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  1. Im having a confessions renaissance but Im stuck on Fighting Spirit, Super Pop and History only.
  2. I would like her to just focus on a couple of producers for the next album thats how every record from ROL to Confessions was fantastic. I also felt Madame X was a return to form but I realise not everyone would agree with this.
  3. Praying the stems leak so we can have Madonna purely on the chorus
  4. I want an acapella of Madonna’s part so we can put it on the original.
  5. Very happy about the vocals but she sounds so different on the verse like literally did not think it was her voice.
  6. Praying Madonna’s line can be filtered and added to the normal levitating.
  7. Agreed I was listening to Madonna singing Joan Of Arc live at Ellen and she nailed it vocally in her lower register regardless of suffering with a cold.
  8. I have this feeling they might completely auto tune her verse to the highest pitch to re-create her younger sounding voice. Akin to Soltera and Champagne Rose.
  9. It would be a dream if Madonna featured on Hallucinate its my favourite track from that flawless record.
  10. Agreed I want this video out surely shes not scared of it being to political?
  11. Back That Up To The Beat is now 🔥 I will be making an edit to put beat into it. ❤️ 1 More day haven’t listened to the whole album just YouTube’d a couple of songs!
  12. Please, Please, Please can someone make a version of the song with the ending picking up from where the first part sequenced into the ballet part?
  13. I like it but some of the correction on her vocals is bad and the ending I think should of ended more dramatically. I think it should of picked up towards the end but instead it went out with her blowing the flames out which was an interesting way to end it however as stated it should of ended with a bang.
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