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  1. Title of the Magazine : Re-edition She is holding a Bible = Her Catalog Maybe the reissue campaign starts ....
  2. Hi Found this on Twitter (X) : https://x.com/IknoWTFhappened/status/1750572923792785507?s=20 Is it legit ? never heard it before
  3. Yes but with nowadays with our wild screens it’s quite frustrating to have the video in this little square on the middle of the screen.
  4. Yes but it’s a shame that all the hd videos are not in 16:9
  5. Hope that she is not in the studio for another remix .
  6. After 3 ou 4 mails the customer service told me that they were wrong. My order has not been sent buy UPS but By USPS. Now I have the correct tracking number. 🙄
  7. Come on !!!!! You can do better than theses answers !!! We already get it about “sex” 🙄
  8. I'm still struggling with Merch traffic (from Official US Madonna Only Store) to know where is my 6 Vinyl Box Set. I had an email 2 weeks ago for shipment with a UPS tracking number but since then the status on the UPS site has not evolved. I have phoned to UPS and the told me that the tracking number is not a UPS tracking number. The number usually starts by Z.... Mine starts by 8....... Merch traffic keep on giving me the same answers. Anyone else have issue like mine ? Thank you.
  9. I bought the red vinyl from Phonica Records. The black vinyl and 6lp box from the US Madonna official store
  10. I had to pay 13€ for the red vinyl coming from UK. My 6lp box has been sent on Friday.
  11. In the booklet it's written that Like A Virgin and Material Girl didn't need a radio edit because they are already short enough for radio airplay ; )
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