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  1. The bridges match pretty much what I had in mind for the connection between areas. Is there any image on her IG where we can see them? Overall, great work!
  2. I think the O represents her, in some way. She's the Queen of Reinvention, always shapeshifting through every era. Hence the reason why the O and her pictures on the poster are morphing into something else.
  3. Only at his acting, because the man it's still ruling streaming and selling out stadiums all around the world. As long as he keeps putting music that people love, he'll be more than fine.
  4. As a peruvian, I approve this idea.
  5. “A hint? It starts with L and ends with IVERPOOL”. It felt that way, lol.
  6. So, the only somewhat confirmed songs so far are: - Holiday - Crazy for You - Bitch I'm Madonna - Like a Virgin/Billie Jean - Vogue
  7. Hope she's not using 3 screens again, it's repetitive af.
  8. I thought that it was a joke since it was the name of a rumour or codename project from some time ago, but people are taking it so seriously that I'm even doubting myself. I'm sure that's how some Mandela Effects are born.
  9. Guys, filters tend to accentuate make up and facial features. Try it for yourselves. 😅
  10. I love that she's having fun. With filters or not, she's looking great. Hope she keeps it quiet without tour videos for a couple more weeks. I'm hyped: for the first time in years this feels like a mystery.
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