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  1. can we quickly mention the fact, that she didn’t cancel ONE SINGLE show so far?!
  2. oh no ... it finally happened, damn. but they seemed cool about it 💛❤️
  3. that's more or less what they said about madonna back in the days...
  4. a story with die another day and some short praise
  5. final niki&donna thoughts. i like them, BUT ... their insta post after the show? they didn't congratulate madonna, didn’t praise anything, just using the show to say they had a great time in nyc and they will be back with their own show?? nah..., SORRY, NEXT ! (remember the post of william orbit? now that was a celebration of madonna and his involvement)
  6. to be fair, she didn't acknowledge all the other former collaborators (mirwais, orbit,...) that attended either. she could have brought them on as guest judges... but, i hope / i'm certain they connected backstage / in a private moment. <3
  7. good question. i still think some more countries like brazil or argentinia might be possible to be added. i'd love if she comes back to europe even. but on the other hand, it might be enough for her... what she is pulling off is amazing. she might wants to move on and take the energy back into her film project (eventhough, the tour and a mini docu around it would be more than enough for me)
  8. definitely UP WITH HER VERY VERY BEST. i can't even rank them. the tours are soooo diverse. celebration is for sure a milestone, not only because of the 40 years, but she really managed to give the format of 'greatest hits' the unique madonna twist. culturally very important for generations to follow.
  9. she should just do it!! come on, they have been part of her dna for quite some time of the 4 decades - BRING THEM ON!!!
  10. thank you! i was looking for this! so madonna quoted it wrong when she said on insta, mercy is playing chopin every night?!
  11. i kinda do not think it will happen - BUT ... i'd love it a lot 💛
  12. i became a madonna fan because of frozen, one of her best* but - in that case - #TEAMRAIN
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