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  1. that would be better than a new spotify album upload of old songs that will ruin even more her page i-
  2. Where was the first time she performed a song live? Did she perform Everybody anywhere before the release? I also would like to see articles during the first months of her career, what they thought of her etc. Does anyone have photos from newspapers etc?
  3. wasn't she always doing what they don't like?
  4. one of her best photos


    1. Prince of Darkness

      Prince of Darkness

      I see this picture being used a lot in artwork, it reminds me of the Celebration album cover.

    2. Régine Filange

      Régine Filange

      it is the celebration album cover, they used her face from this photo i-

  5. I read somewhere that MTV asked Madonna's label to not release another music video during that period cause she was everywhere in the MTV channel and they didn't wanted to add another video of hers there. Is this true? Does anyone have a source?
  6. Let's not forget people were saying she had bad vocals at the 80s while i love them and think it was her stronger era vocally. I would do anything to listen a new song of hers sounding like she did in PDP, Pray For Spanish Eyes, Express Yourself or Rescue Me
  7. Mariah, Celine, Whitney etc are good vocalists. Madonna, Taylor etc. are good singers. Madonnna is a good singer when she wants to, her vocals are right there and she has prove it, she refuses to use them.
  8. Someone showed her FaceApp and she got obsessed as she got obsessed with autotune. Still can't believe it was used for V Magazine too, a professional fashion magazine... I also think she's posting more photos with outfits now cuz she knows she can use FaceApp and make her face look younger
  9. she's clearly joking i think, there's no way she found this song out of nowhere, she knew. we didn't even know
  10. i wonder if she met freddie mercury or donna summer
  11. she got the role, no one can convince me otherwise
  12. he literally mentioned them? faceapp, 'paying' her boyfriend etc. even tho i think he said the second one just to insult her if madonna was doing weird things in her life we would've heard about them already, she's madonna and famous for 40 years
  13. He said her video wasn't about him i- And i doubt Madonna had a gun pointed at him telling him to write a fake apology
  14. no, he just said it wasnt about him, he basically got exposed for no reason
  15. Why he even thought Madonna was talking about him, not a single fan knew she unfollowed him or cared to spam her about it At least he showed his real self, cant blame her for unfollowing him too, she knew
  16. he also posted a story saying she should start showing us her real face, and then he posted a simple "my bad y'all" like nothing happened
  17. didnt he release his remix few hours ago? why she says something is coming over? it already came
  18. doesn't seem filtered to me, only lighting and filters like these filters IG has, her characteristics seem realistic. and her eyes are normal too
  19. I think these are her top-ten perfomances that anyone could enjoy, even non-fans or people who don't know much about her: Express Yourself - Blond Ambition Tour Erotica - Confessions Tour Vogue - Sticky & Sweet Tour Future Lovers - Confessions Tour Holiday - Blond Ambition Tour Like a Prayer - Blond Ambition Tour Sky Fits Heaven - Drowned World Tour Into the Groove - Sticky & Sweet Tour Live To Tell - Confessions Tour Open Your Heart - The MDNA Tour Extra: Lament - Re-Invention Tour
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