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  1. Who should declare them as unconstitutional ? The Supreme Court ?
  2. "But the video is very beautiful" Yes, Queen, one of the best ever made !
  3. If she really wants to release those "remixes", she could add them to the deluxe edition of the new album. Or doing something like the Holiday Collection and adding CAC, Who's that girl remixes and so on
  4. How can a new album fit a Greatest hits tour ? How many new songs can fit the setlist ? 1, maybe 2, no more than that ! If the tour is as successful as it's shaping to be, it would be better to release a new album almost at the end of it
  5. I may be too old, but I can't read the tracklists. The design is amazing ! The cds inside the discoball is HUGE !!! Is there a disc with the unmixed tracks ?
  6. Could someone please update the title of this thread adding Gambler ? Thanks !
  7. Never seen this image before ! Is there a proper pic/scan ?
  8. She may not care about awards, fine. But maybe her assistant or her manager should say something about it !
  9. [quote]Award originates from a high-ranking member of Madonna's management team and is accompanied by a notarized letter of provenance.[/quote] I think she gave it to someone, maybe as a gift, and this someone is now selling it... Tha auction wouldn't still be up if they stole from her.
  10. I may be quite narrow minded, but I can't really understand what's so funny in making these very misleading thread titles.
  11. https://www.rrauction.com/auctions/lot-detail/346760106491602-madonna-s-mtv-vma-award-for-papa-don-t-preach-/?cat=0 Madonna's MTV MoonMan award for ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ Madonna's iconic MTV Video Music Award 'MoonMan' statuette awarded in 1987 for 'Papa Don't Preach,' measuring approximately 12.5? tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the flagpole, with a black 5? diameter cylindrical base. An engraved metal plaque on the base features the MTV logo and reads: "Video Music Award, 1986-1987, Madonna, Best Female Video, Papa Don't Preach." In fine condition, with slightly uneven stance from an extruding screw on the bottom, and some tarnishing to the removable flag piece. Award originates from a high-ranking member of Madonna's management team and is accompanied by a notarized letter of provenance. The wildly successful 'Papa Don't Preach' was released in mid-1986 as the second single from Madonna's third studio album True Blue. Within eight weeks of release the song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and achieved critical acclaim. Directed by James Foley, the music video shows Madonna's second image makeover, featuring her with cropped platinum blonde hair and a more toned and muscular body. Georges-Claude Guilbert, author of Madonna as Postmodern Myth, describes this look as a 'combination of Marilyn Monroe, Jean Seberg and Kim Novak.' The video and lyrical content dealing with teenage pregnancy and abortion stirred worldwide controversy—even the Pope made comments—and the attention only increased its popularity. In addition to winning this award for Best Female Video, 'Papa Don't Preach' received two other VMA nominations as well as a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female. The MTV 'MoonMan' is one of the most recognizable awards in all of entertainment and this exceptionally rare example is elevated due to the cultural importance of the song in shaping the sociopolitical discourse of the late 1980s. Ends: 12/8 Now At: $19,115 Next Bid: $21,027
  12. @Curtains I really hope you're gonna solve your problems soon ! I entered this game quite late, during the demos era, but right fron the start I saw the passion and the efforts you put into it ! You're just an amazing person. And very generous, too ! And it shows from the Megarates and the EPs you are posting. A really bug hug to you !
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