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  1. i agree i meant on different levels, i should have been more specific gaga artistically beyonce/tailer more the business aspect of being a global, dominant super star. i agree, there are no artistic similarities with swift, few with beyonce
  2. maybe she is performing the chopped songs from the tour? (the 'music' section) 😍👻
  3. let's guess ... what will it be? her life and career has been documented quite well. i do not think a two hours movie can go through everything. hell, not even her prime period 85-92 would fit. too many things happened!! maybe they take another angle rather than a chronological one? her drive, her pain, her succeeding her doubters? her feminine and sexual liberation? i honestly don't know ... lol
  4. mhhh... i mean, wasn’t this always the plan? to do the CT in order to get her back into the general public's mind and attention? it did work out super well, people love her, respect her. her story is far from being told to the end... BUT - is she the right director for this? with all my adoration for her, i doubt it. BUT - we should let her proove us wrong AGAIN!! 😂😂
  5. i really do not understand this sound discussion, the synch discussion, i mean ... did you really expect that she allows eurovision to possibly happen again? no f way! the whole tour was a redemption to her reputation. the music, her cultural impact, but yes, also to shut everyone up about her face, ass and vocals. i expected them to be overly protective of her. that means you fuck up a little here and there. minor i'd say. speaking of fuck. how amazing she delivered one of her best madonna quotes ever??? "you can fuck yourself to the middle, but you can't fuck yourself to the top!" i can't wait for the mexico release of the show in the arena - that will be such a treat! i think she might just has delivered the most important tour in her entire career ... a new blueprint. just as she did with blond ambition. BRAVO!!
  6. speechless. i mean, who would have thought ... again and again ... the most wonderful way to celebrate what she has done, what she stands for, and for all those millions of people who lover her art. BOOM!! Incredible ....
  7. well, i'd be VERY MUCH interested to hear what Pat Leonard thinks of the tour...
  8. 1 Blond ambition tour 2 The celebration tour 3 Confessions tour 4 Drowned world tour 5 The girlie show 6 Who's that girl tour 7 The virgin tour 8 Sticky and sweet tour 9 Re-invention tour 10 Rebel heart tour 11 Madame X tour 12 Mdna tour
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