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  1. Is that Margot Robbie on the second pic?!
  2. I didn't knew that they DESTROYED the copies that were manufactured. That's hardcore. Hope they release an special edition of the album to celebrate its anniversary!
  3. I don't like Bad Bunny and I'm latin. But I like that he's doing good. I was surprised at his performance at Bullet Train, tho: he seemed very committed into his character.
  4. Yeah: more than 2 hours but less than 3 is a perfect length for a Madonna biopic. Even if it just covers her early years.
  5. But it's not like if she has tattooed her whole body. These are just small symbols on her arms.
  6. I love what Sasha Kasiuha has done with this video. Very fresh!
  7. It's too early for this, she was talking about FEL and the house comment was a random thing.
  8. How do we know she's gonna appear at the VMAs? :o
  9. Well, what happened with Batgirl is not common. It costed $90M and was already filmed, but after the Discovery merger, the new CEO at Warner decided to cancel the project to “take a more ambitious approach for DC” (it was originally aimed for HBO Max). 💀 It’s the worst precedent in the movie industry in decades, so I don't think we could take it as a reference for Madonna's biopic situation. In this case, we're still in the pre-production phase and there could be a lot of delays ahead before the production starts. Pretty normal in Hollywood. There's an episode of some spanish guys' podcast on YouTube where they refer to The Javis. And one of the hosts told that one of them was holding the script of the Madonna movie and bragging about already having it. Also, The Javis told on a TV show that Madonna herself invited them to her house in London after watching that Veneno series, but that they cannot tell anything else.
  10. You're right. For example, Bohemian Rhapsody took like 10 years to be made. Dwayne Johnson was announced as Black Adam in 2007 and the movie is about to premiere this year. This is how Hollywood works when they announce a movie without a finished script. 💀 I also think this is all about deadlines, tbh.
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