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  1. Thank you it was driving me nuts for years 🤣
  2. https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxp-Pj_O_drsKsfiUZhk8hOAD3-l3Y-o6l Please does anyone know what she is singing before everybody wants to party?
  3. At least in Bitch I'm Madonna she serves a great look, killer dancing and it's an original song unlike that boring remix and trashy video. Watching that remix video broke my heart whoever is saying yes to all her ideas is trying to sabotage her career successfully I might add.
  4. Who is encouraging her and advising her to do this? My love for her is being challenged as of late. The only redeeming thing I can think she has done this year is the remix record and erotica vinyl. Ditch the tik tok stars, ditch the weird remixes, ditch the grills get a decent stylist on board and move on to what her fanbase generally wants. A large majority are not interested in her being a tik tok star. It's time to honour your legacy Madonna the proper way. Remixing fantastic classics and ruining them like this is not the way to go.
  5. I'm not trying to be negative but I honestly just wish she would either get on and celebrate her legacy or make a new album. I wonder if Warner is advising her to do this?
  6. Madonna does love double entendres and she has done numerous songs through her career I'm not surprised tbh
  7. Can someone explain to me what the difference is with Stuart Prices vocal edits?
  8. Again average I will say I love her new vocals shame again that it's not a full song
  9. Realistically It will be Medellin however I want Soltera live that would be cool and cheeky 😊
  10. Im not asking for you to censor yourself I'm asking for you to be polite and not swear at me just because you don't agree with my thoughts or opinions. What new fans? ? Any casual listener can listen to that song on repeat regardless if it has 49 million streams. If you can show credible evidence this remix has impacted the younger generation to become fans of her and go and listen to her discography consider me well and truly told.
  11. Firstly I'm entitled to my own opinion please don't swear at me. Secondly it may be her lowest selling album but all her albums since Confessions have sold less. Madame X may of had its faults but thank christ its nothing like this mess. A 2minute+ song with some rapper delivering an autotuned rap mess while she is barely on the song plus no new vocals. No thanks I'll listen to the original.
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