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  1. 2 other Take a Bow videos: Now that we have some great videos of her singing Rain, I'm happy we also have the new performance of Take a Bow ❤
  2. Madonna just posted a reels on IG with this promo pic I think in the future this could be the official cover of the tour release, so beautiful! Someone have this in better quality?
  3. I confess i'm REALLY curious to know how they gonna explore it during the show. I tend to like more tradicional shape stages BUT it seems like a lot of interesting things could be done in this stage. I'm sure will work out beautifully, I'm so freaking excited!
  4. The announcement of Madonna 40 is coming in the tour opening night, guys Right in time for Xmas sales
  5. So, I'm ready for Hollywood remixes on Spotify tonight It's already midnight somewhere?
  6. I was hoping for ROL remix edits on streaming, but I'm so happy we are getting Has To Be <3
  7. That would be exciting! I notice she's filming her trips/parties/events for years and years, that also might help to create something beautiful. Her life changed so much since I'm Going To Tell You a Secret, it would be amazing to catch up. I hope she releases The Celebration Tour concert along with the documentary too.
  8. It would be so fresh to have a new album without months and months of #soon and endless teasing on her IG. I really hope that's the case. And you're right, some of her best albuns didn't took a lot of time. So, we can dream, right?
  9. I think it's time for a new album. It's been 4 years since Madame X. My dream is a 10-track dance/pop album. Wouldn't hurt the celebration theme if she puts 3 or 4 new songs on the tour.
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