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  1. Hopefully in the future a final compilation will be released from beginning to end with all 80's, 90's, 00's etc remastered carefully without the interference of a high on weed producer.
  2. I think this lawsuit is pointless and a cash grab. However she should be turning up on time for her shows. I and many others go to work and show up on time and quite rightly so, so should she.
  3. Well if it was an old wound he should not of put that in there.
  4. Boy George is as usual using Madonna's name to get attention and as usual and rightly so Madonna is completely ignoring him which is winding him up more.
  5. I concur that said when she goes for it she sings live beautifully but she can't sing perfect with all those dance moves even if they are reduced.
  6. It's a basic song until the end where Cherish give me faith give me joy bit comes in with Nikki & Donna which is probably the best part of the song.
  7. This is why I honestly think she should of started touring next year yes it would of upset people but quite frankly she is more important to me then the tour.
  8. For anyone who thought I was wrong in what I had said previously in this thread about being worried you may all stand corrected and no this is not me sticking my tongue out at you rather me stating I was correct in my worry. Praying she is okay. 🙏🏻 🌹
  9. I'm so thankful you said this thank you! You get my response perfectly.
  10. Right first and foremost I'm entitled to an opinion and I will glady watch her. My opinion is not trying to be negative however I do not condone any artist starting late unless they do the whole show. People pay good money for a ticket and quite frankly everyone who works shows up to their job on time unless they want to get fired and regardless of who she or any artist is when people pay a hefty amount of money to see her and the setlist gets cut it is taking the mick.
  11. I'm really worried about her guys something isn't right. The late starts, ICU episode, bandaging of her leg, the case that lots of people are saying the setlist doesn't feel finalised and last minute and at points she looks lost. My Heart is breaking seeing her like this. I was going to get a ticket in December to see her but I don't think I can. It might just be me worried but I mentioned in a post in another thread she should of just cancelled the tour this year and then rearranged for next year. I know it would of pissed people off but quite frankly I think she needed more time to recover and get the show in order.
  12. I'm sorry but I totally disagree with this. If people pay a ticket to a full show then they should get the whole show especially at the price of her tickets. Personally putting a lot of things together with ICU, the bandages / compression on her legs, hip replacement suggests to me she is not in tip top condition and to see her like this breaks my heart even more so because she is soldiering through the pain. Im really getting Michael Jackson vibes atm and I really dont like it. Although it would of frustrated me I think she should of cancelled the show this year refunded everyone in order to get herself back in shape for next year and I don't mean Sticky&Sweet/MDNA tour fit as she is 65 now but her illness in ICU nearly cost her, her life and quite frankly I'd rather have her healthy and safe then die on stage.
  13. Would anyone be able to advice which place on the stage map is the best?
  14. Well if they do that's awful tbh. I just want her to wake up we all want proper reissues it's not that hard. Her pride gets in the way as do her management whispering into ear what we supposedly want.
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