12'' Version) ?
  5. Pretender Everybody (Extended Version) or Everybody (Dub Version) ?
  6. W./E. Back That Up (Do It) or Back That Up To The Beat ?
  7. Wild Dancing Don't Tell Me or Future? (Don't tell me to stop, 'Cause you said so)
  8. Live to Tell but I'll Remember is so sweety... Medellin Radio Edit #1 or Medellin Radio Edit #2 ?
  9. I Want You Bitch I'm Madonna or Bitch I'm Loca? @AnapausisI don't talk about you
  10. I do yoga and pilates, And the room is full of hotties So I'm checking out the bodies, And you know I'm satisfied @Anapausis@stefo
  11. UP! DOWN UP UP UP!! It's perfect to sing together with Diego Barros!
  12. It's very hard! The Look of Love Santa Baby or Santa Evita ?
  13. What do you think?! Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Soulpower Radio Remix) Crazy For You Live To Tell The Look Of Love Oh Father Something To Remember This Used To Be My Playground Rain I'll Remember (Theme From The Motion Picture With Honors) Forbidden Love Take A Bow You'll See One More Chance I Want You (With Massive Attack)
  14. Sean Penn The Lady's Got Potential or Peron's Latest Flame ?
  15. None! I prefer Monroe Parody! Celebration EU Cover or US Cover ?
  16. @Donna : Do you Knows Candy Candy anime series?
  17. Paradise (Not For Me) Bitch I'm Madonna (Live at Jimmy Fallon) or Borderline (Live at Jimmy Fallon) ?
  18. I think that in somewhere on copacabana beach the party continues yet!
  19. Where's The Party Hard Candy or Candy Candy?
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