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  1. natalis

    - China apperently lied about the deaths, there were more, the gasses above cremation centers were supposed to prove that and the fact that people had to line up for a looooong time to get the ashes of their passed family - In Poland, no one really dies of the virus, it's always a "co-existeing illness" - Old people are freaking me the eff out at the moment, they don't take anything seriously - My bf is a nurse at the ER, Polish politicians act so proud that everyone is prepared etc. but the people that actually have to do the job don't even get good protection. Yesterday 2 teams at his work were put in quarantine because that's how helpful the masks (below the standard) and other clothing protection is. I never wish anyone anything bad, but sometimes I hope that all the politicians would die of this virus, for the good of the whole society.
  2. hand sanitizer only works if it's 70% alcohol.
  3. natalis

    that they won't do any prevention and only the strongest will survive?
  4. natalis

    so the UK is the only place where they decided to do the herd immunity thing?
  5. To use copyrighted YouTube videos it is good to: 1. use to download the video 2. create an profile and upload the file. create a link of the file. 3. paste the link in the app. it will take 20-30 minutes to edit. then, you will have to find the "video.mp4" file, but that's explained in the app. I spent some time today editing my faveourite videos, took hours, files were 300+ mb. It doesn't always get the right colors.
  6. it works best when you have the video file uploaded to dropbox, then put the link into the AI. spent over an hour fuguring out different options. great app tho.
  7. Double CD releases count twice saleswise in many countries.
  8. natalis

    The cameras can hang from the ceiling without blocking the view, and there are cameras that are small in size.
  9. natalis

    I enjoyed the whole album. But I have a problem with understanding most of the words, her pronounciation is off and it sounds as if she wore the grillz on in the recording studio. It takes away from songs like "God Control" which should be "serious", or at least have a clear pronunciation. It sounds like gibberish.
  10. LAP wasn't that bad, it just sounded rather lifeless without the original music and choir. Future was meh, the autotune or whatever is distracting. They could have used playback. So many candidates that night sounded off key, I mean... Russia... UK... terrible...
  11. So the flags at the backs of the dancers were a political statement?
  12. natalis

    Vocal Type: Mezzo- Soprano Vocal Range: 3 octaves 2 notes G2- B5 (approx) Longest Note: 17 seconds (Ray of Light at Live Earth) Vocal Pluses: Adapts her vocal style to the music she's singing well. The middle of her range is her strongest suit: it's solid, with a warm colouring and a clear timbre. Her chest voice is bright and sharp. While her head voice can be either soft and delicate, or direct and solid. Vocal Negatives: Voice becomes thin and nasal, very quickly, as it gets higher up and into the chest range.
  13. natalis

    It's a nice song to play on the radio, it doesn't really bother me in the sense I can vacuum the house and still enjoy it. The autotune effect is unnecessary, I kind of expected a more "organic" vocal.
  14. natalis

    Looks like something obscure Mina would do in the 1970s.