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  1. Or maybe she is? 🤔
  2. Yes, I'm also afraid but hopeful. Good luck tonight, M! 🤞🏻💙
  3. She better not even take a picture or share a look with the ghost of J. Balvin. That would be a bad look after his death.
  4. Hope she gets some rest on South America after the concert in Medellin! Maybe she can visit other places. I know that she wanted to go to Peru since a long tine, so now that she’s gonna be in the region, it’s a good chance to visit other countries. She always goes on vacation before starting a new project and after a brek-up.
  5. Well, some people are shy in front of the camera. And Diablo could be one of them. I don't think it’s a PR stunt 'cause she's not attached to the project anymore. And it sounds more like she really appreciated her time with M. All of her collaborators talk about Madonna's work ethic, so the fact that she's actually mentioning it means something authentic to me.
  6. Now that we’re talking about it, is it “Baby Jesus on the stairs” or “Baby Jesus understands”? Still can't figure it out that one.
  7. In the first livestream, Diablo said that Andy was one of the funniest characters on the script 'cause he always talked with monosyllables.
  8. Wonder what pushed the unexpected rise of Sorry? ?
  9. The original Frozen song and video are getting more streams than ever. No other artist from her generation is doing it like M, she's the most interesting one among her peers. This a success for Madonna and a good start for the next step of her career, which seems to be all about her finally rediscovering her back catalogue and legacy.
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