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  1. Iirc in the TOD video, Amy asks her to play “all the hits” and M said yes.
  2. I don't see it being a GH release. It makes no sense at all with the tour being named Celebration, that album still making numbers on streaming, and FEL being marketed as a collection of her 50 number ones + being released less than a year ago. If she's doing new music, it's probably that she's releasing just a single or maaaybe an EP (if we're lucky). No GH or new album for now.
  3. It's doing the same on other Madonna forums, just changing the username. And it's getting tired.
  4. Seems to be Hold Tight. The length of the lyrics matches what we saw in the music sheet.
  5. Seems like Ariana is filming an adaptation of Wicked right now, so it might not be her.
  6. I don't think that recent Madonna has ever performed her classics in album versions. She always puts a twist on them, so even tho they sound almost the same as the album, they're different enough to get the live-vibe. But it's not like she's gonna perform a setlist full of completely changed remixes, lol.
  7. For me it's Rebel Hearts, since that's the only title that she has personally used to name us.
  8. It's a filter for IG. Open the camera on the app, go to the “Explore” option scrolling the filters to the right, and search “Madonna's albums”.
  9. I love that she's doing so many kind of remixes. Fun appetizers before her new single/album/ep/whatever comes out.
  10. For me it was a reference to the tour, cause her previous stories were about the new dates. That, or a performance somewhere.
  11. Yeah, but it's still a compilation. Commercially, it won't be a good move. And Celebration is still pretty much alive on her streaming platforms, even being the name of the tour, so I don't think there's space for a new compilation (at least for now).
  12. August 30th, iirc. And yeah, these kind of projects change all the time. And a biopic movie about her life is definitely happening, with or without her on board.
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