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  1. Agreed I want this video out surely shes not scared of it being to political?
  2. Back That Up To The Beat is now 🔥 I will be making an edit to put beat into it. ❤️ 1 More day haven’t listened to the whole album just YouTube’d a couple of songs!
  3. MerBoy13

    Please, Please, Please can someone make a version of the song with the ending picking up from where the first part sequenced into the ballet part?
  4. MerBoy13

    I like it but some of the correction on her vocals is bad and the ending I think should of ended more dramatically. I think it should of picked up towards the end but instead it went out with her blowing the flames out which was an interesting way to end it however as stated it should of ended with a bang.
  5. MerBoy13

    Does anyone have the full bitchy telegraph review?
  6. MerBoy13

    Whats happened to the super deluxe 3 tracks can''t see them on amazon?
  7. All of them but God Control is what Im eager to hear.
  8. MerBoy13

    Please can someone clarify as Im confused. The album art for standard and deluxe? Is the standard one the cover with the lips sewn and is the deluxe cover with blonde hair?
  9. MerBoy13

    That fall was real. Her face more then said it.
  10. MerBoy13

    Count Me In!
  11. MerBoy13

    I think thats disgraceful making a deal to play a song that fucks me off if it had been Michael Jackson it would of been played without the deal. That said it also shows that people did listen and like GMAYL as 10 is a high peak.
  12. MerBoy13

    The reason it didn’t work was because MDNA was released a month after. I think the album should drop on the night. I think they are going to use EV as a platform for the new single which is good to create a buzz but her singles (unfortunately) dont perform as well as they used to. She is a legend now and as a legend she should focus on album sales. I’d love for her to hit number one everywhere again (single wise) just to put the middle finger up to the haters but unfortunately there are too many things against her. (Streaming, YouTube Views, Ageism + Ageism on the radio).
  13. MerBoy13

    I think if Madonna performs at EV then she should release the album after the performance to capatilise on the “sales effect”. I think performing her new material then waiting a month or two for the album could be a risk as the hype would die down. Unfortunately the music buisness has become more about NOW rather than later.
  14. MerBoy13

    No please dont relegate it to a backdrop. I’d love to see her do it live or as suggested livish and with a complete dance ♥️