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  1. One that got popular: True Blue Fan favorite: Confessions on a Dance Floor Experimental: Madame X Cult classic: Erotica Best album of all time: Ray of Light Meh: MDNA
  2. Who gave her the right to slay this hard???
  3. “Changing reality” Dude, that's what “Edition” means, lol. Why highlight the fact that “she wants to change reality”? Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue, Twenty One Pilots and every other act that has made a livestream show has done it. It's not an award performance, it's an EVENT. 🙄
  4. Maybe the role has been decided from months ago. The movie is being produced by Amy Pascal and she loves Florence.
  5. I doubt that it's for the Stonewall event because they're showing something that seems to have been filmed. I'm not saying that she's not gatting inducted (maybe), but for what I've seen, this seems to be for something bigger.
  6. I'm surprised that NOTHING has leaked. 👏🏻
  7. From Ricardo's IG: ”Come pray” https://www.instagram.com/p/CQO5c33HBqG/?utm_medium=copy_link She wasn't trolling when she said that God is coming.
  8. If I remember right, some months ago a member of her team said that it will premiere on Netflix. Then changed the text where he said that. But now we have confirmation that it's going to be available on streaming, so I don't think that they're changing their plans to go for the PPV route. It's not as attractive as the check they will receive from any streaming platform.
  9. Streaming platforms have very busy schedules, planned with years of anticipation in some cases. If they're going to include one more original to their catalog, they need to find the correct spot in their calendar that doesn't overshadow other titles (or vice versa). And I think that's the only reason why it's taking her so long to premiere it. There are marketing and business contracts that need to be respected. Even if she had the film ready, she depends on the platform times to release it.
  10. Maybe she didn't intended to say “GOD is coming”, but “SOD is coming”. 😂
  11. Who the hell are you and why are you spying my thoughts? 😂 This is EXACTLY what I've been thinking: a retro space aesthetic with some WandaVision mystery elements in the narrative could be AMAZING. Colours and effects like the GOTG Vol. 2 credits scene. Also, she has never done space visuals, so I'm here for it.
  12. There are filters that change your hair colour with that sense of precision. 😁
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