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  1. I mean, I can't blame her. This tour is her biggest cash cow in years! I'd be outraged if she didn't take the chance to exploid it. My dream scenario is her releasing an Abel/Stuart produced album or EP and then making some sort of Celebration Stadium Tour adding the new songs to the setlist.
  2. We need to kidnap her and The Weeknd and lock them inside a studio. No release until a full album is done.
  3. Hmm I would't describe MX like that because, for me, it sounds very Mirwais. So I just hope for something different, or at least something that could be a better fit for her.
  4. Whatever it is, hope for a new sound or a new twist. I don't want more references to old songs, or a return to “Classic Madonna”, or something aimed just to the older fans. I want her to keep looking for new sounds, push her main collaborators to came up with new ideas, or even work with new ones (sonically and visually) in order to shape her vision of the future, as she has always did.
  5. Hope she includes WIFLFAG on the “rain” segment (idk how to call it lol). Also, I'll Remember would be *chef kiss*, but I know the chances are low. 🥲
  6. Doubt she will ever release something on an unknown platform again after the RH rollout.
  7. Insee what you did there with the “Madame X” skin 😂
  8. Based on the Reel that she posted some days ago, it seems like it's already been filmed and that at least some parts are also already edited. The main question now is… where and when will it be available to stream?
  9. This song must be somewhat special for The Weeknd. His Fortnite collab included 6 skins, a lot of items and the use of a handful of his most popular songs. But now they have also added Popular as an emote and as a song that you can play on Fortnite Festival. That's huge that he preferred Popular over some of his other songs. And now the MV… this definitely must mean something to him.
  10. I'm from Peru too. I got to see her on MXT in Paris just days before she had to cancel due to covid. 🥲
  11. To be fair, until we get word from herself (or at least more complete leaks with dates and venues), I'm still doubtful of it happening.
  12. Glad she's still bringing her friends for the Vogue ballroom segment! It's my favorite part of the show. Wonder who will be the guest judge for the third MSG date 👀
  13. If it's indeed happening in september or november, the announce can pretty much happen at the end of the april shows. 5 months to sell tickets seems fair to me.
  14. That's crazy, he's from my country and I never had a chance to meet the man (yet).
  15. Apparently William Orbit has confirmed that M is going to Brazil: https://www.instagram.com/p/C2Zy0PqMp5G/?igsh=Nzh5ejZ3ZHFtOTc= Of all the people in the world who could “leak” something like this, this is the most random one (especially because it came out of nowhere in a post where he really didn't needed to mention it lmao)
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