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  1. Really? I only remember when she asked M something for the Madame Xtra special, and when she said she looked beautiful in an old photo that someone showed to her. I don't think they've ever been in the same place together. πŸ€”
  2. I think a collab with Billie and Finneas is more possible in the form of a co-production for new M song rather than a duet.
  3. This has been the most special night as a Madonna fan. I'm glad I'm alive at the same time as her.
  4. Divorce! Jk it's technically not the biggest, since that record belongs to Rod Stewart for a New Years concert, with 4.5M people in attendance. However that was a NYE and everyone was on the streets, so not all the people were there specifically for his concert. But it counts as the biggest attendance ever.
  5. Have you've seen the live webcam? I'm sure there's almost 1M people there already, and we still have 4 hours left until the show starts 🫠
  6. Can we get a tutorial about how to ask for a refund on NordVPN after the show is over? πŸ˜…
  7. Heard almost the same, with only difference that her staff asked for the toilets to be destroyed.
  8. Is something new coming over? πŸ‘€
  9. The story with the text where she mentions a list of things that they both talked about.
  10. What with that random mention of COADF on her IG story 🧐
  11. Everything about this Rio show is intriguing. This is her most interesting concert ever, I need to know all the details of the production.
  12. Any news so far? Last rumor I saw was about a duet with Katy Perry. Hope to hear something new from M very soon!
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