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  1. wow thats so cool. brings back so many memories!
  2. i was on the list to! i got so much rare stuff in trades. i loved that list!
  3. i was 31. lol. and had my 2nd child, i used to get so excited when those low quality mp3s leaked.
  4. Holy crap!! These are amazing!!! id love a shirt with these on it!
  5. I wish we could get the shoots as a digital file. But i know With how strict they are thats a no go. Just like Adore. Cause these shoots are some of her best 80s photo layouts. Crazy it took this long to get them.
  6. Three. WTG Dallas 1987..BA Dallas...Rebel heart in Washington Thanks to my best friend. Then the celebration tour will be 4. I was sapouse to see mdna in Dallas but she cancelled. She dosent come here often. I was in Hawaii when she was doing the virgin tour and she did not come there or I would have def seen that one.
  7. nice to see they remembered olivia newton john. that really gutted me when she passed.
  8. I own a cd player..and mp3 player..a cassette player...a record player etc.. I love my cds and I'm not giving them up for streaming. I stream on occasion. I like having a tangible item, so if my internet goes down..I still can have access to my music. I also have a pretty sweet car stereo. I like burning my own cds and playing them in the car. I'm old so that's also part of it, but Ive always been a huge music lover and I like having options and how I listen to it. There is nothing wrong with streaming and digital. I just really like knowing I have tangible back ups just in case.
  9. You know when madonna first started out she had a belly...people used to comment on her baby fat. She was not a huge fitness person yet and she said she had put on a lot of weight as well during the filming of DSS. She looked fine then, she looks fine now. It is sad to see everyone pile on the " shes fat" bandwagon. she goes thru phases, she has as long as Ive been a fan and thats been since her very first apperence into the pop world. The age crap, the weight crap, its so fricking old allready. You all know the min shes in tour/promotion mode she will look diffirent again.
  10. dcfma was a bit of a surprise and she sounded amazing. i loved this is was fun!
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