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  1. Girlie Show rehearsal. Erotica into Fever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE8NSo_Stvo Did ya’ll ever see this. She’s so bossed up, it’s so sexy.
  2. HAHA, We were basically typing the same thing at the sametime. Great minds!!!
  3. The Girlie Show was incredible. She was dancing better and singing better. In retrospect, it was her strongest tour considering that but who knows if would have toured with BS or ROL. Vincent Paterson said that Madonna really came into herself with BA, but GS she had everything to lose. She danced and sang for her life.
  4. I think it’s cringy when she talks about Basquiat, almost as if she is name dropping. A moment when Madonna doesn’t realize she’s Madonna. I’ve met Jellybean on numerous occasions, not well enough to know him personally, but well enough to know he’s a nice guy ( did I just drop a name? )
  5. I don’t know if I should believe you or not. Anything is possible with her
  6. I agree with you and do you know what bums me out? Is that I didn’t feel that same excitement I used to feel when she was gonna release music. Maybe it has to do more with me than her, but it’s just different.
  7. Very true. Liz is legend!!! The only thing makes Madonna just as important as Liz is the fact that she, at the time, was the most famous woman in the world and a lot of her fanbase was pre-teens and teens, the ones that needed to be educated the most. I was 15 in 1990, at the height of the pandemic and I didnt learn about it in school, I learned about it from, The Like A Prayer Album and unfortunately a sick uncle.
  8. It’s really a combination of things and that has slowly happened since 2002. Not many people can relate to Madonna and certainly not to the extent of her career in the 80’s and 90’s. People loved her rags to riches story. It is so American. 1. Goes to NYC at 19 w/35 dollars in her pocket. 2. Hard working Catholic Midwestern Italian with 7 brothers and sisters. 3. Proclaims in 1984 that she wants to “rule the world” and does so by 1990… You all know the story. ( The American Dream ) ***1992 - Sex Book / Body Of Evidence/ Erotica / Her image is forever tarnished in a lot of people’s minds. ***1994 - Dennis Rodman and The David Letterman appearance over shadowed everything else. ***1996 - Everyone loves a baby and a comeback. At this time, if your were on Oprah and she approved, you’re golden. ***1998 - Quicker than a ROL Madonna is certifiably the Queen of Pop, forever and always. ***1999 - accolades accolades accolades ***2000 - Married a handsome, talented, director (gross) another baby, kick-ass body, Music, accolades. ***2001 - In my opinion, that’s the last year we see Madonna as we know her. ***2002 and on - Kabbalah take over, Divorce, dating 21 year olds, Flashing her ass and tits just for the sake of doing it, surgery, surgery, surgery, and acting way younger than she is, but it doesn’t seem genuine to the public. Madonna is no longer relatable, and she’s not doing anything to change it. I’m not gonna slag her anymore, I love her. Sometimes I feel as though she is self sabotaging her career in someway because maybe she thinks she doesn’t deserve it. She’s very hard on herself and she’s probably bored too. No matter how Coo-koo for cocoa puffs she gets, I’ll always support her and we will never know, What It’s Like For Madonna.
  9. It seems like Gen X Gays are the ones who understand Madonna. Boomers and Millennials not as much and it makes sense because Gen Xers saw her explode in the 80’s. Are you gay? I am. I came out in 1993 and the gay community is nothing like it used to be. It can be a hideous existence if you don’t where you fit in.
  10. I think the gay community can do a little better when it comes to Madonna. But you’re right. It is the LGBT Comm that had stuck by her. That’s as far as I’m touching this subject. ‘Everybody knows the damn truth”
  11. Billie Jean!!! Hey there… I’m the guy that fanned out on you on Youtube like 2 weeks ago. I was talking about how yout intros are amazing. Just really fantastic. The timing and quality is perfect. The part with the Madonna Evita kiss and the pop! Brilliant. Thanks mate!!!
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