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  1. i think there should be a thread in this forum with stories from older madonna fans who were alive during her peak years, or even before her debut. maybe post stories about her, how people reacted to her debut, how fast she became popular, what people were saying about her, how they were reacting to her new sounds, changing image etc.

    stories and facts that SHOULDN'T be lost as time passes, imo.

    1. RUADJAI
    2. Andymad


      ? facts. Rude. Lolololol you bitch

  2. cuz its different but it doesn't matter, i've seen remixes and live versions being connected with the studio version
  3. there are 20 more seconds in the official video, what seconds are missing from the edit? they could take the edit and just try to HD the rest 20 seconds and replace the 29 million version on youtube
  4. So the Celebration version of Papa Don't Preach (~20 million plays) was connected with the studio version of Papa Don't Preach (~45 million plays) and now the total streams of the song is at 65M. I can't believe this is FINALLY happening. Hope Like a Prayer and Material Girl are next, both will have over 200 million plays if they do the same thing to them. Celebration literally steals all the streams from few of her studio albums, and don't let non-fans discover the album tracks of each album, if they fix that and let Celebration die this will change.
  5. la isla bonita could possibly be the next video to be updated in HD. they said more 'true blue' suprises are coming + i've noticed they changed every video title on youtube but la isla bonita still the same, the only one that still has [Official Music Video] at the end. maybe they didn't update the title yet cuz the upscale is coming? idk. its odd, cause its her most-viewed video, there's no way they just didn't notice that the title is still the old one there
  6. omg can they stop making the editing in her face so clear? i would like to see her without much filters, she would good too, her body still slays tho
  7. InsideTheGroove is the one being annoying to other Madonna fans, he's always under every Madonna tweet only when he has to correct something and brag about it. He never communicates with other Madonna fans there, unless he has to act like he knows better about Madonna, or unless you're one of the people that praise him, then it's all good That's another tweet of him saying why "we" love Madonna. Haven't see him saying we love Madonna cause she makes good music once, he always says disrespectful shit like this, we love her cause she's a good copyist, we love her cause she sell sex, like that's enough, he deserves to get dragged
  8. He also implied people attended the MDNA Tour to see her flashing her tits (they didn't even know it will happen but ok). Don't tell me he didn't mean that, he was talking about Madonna using sex to sell and he used that as an example, just another bad example by him. Did he forget again to mention her performing talents? Or maybe she wasn't filling stadiums cause of sex but cause she's a good performer and people know that?
  9. He wrote "Madonna has used sex to sell for her entire career.", he tweeted it, not me. He also gave examples and in one of them he said the MDNA tour was her using sex to fill stadiums She was filling stadiums in 2012 cause she was selling sex and not cause she's a good performer? But let me guess, he just forgot to mention she's a good performer too again, he always forgets to mention her talents it seems and he focuses at making his tweets seem aggressive towards her. FYI this is the same person that called her a "talented copyist" and said that few Glee covers were better than hers or idk Haven't see him being positive once, especially with other Madonna fans, you can defend him, i won't do it
  10. Thank you, people here who really know her career and still think she needed 'sex' in True Blue, Evita, Ray of Light, Music, American Life etc. are really confusing me. Sex doesn't even sell, good music does. Sex could give you only some attention for few days. Imagine saying Madonna sold 350 million records cause she used sex, that's like saying you bought her music cause you were obsessed with her image and not cause you liked her music. If her own fans think like that about her, then i'm not shocked the general public calls her untalented and a sl*t... No i didn't misquote anything. He literally wrote "Madonna has used sex to sell for her entire career" I can name you tons of hits that Madonna had success without being sexual. From Who's That Girl, Holiday, Live To Tell to Don't Tell Me, Frozen, even Die Another Day. No one said she wasn't sexual during her career, she wasn't using sex to sell in her entire career tho, there are plenty of examples.
  11. The first time you could say she used sex to sell (even tho i don't think "used" is right cause i bet Madonna is like that in real life too) was during the Erotica era and that era literally ruined her commercial success and her sales dropped a lot.
  12. This (in my opinion very annoying) Madonna fan since the 80s/90s or idk posted this on Twitter saying that Madonna had success only cause she was 'selling' sex during her *entire career*. He even impled that Open Your Heart video was her 'selling sex' and boosting the True Blue sales. The least successful single for True Blue boosted the album sales? Ok. Was she selling sex in Live to Tell too that was a huge hit? Do you agree with him?
  13. thank god it got cancelled cause the actual video is a masterpiece
  14. Italy winning both Eurovision and Euro cup during the 35th anniversary of Madonna saying "italians do it better" :Madonna006:

  15. If you had to delete all Madonna photos for ever and keep only one, which one you would've pick? Please pick only one, don't start spamming her photos, its just for fun My pick:
  16. did she act black friendly in like a prayer and vogue too? yikes.
  17. If someone had to get offended by this is Lil Nas X and no one else. The rest "she's a white woman and he's a black gay man" thng is all made up randomly by fake woke ppl at social media, no one else. If they think that everything that gets posted on IG is supposed to hide a social or idk message, its their own problem. You can't post shit on social media anymore cause you're scared someone will get offended by it. I still see people calling her black kids "her slaves" when she's posting IG stories about them. The ones dragging her on twitter and IG are the ones that were saying (before her IG story) that the VMAs kiss was accepted and no one cared to hate it, while Lil Nas X got more hate, that Madonna had it easy with Like a Prayer cause she's white and no one said anything about it, while Nas with Montero didn't etc. I don't expect logic by them, they're addicted at lying and rewriting things just to make their narrative look convinving, not just with Madonna. In general, twitter is trash.
  18. So they can start spamming her to stop using people for attention as usual?
  19. She don't have to look 100% like Madonna, she has to give you the vibe was Madonna was giving back then. And they need a good actress to do that cuz Madonna was very expressive and energetic.
  20. i'm sure they're overhyping for no reason and it will be the simpliest thing ever, they always do that
  21. idk why fans like this so much, its bottom top 3 for me on madame x, kinda generic
  22. Its so annoying to see few EPs havin the '(remixes)' at the end, like the Music one. Just make it simply Music so it will look like the rest, some of us are slightly OCD Also idk why is so hard to fix the remixes after 2006, Hung Up, Sorry, Celebration, Crave have 2-3 albums, why they don't put them in one album, they're all remixes.
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