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  1. I know they have I just miss certain things is all. :/
  2. Back in the day when something released it charted asap (usually). Anyone can stream a song but to go out and buy and have that record mean something to that person is something more precious to be honest.
  3. Even though Kylies is doing well it still hasn't hit number 1. Its doing well virally and in terms of sales and the song is great but it's just streaming its ruined everything.
  4. I'll be gutted if Madonna speaks over the new track with Sam Smith. I want her vocals. 😭
  5. New Grillz per track that are compulsory to wear to every press event
  6. I wonder how much it actually cost to put her for some words on a track
  7. Please don't mistake me for mentioning Kylie. I really am looking forward to this pairing! I'm just hoping Madonna has layed new vocals down.
  8. I'd like to know what "team" this is the remasters are dreadful. Quite frankly no one cares about edits of the same songs unless there is something hugely specific in the edit which is unlikely. Just bloody deliver on unreleased songs and demos and stop taking the mick out of your fan base.
  9. No disrespect but that song was a complete and utter rachet
  10. I heard through the grapevine we are getting a new cd of hard candy however all songs will keep their instrumental however Madonna will sing Candy Shop over all the instrumentals. Tracklisting is as follows: 1. Candy Shop 2. 4 Minutes To Save The Candy Shop 3. Give Candy Shop To Me 4. Heartbeat Candy Shop 5. Miles Away Candy Shop 6. She's Not Candy Shop 7. Incredible Candy Shop 8. The Candy Shop Goes On 9. Candy Shop 2Nite 10. Spanish Candy Shop 11. The Devil Wouldnt Recognize Candy Shop 12. Candy Shop Voices
  11. I think its fair to say we aren't getting these.
  12. Not keen on it let's hope the full is good. Madonna please for the love of god forget about Material Gurlz, Hung Up On Tokisha your back catalogue deserves to be treated with love, care and attention not like this.
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