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  1. The new lithographs are lovely, I hope they add some unnumbered ones online at the end of the tour!
  2. I tried the bomber on at the popup - I’m a large in merch t-shirts, but a medium in the bomber, so definitely size down!
  3. Yep, it says Madonna instead of MDNA. I think I’d like it if it was in black but I’m not enjoying the garish red!
  4. There’s four lithographs, numbered out of 500, I imagine these will go within the day!
  5. Following other big pop girl Live Nation tours lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were city specific t-shirts as well, especially for London.
  6. I don’t think they’ll restock any of the sold out stores as it’s not like a future pressing that’s yet to be sent to the pressing plant - they’ve clearly been pressed earlier in the year hence the leaks.
  7. On the UK Record Store Day website, Danceteria is listed, under the name "Lisa Powerhouse" with a similar press release to the Everybody one, and the Everybody cover art... interesting but odd - https://recordstoreday.co.uk/rsd-black-friday/lisa-powerhouse/
  8. Mine and my friend’s both are, which is worrying, but also glad there’s more of us in the same situation, otherwise I’d really be panicking if it was just me! Definitely not strikes, it’s like the store haven’t even given the boxes to Royal Mail. One of my friend’s was in the same boat until Tuesday, when their tracking updated and they received it on Wednesday - so I’m hoping they’re just being super slow.
  9. If you added 1000 to your basket on each store when they went live it told you how many were left - the UK store had something like 180 and the US had 360 around 3 minutes after they went live, so I think those numbers are probably fair estimates of how many were made - seems like an odd amount though, you’d expect 500 total would be an easier batch number!
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