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  1. Whoever is the musical director did a bad job. So many hits to choose yet they couldn't figure out how to create seques that make sense. Performing halfs of songs. Interpolating 5 songs into 1. I may have gotten my standards too high with Mylene Farmer on how to do a cohesive show. The Bob is pointless too. The show entry could have been massive, but looks watered down and cut short. At least she looks good and sounds ok.
  2. So the tour was delayed because she got her bbl reversed (looks much smaller in the tour costumes). Overall, by looking at all those videos etc it seems like a fun show, more traditional in its production than the past ones.
  3. Hex Hector or Jonathan Peters mix of "The Power Of Goodbye"
  4. I love the fact that M is more offensively provocative the more the political world is radicalizing. I hope she doesn't stop.
  5. I think most artists only have one decade of continuous releases and then struggle. M managed to stay ahead of them. I'd say Mylene Farmer, perhaps Laura Pausini in Italy. But then, I think every country has a popstar that has had a long career and is still active and manages to sell good enough in spite of not having tremendous commercial success. Alla Pugacheva in Russia, Maryla Rodowicz in Poland, who else?
  6. Her obvious PS limits the roles she could do. I don't think there is much she could do. I watched Swept Away on netflix recently and honestly, it's better she sticks to music. I know some fans would bring some examples where she was decent-to-good but those are only a minority in her whole acting career.
  7. This is post-production editing. Been used in videos for a long time. They simply use some filter that smooths the skin. If you look closely on Britney's Stronger video, her face is smooth but somehow is really sharp around her eyes and lips. This FX was very popular back then. I remember reading about the German girl group No Angels paid 20k out of their pockets to have their video edited to make them look "smooth". I wonder if it's available for sale.
  8. To use copyrighted YouTube videos it is good to: 1. use keepvid.ch to download the video 2. create an dropbox.com profile and upload the file. create a link of the file. 3. paste the link in the app. it will take 20-30 minutes to edit. then, you will have to find the "video.mp4" file, but that's explained in the app. I spent some time today editing my faveourite videos, took hours, files were 300+ mb. It doesn't always get the right colors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoA9teyiyTE
  9. it works best when you have the video file uploaded to dropbox, then put the link into the AI. spent over an hour fuguring out different options. great app tho.
  10. The cameras can hang from the ceiling without blocking the view, and there are cameras that are small in size.
  11. Vocal Type: Mezzo- Soprano Vocal Range: 3 octaves 2 notes G2- B5 (approx) Longest Note: 17 seconds (Ray of Light at Live Earth) Vocal Pluses: Adapts her vocal style to the music she's singing well. The middle of her range is her strongest suit: it's solid, with a warm colouring and a clear timbre. Her chest voice is bright and sharp. While her head voice can be either soft and delicate, or direct and solid. Vocal Negatives: Voice becomes thin and nasal, very quickly, as it gets higher up and into the chest range. http://www.divadevotee.com/2009/03/madonna-vocal-profile.html
  12. NOTHING REALLY MATTERS stands out, the slower tempo and the harmonies really show a different side to what later became an anthemic song. HAS TO BE 1 - I like the vocal here, it sounds very intimate, rough yet polished. Probably one of her best vocal moments for me. HAS TO BE 2 - it's so trippy, I don't feel it 100%, but it slightly shows the direcrion. FROZEN - it lacks the pizzazz, but still very beautiful. Orbit elevated this into a different dimension. YOU'LL STAY - beuatiful, the chorus is sublime, the verses lack a bit of direction SKY FITS HEAVEN - I like the Orbit version, but the core magic is here too. TO HAVE AND NOT TO HOLD - one of my gaves, in every shape and form. THE POWER OF GOODBYE - I know it leaked long ago, but it doesn't sound right without the FX effects Orbit added. They could have easily put this as a b-side naming it a "remix" or sth FLIRTATION DANCE - I like it while it plays, but it's not memorable at all, it's too "same" sounding, not big moments. NEVER LOVE A STRANGER - it sounds so 1994, reminds me of some Selena song I'LL BE GONE - the sound of 1994 again, but I understand her trying that sound in 1997. Could have worked with a more modern production approach
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