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  1. Again average I will say I love her new vocals shame again that it's not a full song
  2. Realistically It will be Medellin however I want Soltera live that would be cool and cheeky 😊
  3. Im not asking for you to censor yourself I'm asking for you to be polite and not swear at me just because you don't agree with my thoughts or opinions. What new fans? ? Any casual listener can listen to that song on repeat regardless if it has 49 million streams. If you can show credible evidence this remix has impacted the younger generation to become fans of her and go and listen to her discography consider me well and truly told.
  4. Firstly I'm entitled to my own opinion please don't swear at me. Secondly it may be her lowest selling album but all her albums since Confessions have sold less. Madame X may of had its faults but thank christ its nothing like this mess. A 2minute+ song with some rapper delivering an autotuned rap mess while she is barely on the song plus no new vocals. No thanks I'll listen to the original.
  5. What a load of crap why is she pursuing this? Stop chasing trends, charts and just focus on making good music like Madame X. Better yet give the fans something decent for sticking by her all of these years. Sorry but that song is clearly not aimed at her target audience and she is back with Warner Bros what are they thinking? Sorry I only ever vent if something is worth venting and this piece of garbage is dreadful. If anyone was looking to tarnish a fantastic song like Frozen follow those steps.
  6. Thank you ?? they all sound the same I like a remix to be something different and not basic.
  7. Dreading Honey Djons input following her remix of I Dont Search I Find.
  8. Mirror has reported today she wants to work with Kayne on an RnB album god forbid but it's probs just gossip.
  9. Not going to lie everytime I hear the breath work interlude I question why that made it instead of the full god control, killers and cut crave :(
  10. Who is to say she will have full involvement with this? One statement from Warner Bros is not going to change my mind until I see it in black and white. It could be the whole Something To Remember Saga
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