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  1. alvaroliam

    Is Mirwais part of the rumour too? 😡
  2. alvaroliam

    Do you guys have the link to the PopJustice page where they discuss this? πŸ‘€ i want to ask some questions over there, lol.
  3. alvaroliam

    Seems like she's inspired. πŸ‘€
  4. Pink hair + Blue hat = killer combo! Hope she stays with this look for the next era, it's really good!
  5. alvaroliam

    If we all report his account, he'll be gone. #teamwork
  6. alvaroliam

    This is what Amy said:
  7. Levitating Remix on Radio Disney (Peru).
  8. alvaroliam

    And a movie titan producing it: Amy Pascal.
  9. Idk it reminds me of what my mom does. She meditates with candles, incense and quartz. It's very relaxing, tbh.
  10. He works with The Weeknd, I don't think that his bf project is having THAT budget from her.
  11. I thought that Madonna's "real name" was Marie for some reason. I even remember my mon and aunts telling me that and some TV shows mentionig it, but it was when I was like 7 yo. I'm 27 now, and for some reason my mom says that she never told me that, and there's no proof that it happened. Am I crazy? Idk. πŸ˜‚
  12. alvaroliam

    I just can't see a Madonna biopic without Vogue on the ost. Maybe the movie will be about her whole life, idk.